Waiting to crown this years champ…

For most of us, the month of December is all about the upcoming Christmas festivity. Everyone is focused on finding presents, organising dinners with colleagues, family and friends, buying all sort of delicacies to prove yourselves in the kitchen (or letting you mum/grandma do it ;D) and looking for the perfect outfit to flaunt on Christmas day and New year’s Eve. The bottom line is that you all have a lot of things to plan and to do, so why not write about something light and enjoyable? Indeed, this December is also about a very (mainstream) popular TV show that will see the Final airing on Sunday, December 13th. It’s a show followed by thousands of people in the UK. Many successful contemporary singers have been cranked out of this stage: Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction, Olly Murs, and Leona Leona Lewis, to name but a few. Do you already know which show I’m talking about? I bet many of you know (or guessed, if you don’t follow it) already: The X Factor!

Well, next week the final of the 12th edition is taking place and many people are thrilled about seeing what Cowell & co prepared for the remaining members of their categories (poor Simon, he’s left with no-one..). How many of you Roamlers follow the show?

This year finalists are very different from one another and all equally talented, but I’m sure you know already who’s side you’re going to be on. If you vote, who will you vote for? For those of you who missed the last couple of episodes (or the entire show, haha), here’s a brief description of the 3 finalists of the 2015 edition.

Reggie ‘n’ Bollie

The duo from  Ghana who want to be “on point” and who are making the country dance with their particular style &  sound (pretty nice the original song they brought  at the audition, huh?).
bollie n reggie

Louisa Johnson

A young (she is only 17!), soul singer with a warm voice and a great vocal extension that gets directly to your heart.

Ché Chesterman

The guy who gained a standing ovation at the auditions and who kept surprising the judges and the entire public.

All of them have their own peculiarities and they are ready to smash the stage, but only one will get the champions crown. Who do you think is going to be? Are you already on the side of one act? It’s going to be a tough night, but most of all a great show, with great guests such as Adele and Coldplay that should make you enjoy the night even more. Maybe a good reason to think about a task about this tv program..? 😉

So, if you are a fan of The X Factor or not, you may want to tune on ITV on Sunday and enjoy the evening by watching some great performances by great singers. I hope you will enjoy it. 😉

Growing Word challenge

Last month, we asked Roamlers to partake in creating a “Growing Word Sentence”: A sentence that starts out with 1 letter, and with every word, increases the letter amount by another letter (eg. the second word has 2 letters, the third has 3 letters, etc.). An example of 5 word sentence is “I am not that small.”

We had some incredibly interesting submissions from our Roamlers. Some furry friends joined in on the fun, with the first photo supporting the sentence ‘I am not very happy around animals’.

Iamnotveryhappyaroundanimals Iamonewithlargefelinecuddles

While others channeled their inner foodie, some Roamlers opted for a more artistic expression:
iJoeatmanylargeyellowbananasannually iamthezanychieflikingroamler iamthebestwoman

And others used this opportunity to pay homage to the Roamler community:
otogetthatphotosimplyperfect iamtherealcrownprinceRoamler

Thanks for everyone for submitting their Growing Words! Which one is your favourite?

How should wealth be distributed in society?

We are Nils and Christopher, two PhD-students who are personally and academically interested in wealth inequality. Nils graduated in Social Psychology and works at the Free University of Amsterdam on topics relating to the social and moral psychology of corruption. Christopher works at the Institute of Communication Research in Münster. His research focuses on political communication and European solidarity.

In the Concept of Society tasks a few months ago, we asked Roamlers in different countries to imagine that the entire wealth (everything of monetary value) in your society is like a big cake. In the first part we asked you how you think this cake is currently split (in five pieces) in your society.

We find that people from all countries underestimate the inequality in the society!
Independent on whether the responses came all the way from Chile or from Germany, you think that the wealth is split more evenly than it actually is.

EqualdistributionThen we gave Roamlers a huge imaginary knife and let you distribute the wealth-cake in the way you would consider ideal. The interesting twist was, that you don’t know where you would end up in this society – How would you distribute wealth in a society if you don’t know whether you would be ‘eating from the biggest piece or from the smallest’? This method is called ’veil of ignorance’.

