Bug Fixes and Updates

A Roamler app without tasks is definitely one of the most annoying things that can happen to a Roamler. It might be that another Roamler has beaten you to the task, you could have a bad internet connection and at times it is due to a bug in the app.

Recently we have received messages from several Roamlers having troubles with performing the tasks or not seeing any tasks in the app. At RoamlerHQ we are working to fix those bugs. We work together with Roamlers who have reported a bug, to try to find the cause of the problem and fix it. With the help of Roamlers we have identified two different bugs in the app; Android Roamlers received a message in the app that a location could not be found when taking pictures and some iPhone Roamlers couldn’t see any tasks. We have been working on both issues.

Android app release
Today a new version of the Android app (1.2.2) will be available in the Play Store. We have solved most of the pressing issues in the app, the most important being that with the update the app doesn’t crash when turning your phone and finding the location when taking a photo has been improved. We also added, similar to the iPhone app, the function that tells you know how much time you have left to complete a task, after accepting it.

This new Android version has been thoroughly tested by bèta Roamlers who performed tasks and searched through the app for problems and bugs. We received a lot of feedback from them, allowing us to greatly improve the app. Thank you testers for helping us!

iPhone app release
Some Roamlers didn’t see any tasks with the newest version of the app. It took us quite some effort to figure out what exactly caused this problem; was it iOS 7, the new app, the system or a combination? We still haven’t figured out exactly what it is, but we are working hard to find and fix this bug as soon as possible. We expect a new iOS release soon, in which this problem will hopefully be solved. Until then, if you can’t see any tasks a possible solution could be to turn ‘notifications’ on in your settings.

Furthermore, on the 3rd of October we released version 1.7.0 of the iOS app. Soon after releasing the update it came to our attention that the release was causing the app to crash on some devices.

We have now released a new update (1.7.1) which appears to have fixed this bug. If you have updated your device to version 1.7.1 of the iOS app, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you have.

We are grateful for the Roamlers who are helping us out and trying to find bugs. If you think you have found a bug please let us know. The sooner we identify bugs, the sooner we can fix them!


Version 1.6.6 released

Today version 1.6.6 for iPhone has been released. In this release, a few small things have been fixed.

Twitter and Facebook sharing is renewed. When we started Roamler, iOS didn’t support Twitter and Facebook. In the last two years Apple has built in native support for Twitter and Facebook. We are still using their solution and it is high time to renew it.

Due to popular demand, we have also added an explanation of the badges. You can now click on each badge to see a (still somewhat brief) description of the badge. Speaking of badges; do you use the badges? What do you think of them? Would you like more badges or are they nonsense? We are interested in your opinion!

Updated App Version: 1.6.4

There is a new version of the app available. With this new version we have prepared to have higher quality pictures submitted in the future, which was the wish of some of Roamlers clients. With these changes, at Roamler HQ, for example, we can indicate that pictures taken from a shelf in a supermarket check must have a particular resolution. This allows Roamler and the client to receive pictures of high enough quality, allowing us to determine whether a product is actually in the picture.

In the future, for some pictures and tasks there will be a minimum resolution required to ensure that the quality of the image is high enough. This therefore means that if your camera does not meet the resolution requirements, you will not be able to complete the task. On average, the pictures sent in for Roamler tasks are 250 kb. In the past there was not a large amount required for sending in pictures to Roamler to avoid using too much of Roamler’s internet bundles. In the future, it is therefore possible that some pictures will need to be bigger than others, but we will inform you of this in the task. On average, the pictures send in for Roamler are still 250 kb.

Release 1.6: Fromantiou

A new version of Roamler is available in the App Store from today: version 1.6, which we named after a somewhat unknown Dutch painter (with a French sounding last name): Hendrik de Fromantiou.

The new app has been tested by Mark S., Jamie G., Edwin, Jolande, Marcel B., Eric, Marcel C. and Jorran. Thank you for that! We also want to thank all Roamlers who provided us with feedback on ways to improve the app.

This new version has improved compatibility for the iPhone 5 and iOS6 an the overall performance of the app has been improved. This means loading tasks will go faster. In this 1.6 version the standard functions of the iOS camera returned, at least for most tasks.

