Roamler Reply: Daniel

I am a masters student in the UK and like many fellow students, am always looking for ways to save a few pennies or even better, earn some. In April I noticed a tweet from a popular ‘student offers’ website claiming “Earn money on your iPhone!”Naturally I was intrigued. I was redirected to the Roamler website, and after poking around for a while I concluded it looked relatively genuine and thought it could be a bit of fun. I downloaded the app.

I didn’t complete my first task for some time, but once I got started I struggled to turn the app off! I’ve spent numerous mornings in the university library snapping away, trying to convince myself that I’m working, but instead just waiting for the notification to say that my submission was accepted or declined.

That has to be one of my favourite things about Roamler – the personal replies. At first I just assumed they were automated template responses, after all, whose going to moderate and respond to all the submissions?! But they do! You can even reply to their questions! It’s a great touch, and makes you feel like your submissions are appreciated.
One of my favourite tasks was when we were asked to take photos of Coco-cola bottles on Tesco shelves, for £2 a time. Living in Nottingham, a city with more Tescos than I’d care to count, I thought this was my chance to reach the £20 free withdrawal threshold. So, I spent a morning cycling around Nottingham, conspicuously photographing coke bottles in I think 5 Tescos. Only for them to all be declined. All my photos were too tight. So, determined not to be beaten by this I went for a second ‘work break’ and managed to snap 7 stores, all of whom were accepted! This took me over my £20 target and I happily withdrew the money.

Even after withdrawing the funds I haven’t stopped. Checking Roamler for new and exciting tasks has now become part of my routine. As other people have posted on this blog, you don’t have to be a student to benefit from using Roamler. The money’s great, but it also gets you out and about and most importantly is a lot of fun.

Give it a try!

Roamler Reply: Mark

Roamler is an amazing example of the way technology is moving forward these days and how things are going to be in the future in the way of collecting data. It is run by a friendly, enthusiastic and responsive team. The best part of this process is that for some of the tasks you get paid, how great is that?

It’s not all about the money though and I enjoy being a Roamler for the great amount of diversity involved in the tasks from carrying them out in your own living room to ones in your local area and discovering new tasks when out and about. I like the fact that some tasks make you think outside the box and challenge you to think a little differently, what can be wrong with a little work out for the old grey matter?
In my household I am not the only Roamler, my wife and daughter have also joined and let me tell you there can be quite a bit of competition going on when the tasks get creative which makes them that little bit more enjoyable. Quite often the first one who wakes up will check the app for any new tasks and then smugly pass on the information when the other comes around, sadly most times I am the one getting the information. On numerous occasions after the completion of a task I look at what my wife has created and think I wish I had thought of that, don’t tell her though 😉

My favourite task so far has been Heineken Draft where I had to find a pub that sold Heineken beer, then I had to buy a pint or bottle and before I drank any take a photo and explain how the beer was served to me. For this task I received £3.50 which paid for my pint! Heaven is a place called Roamler!
As well as receiving cash for some tasks there are also added experience points that come with every one and these vary depending on the difficulty of the task, the more tasks you complete the more points you earn which then increase your rank. The higher your rank the more complex these jobs become, no need to worry though as every task is clearly explained as to what is expected of you and most only take a few minutes.

So if for any reason you have looked at the Roamler app or webpage and had any second thoughts about joining throw them away now and enjoy this wonderful opportunity to become part of a growing community.
This is the future my friends, come on board!

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Roamler Reply: Jack

Hi, my name is Jack and I’ve been Roamling for just over 3 months now and I have to say that I am addicted! I heard about it from who sent me an invite.

I was a bit skeptical at first, as the idea of completing small tasks with my iPhone for money was new to me, but being me, I didn’t pass up this opportunity. So I signed up, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the idea of walking around London and finding all sorts of things for the team back at Roamler HQ. I think the best way of describing it would be ‘A scavenger hunt of the digital age.’

 Some of the tasks I have done were quite fun, and although I can’t imagine what I must have looked like to passers-by when I was taking a photo of a public toilet there is a sense of accomplishment when that message comes in from the Roamler team with their feedback. They always respond with friendly and personal messages which reassures me that I’m actually conversing with real people as opposed to automated messages. My favourite task to date was ‘Rhyme Time’ when I had to find two items found around the house that rhymed. I of course opted for the conventional shoe and kazoo!