So what does the ideal society look like according to Roamlers? Is it like the example shown in the task? In the graph on the right wealth is distributed equally; each of the 5 groups has a fifth of the wealth.

People across the different countries agree to a large extent about their ideal distribution. 


There are of course some differences: Roamlers in Germany, Sweden, Italy and Chile want redistribute wealth, whereas UK and French Roamlers want to keep the existing wealth hierarchy, although reduce the differences drastically. Some interesting stuff…

Oh yeah, judging from the answers you seemed to have enjoyed the task as well 🙂 For example, this is what a Roamler from UK answered to the question on whether you liked the task: “Yes. I’d love to get involved in more like this. It’s important researchers have many avenues to different participant groups.”

Because of this enthusiasm, Nils, Christopher and the Roamler team decided to have another task ready for you, starting today. Check out the app and participate in this research. Nils and Christopher are interested in your answers!


Unique Number Game

Roamler Rick thought of an interesting game for Roamlers. So together with you, we started a bit of an experiment with the Lowest Unique Number game in which you could choose a number.

The rules of the game are as follows; choose a number of which you believe you are the only Roamler mentioning it in this task. The Roamler with the lowest, unique number earns 500 XP plus the XP of the number you mention in the task.

An example: Imagine six Roamlers send in number 1; two Roamlers send in number 2; four Roamlers send in number 3; one Roamler sends in number 4; two Roamlers send in number 5 and one Roamler sends in number 6. The Roamler who mentioned 4, earns 504 XP at the end of the task.

Roamlers who mentioned number 1, sent in the lowest number, but they were not unique in their choice. The Roamler who mentioned number 6 was the only one choosing this number, but it wasn’t the lowest, unique number.

Who won?
Number9RoamlerRichardThe results are in (you can find the PDF file here) and the numbers and the number of times mentioned can be found in this list. So which Roamler submitted the lowest unique number and won 500 XP plus the number mentioned in the task? First of all, 204 Roamlers performed this task. The numbers 30 and lower are all mentioned at least once. Number 17 is mentioned most by Roamlers (10 times). Interestingly enough number 2017 was mentioned twice, what are the odds of that?

The lowest unique number is 9! It was submitted by Roamler Richard, so he earns 509 XP, congrats Richard! A task for 509 XP is available for you in the app.

Who predicted the Oscar winners best?

If you haven’t seen the 87th edition of the Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars), you might have read that ‘Birdman’ won the Award for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

In a recent Roamler task we asked you to predict the winners. We also asked Roamlers in other countries to predict the winners and here are the result. Below you’ll find an overview of the different predictions of Roamlers all over the world. The winner in each category is listed in blue, in red you can find the prediction that was mentioned most per country.

Best Motion Picture
Best Directing

So who was best in predicting the winners? Well, the winners are… Mexican Roamlers! Which might have something to do with the director of the movie ‘Birdman’; Alejandro González Iñárritu. Although there is nobody who predicted all winners correctly, there is  a small victory for UK Roamlers. Most of you predicted the correct winner for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. The Swedish Roamlers were best in predicting the Best Animated Feature Film.

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Animated Film

It’s #WorldNutellaDay!

Today all Nutella lovers unite for just one day. The whole day long, recipes and photos are shared on Twitter and Facebook and you’re allowed to eat tons and tons of Nutella (if you haven’t already done so).

Roamlers from 8 countries shared their favourite recipe with us. We received 246 submissions in total from Belgium, Chile, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Kingdom, including some very tasty inspiration!

Nutella sizeNutella cans can be purchased in all kinds of sizes; from a pocket version of 200 grams (convenient to take anywhere and afterwards used as a drinking glass) and the 1 kilograms can for the real fans. There are even enormous limited editions for the Nutella lovers. On the right you can see which size is most often purchased by Roamlers.