Other, more visible changes of the 1.6 Fromantiou versie are:
– You can see, but not execute, tasks that you still need to unlock or that are available for higher levels only. This way you are able to see which tasks are available for you when you reach a higher level. The locked tasks can be recognised by a grey icon, as you can see on the left.
– Tasks can now be accepted by tapping on them on the map; even the ones that are not located nearby.
– The number of days that a task is available for has disappeared. With this we want to take away some confusion on the length and availablily of tasks the app.
– The number of friend requests is visible in your account.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these and other improvements of the app! Let us know in the comments, or send us a message through the app.

Hotfix 1.5.1

After the 1.5 release we received a lot of feedback from Roamlers in the app and on our blog. We want to thank all Roamlers for their comments, and Roamlers Eric, Pieter, Jan, Martijn, Marijn, Elian, Hans and Remi in particular.

This hotfix includes the following bug fixes:
– The bug that caused tasks to disappear has been resolved
– Only comments that contain text can be sent
– Tasks on the map load faster
– The last sentences of the task description remain visible

Aside to the fixes mentioned above, we included level 8 in the description, the icons on the map don’t change into red pins and tasks do not disappear when having a bad reception.

With this 1.5.1 hotfix the Crash = Cash competition ends.

Escher (1.5.0) Release

It’s been over 2 months since we’ve released the last (1.4.9.) Roamler app version. Where the previous version was mainly about stabilizing the app, this new version has a whole other new functionality! This new release contains over 30 (!) improvements and adjustments.

Activity stream
What will catch your eye the most is probably the new “Activity” tab that we’ve added at the bottom. This button will give you access to your activity feed. In this feed you can find the accepted, shared entries of your Roamler friends. You can have a look at these entries and comment on them. You can also indicate that you like an entry by <3ing (loving) it. We are very curious about your feedback!

So now it is possible to ‘love’ an entry in the Activity Stream. The total number of ‘loves’ you receive for your shared tasks are displayed in your Account. It’s the little green hart next to your total amount of XP.

Next to the activity stream we’ve also made a big change to the task section. If there’s a task with multiple locations, you can find it just once in your task section. You can see if a task has multiple locations when there’s a number in a red circle behind it. By clicking on the task you will see all the available locations. This way the list with tasks stays short and clear.

Within the text of a task we can now use rich text format. This way we can give you clearer instructions or link to websites where you can find more information that relates to the task. At the task description you can also find which of your friends have already completed this task.

Your task has expired because you took too much time in completing it. Sounds familiar? This probably won’t happen to you again: a few minutes before your task might expire you’ll now get a push notification from Roamler HQ.



Making and inviting friends
Making and inviting friends now even gets easier. Within the app you can directly send an invite to someone. Next to that, you can also accept friend requests and see the status of your current requests within the app. Don’t want to be friends with someone anymore? From now on you can also unfriend people.





Crash = Cash
We’ve added a lot of new features, and even though or programmer is one of the best iPhone developers, we can’t exclude that the app might crash at some point. That’s why we came up with Crash = Cash. Can you manage to let the app crash and can you reproduce it? Then please leave a comment below. Each person who can generate an unique crash will earn £50. For the complete tutorial and rules, please read our previous blogpost.

UPDATE July 18th
There were no bugs mentioned or found that caused a crash. Because of the 1.5.1 hotfix the Crash = Cash competition ends. Roamlers who helped us find bugs, look carefully at the text in the App Store! 🙂 

1.4.9 release

From today on the new release, 1.4.9, is available on the App Store. We’ve received some great help from Roamlers. Mark, Brandon, Stijn, Sandra, Roy, Talib, Joris, Wouter, Gert, Lotte en Edwin tried to identify bugs in the latest release.

The 1.4.9 release (no name this time) fixes three bugs that made the app crash. Without problems you now can:
– go back and forth between the map and the task menu
– tap the waiting screen while adding friends
– view leader board in Airplane Mode

In this new release you can choose whether you want to use the metric or imperial system for displaying distances. If you want to change this, please adjust your settings in Account > Settings. The distances will then be adjusted in your task section and at the bottom (the black bar) of a task description.

We also noticed some Roamlers were not aware of all the possibilities in their settings, which you can find if you click on ‘Account’. That’s why we decided to list them here for you. Click on ‘Account’ at the bottom of the app, then click the icon in the upper left corner to go to your settings.