I’m constantly checking my page for new and interesting tasks, and my goal at the moment is to complete the ‘Spot the Fox!’ task. I have tried to get a shot of a fox so many times. I’m so desperate to get that picture that I’m out every Monday night (bin night) walking up and down my road looking for foxes. It sounds sad, but I’m a devoted Roamler and won’t rest till I get that shot!
I love being part of the Roamler community and sharing my opinions and ideas with the team and look forward to future tasks. Keep up the good work!

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Roamler Reply: Susan

As of this week we will shake the blog up a bit. In the previous weeks we published every other week a Roamler Reply on Friday. As of now, this will occur every other Wednesday.

This week we have the pleasure to introduce to you our first Italian (UK)Roamler! 

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy doing Roamler tasks. It gets me off my backside and out in to the fresh air.

I’m sometimes at a disadvantage and can’t do all of the tasks as I live in Italy. However, every now and again I get an advantage as no one else is near where I live… more points for me! I like taking photographs as a hobby, but love these little ideas about getting out and about the local area and finding things to photograph for Roamler. It’s nice to hope that our information is useful and even if it isn’t, it’s fun doing them anyway.

I liked the library task and I added our library which had me finding lots of information about it – The Biblioteca Malatestiana was the first public library in Italy and it has one of the smallest books in it too. I tried to add the national library in Turin but someone beat me to it! I should have visited sooner – blast! I didn’t much like the public toilets task, although I’m now aware that my town has 2. When I was in Turin (Torino) for the weekend funnily enough I had to use one (yuk) but at least I got some points for doing this terrible thing – I held my nose whilst I was in there, it was more of the chemicals whiff than anything else!!!!

If you haven’t already joined Roamler you should! You don’t have to be young or old, you don’t have to be a hippy, a student or even a crazy person – we are all sorts: I’m an English teacher and dare I say 46!

So, what are you waiting for? Join us “Roamlers” and have some fun.

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Roamler reply: Emm

I found out about Roamler in 2011 via the Springwise new business start-up newsletter ( I signed up immediately and was one of the first 50 uk users. I was already very familiar with gps apps and crowdsourcing and Roamler was of great interest to me as it brings the two together with an easy to use, graceful interface and you can actually earn money from the tasks that you do!

All tasks are moderated by friendly staff (I actually don’t even think of them as staff, more like other users with moderation duties) and I always get a personalised response – quite unusual in my opinion from an app of this type.

Initially, I imagined that there wouldn’t have many UK tasks available as the app had Dutch roots so I was surprised to find more than enough to keep me going. In fact, I’m very impressed with the variety and quantity of the tasks available and also with the encouragement to the user to keep things fresh and creative, many apps stale over time so it’s great to know there is some quality control. As a user, I can also rate an app after I’ve completed it which I think is a very important feature as Roamler staff can then hear straight from the horses mouth which tasks we enjoy more than others.

Roamler has now become part of my daily routine –  when I go somewhere new, I used to check in on Facebook but now the first thing I do is check Roamler to see if there’s a task nearby!

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Roamler reply: Adam

Hi, my name’s Adam… & I’m addicted to Roamler!

It’s true… I really am. Walking around London completing tasks and getting paid to see the city on foot is more enjoyable than my last 3 jobs put together. I’ve been Roamling for just over a month now and it’s hard to remember what I did in my free time before. I first found out about Roamler while it was only available in Holland but being instantly interested I signed up to be notified about their arrival in the UK. I got an invite a lot sooner than expected and although I didn’t start Roamling straight away I’m very happy I did.

I failed my very first task and it was about 2 weeks before I decided to do another. However, since then I’ve been Roamling almost everyday. It was love at second try, and my favourite task so far has to be the Ice Cream Check. Not only did I get my first go on the Barclays Cycle’s and get to see many new places but the whole time my experience and balance was increasing too. One of the great things is that you don’t have to leave your house if you don’t want to though. The Artist task for example just needed a picture in the style of the film. Being a little camera shy I chose a pic of my dog and uploaded this.

As you’ve probably guessed I’m very much enjoying it so far, and can’t wait to see what else is to come. The idea is great, the app is super-simple to use and cashing out your earnings couldn’t be easier. There’s always a variety of tasks so everyone’s got something they can do and help is only ever a message away. Earlier this month I got my brother to sign up and he’s been hooked ever since. I’m even tempted to apply to be a UK Roamler Representative and I definitely wasn’t expecting that 2 months ago.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Roamling. It’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. There’s only one negative about the whole thing and that’s my iPhone battery dying before I’m ready to stop 🙂

Roamler… Thank you and keep up the good work!