It turns out there’s a lot more you can do which Nutella than just putting it on your sandwich. Roamlers have shared their most favourite recipes with us. We got real hungry of all the delicious cakes, pies, croissants, truffles, pancakes (and many more) which passed our screen, though we managed to make a selection to give you some inspiration (and make you a bit hungry perhaps). Check it out here:


What delicacy will you prepare? Or is it too hard to choose? Take a look at the photos below of some delicious dishes which have been made out of Nutella.

Nutella collage



As we love celebrations, we asked  Roamlers which other products deserve their own celebration day. Apparently, there are many more products suited for such a special day. On the right you can find a selection of the suggestions which were made most often. So what’s next? World Pizza Day? Or World Coca-Cola day?

Anyway, for now it’s World Nutella Day! So let’s prepare, eat, enjoy and .. celebrate!



Photo a Week November: The Winners

In November we’ve asked you to submit creative photos in four different categories: Reflections, Textures, Sound and Lines. From all the amazing submissions, the Roamler team chose 4 photos for each category. You then had the opportunity to vote on your favourite photos. It’s now time to reveal the winners! Thank you for all the submissions and congratulations to the winners!


The winner of week 1, Reflections, is Penny S. The photo of her dog with her favourite ball was taken on Chesil Beach in Dorset.


The winner of week 2, Textures, is Lisa K. The photo was taken at Kings Cross in London, and Lisa thinks that the light on the beams is beautiful.


The winner of week 3, Sound, is Rachel L. The picture is from the Dreams of Christmas show in Disneyland Paris. According to Rachel, it shows the noise of the fireworks.


The winner of week 4, Lines, is Linda W. The photo was taken in Barbados. Linda said that the caterpillars were all over the plants at the Villa that they stayed at. ‘So many lines on them!!’

Blackout Poetry

Recently, we challenged you to send in your own ‘Blackout Poem’. This is a form of art created by the artist Austin Kleon. You transform a piece of text (from a newspaper, old book, magazine, etc.) by crossing words you don’t want to use, and form your own, new sentence. Here are five of the poems we liked the most out of all submissions, is yours there?! (Click on the photos to enlarge)



As you can see, real poems are hidden in ordinary texts. And of course, there’s also some humour hidden in between the lines 😉

If you got inspired by this task, you can try to make your own Blackout Poem and submit it to the website of Austin Kleon: http://austinkleon.com/

Have fun writing, ehm crossing!

Guess the cover

Recently, we challenged you to guess the Album and DVD covers that were depicted by other Roamlers in the ‘Cover it’ task. Most of you correctly guessed the first 3 covers. Some Roamlers were able to find the 4 covers depicted in the task, well done! The cover depicting ‘The Truman Show’ appeared to be the most difficult one. You can now find out which Album and DVD covers you guessed correctly.

Thank you all for your guesses; we hope you had fun completing this task!

Cover 1 – ‘Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon’ by Roamler Michael


Cover 2 – ‘OASIS – Definitely Maybe’ by Roamler Tim


Cover 3 – ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico – Andy Warhol’  by Roamler Danielle


Cover 4 – ‘The Truman Show’ by Roamler Jack



World Food Day

World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16th to commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The theme chosen for 2014 was Family Farming: “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”, to highlight the potential of family farmers to eradicate hunger and preserve natural resources.

Several events take place all over the world to mark this day, and Roamler joined these celebrations. In line with the theme chosen for this year, we asked Roamlers if they have their own vegetable garden, and if they eat from those products on a regular basis. We were also interested in how often Roamlers buy food from a farm in their neighbourhood.

The results showed that around 83% of Roamlers didn’t know about World Food Day before reading the task, and 73% has a vegetable garden, some food plants or herbs in their house. From those, almost 70% eat from their vegetable garden or food plants on a monthly or weekly basis.  Additionally, almost 50% of the Roamlers that performed this task buy products from farms in their neighbourhood at least a few times a year.

Roamlers submitted several nice photos of their own vegetable garden, and showed that they take good care of the earth! Here are some of the photos submitted by Roamlers:

Word Food Day

Thank you all for sharing your own vegetable gardens!

Happy World Food Day!