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Roamler reply: Ash

Confessions of a London Roamler

Xmas, red, coffee, Heineken, headlines, dangerous traffic, Strepsils, meerkats, NYE, muesli fruit and yoghurt, “the house they left behind”, sketching, vodka, “Exit through the wound”, skyscanning, crisps, liberty, manhole, Waitrose, Prince Charles’ tea, sunshine, more muesli fruit and yoghurt, delayed train, leftovers, laundry, Lemsip, Facebook, Ikea, snow, Pret A Manger, V-day, DIY, looking at you, Easter, Olympics, NHS, turtles, mail, flicks, spice, Muriel’s Wedding, junk mail in my mail slot.

Hi, my name is Ash. I am a UK Roamler and I’ve been asked to write a blog entry for Roamler.

For just over 2 months now, I’ve been exploring my new home of London with the
aid of Roamler! You can see this pictorially and in words/phrases above. It’s been
quite varied.

Originally from Australia, I arrived in London in June 2010 and have made it my
home. I’ve explored the city over that time, but at some point I found out about
Roamler and registered my interest to be a UK Roamler when the opportunity came
up. In December I was welcomed to the Roamler community and got straight into
my tasks.

Whilst I’ve explored London plenty over the last 21 months, I’m enjoying how my
Roamlering has helped me look at the city in different ways and has prompted me to
research different locations, features or history of London.

From weird Christmas window displays, to drinking Heineken or searching for
Strepsils displays and sharing my “morning after” remedy for New Years Day (which
is the delusional idea that a healthy breakfast can combat an evening of champagne!
), it’s been fun Roamlering and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year with
Roamler (and earning the occasional few quid for completing a task!).

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Roamler reply: Sophie

Beste Roamlers,

Gezellig dat jullie meelezen! Don’t worry, that’s all the Dutch you’ll be confronted with ;). But like Roamler itself, I am from The Netherlands so it seemed appropriate to give you a warm Dutch welcome.

As a student interested in social media, advertising and communication, from that first moment last summer that I discovered Roamler I was intrigued by the concept and knew I wanted in on this! Unfortunately, Roamler-fever had hit the Netherlands hard and my invite got lost in the post. But knowing I was moving to London and Roamler expansion to the UK was on the cards, I didn’t give up hope. So here I am, now living in London and happily ‘Roamlering’ (I’m sure that would be the correct verb if we had one).

But enough about me, let’s talk about us. Yes us, the Roamler community in the UK that is rapidly growing as we speak.  And what better way to build up a lively community, than to give members of said community the chance to share their experiences with each other? A couple of us had the opportunity to do this in person a while back when Merel and Wiggert were in London, which proved a great success. It can be interesting and even inspiring to know how other approach the tasks or how they feel about Roamler.

[Me and Merel at the meet up!]

My personal experiences with Roamler? Well, sometimes I know how to complete a task straight away, sometimes it takes me a week to think of an entry I find satisfying. Take for instance the iCity app idea task that has been running for the last couple of weeks. This, in essence, shows what Roamler is all about and could be about in the future. In my opinion it shows Roamler’s amazing potential to be put to great use to outsource creative thinking to a widespread community. Amongst all of our entries there are sure to be some amazing ideas that could definitely be put into practice. With this potential in mind, I found myself scouring the datasets for ages, racking my brain over personal experiences and annoyances and trying come up with an idea that I thought did justice to the task. This is probably why it took me a good week to come up with something I was happy with! On the other hand, some tasks seem to evoke an immediate reaction and an instant ‘lightbulb moment’ as to how to complete them. For me this was definitely the case for the recent ‘Every day should be a holiday’ task, or the Early Easter task. Finally, for some tasks you simply need to stumble upon something on your way to work or back home from the pub. Foxes of London, beware, I’m watching you!

[My hidden sunset spot on Ibiza]

 [Waitrose can’t wait for Easter!]

That’s what I think one of the other great strengths of Roamler is: the diversity of the tasks. If you have trouble thinking of a way to fulfill the one, another is sure to pop up soon enough. Some get the creative juices flowing, some require a more thought through approach. There is something to suit everyone and it keeps the experience of completing the tasks interesting. In short: respect for those coming up with this varied array of tasks for us to get stuck into!

So fellow Roamlers, that’s about it from me. Remember, sharing is caring, so if you ever want to share your experiences or ideas with fellow Roamlers, don’t hesitate to send something in to Roamler HQ and who knows, those 5 minutes of fame on the blog could be yours!

All the best,

This is the first UK Roamler reply. From now on we will post one here every other Friday. Like to share your Roamler experiences well? Please send an email to!