You can set which push messages you would like to receive. With status update you will receive messages when your entries get accepted or rejected, (sometimes) messages about new tasks and updates about levels and earned badges. Switching new tasks to ‘on’ will make sure you will receive messages when there’s a new task nearby.

You can also link your Roamler account to Twitter or Facebook in your settings so that you can share your submitted tasks. Other things you can adjust in your settings are saving your photos into your Camera Roll (or not) and changing your location tracking.

Your preferred languages can be adjusted as well. To do this, click on languages and drag (use the icon right next to the language) your preferred language from ‘Available languages’ to Preferred languages’. The language you’ve listed first is the language we will use to send you push messages.

At the bottom you can check out the terms and conditions, read the FAQ and check which version of the app is installed on your iPhone.

No crashes. Long live the c(r)ash!

There is nothing more annoying than an app that doesn’t work. Unfortunately some Roamlers have had some problems the last few weeks; tasks that didn’t start, pictures that were lost so tasks couldn’t be sent in and crashes that made the answers disappear. Very (very) annoying, because this isn’t what Roamler is about.

Because of this, the focus of the new release was to stabilize the app. We wanted fewer crashes and a better user experience: created through faster loading and faster sending of tasks. Above all, we didn’t want any answers or descriptions of taken pictures to disappear. And, we think we have succeeded.

We expect that this release will be such a great improvement for Roamlers, that we have given it its own name. With the logic of RoamlerHQ we have named it after a Dutch painter: Cornelis van Dalem.

Adjustments Cornelis van Dalem (1.4.8)
Starting a task has become faster. The loaded example pictures in tasks are saved, so there is no need to reload these pictures for each task of the same job. The task list starts faster, even with bad reception.

Performing tasks has been improved as well. When reception fails, an accepted task can be finished ‘offline’ and be sent in later. When the app does crash (which we don’t expect of course), taken pictures and given answers are saved. So you will be able to continue your task after a crash.

Long live the c(r)ash!
At RoamlerHQ the new release has been tested, but now for the ultimate test: is the app stable enough, now that more than 5000 users are using this app?

Going ‘live’ with a new version is always exciting, but this time we are making it even more special. We want you to help us find crashes. So here is our challenge; try to make the app crash. A clearly descripted crash is worth money, hence the Roamler principle; Quid pro quo.

When you find a crash, try to reconstruct it and describe each detail, so it is clear when, how and why the app crashes. Be as clear as possible when explaining what it is you do, that makes the app crash, so we can re-construct the crash and find the cause. List your crash below AND send an email to Barbera@roamler.com, including your iPhone type (3GS, 4, 4S), iOS version and username.  The first ten, correctly described and sent in crashes, (no bugs, only crashes) are worth 50 euros and can be listed below. An earlier mentioned crash cannot be entered again. In this blog we will keep you updated.

The first crash has been identified, when sending messages using iOS 4 it crashes (we do receive the message, so it’s not lost). One solution is to update your iPhone to iOS 5.

Update March 26th
Three crashes have been identified by Roamlers, earning them 50 euros. 
1) Map view to Task view
2) Adding friends
3) Leaderboard in Airplane Mode

Update April 16th
The new release 1.4.9 is available in the App Store. You can always report bugs and crashes to us, but you cannot earn 50 euros with it.

Jan Wellens release (1.4.6)

Just as explained during the release of Dirck Barendtz (1.4), we use the names of Dutch painters for releases, just to make it more fun.

The new release of Jan Wellens (1.4.6) offers additional and new functionalities. For this release, both the backend (the system that is used by the Roamler Team) and the app have had adjustments.

An important new feature is the possibility to complete Tasks all over the world. For example, Roamlers from the UK now can accept and complete Tasks located in The Netherlands. To be able to do this, you have to adjust your account settings and indicate in which languages you want to complete the Tasks. Tasks in other languages will then become available to you. In some cases we’ll add a translation so you can complete the Tasks in English. The first selected language will be recognized as your preferred language and push messages will be sent in that language as well.

Another new functionality is the “Region Bound Explore”, also known as the Christmas market-functionality. During the holidays Wiggert came up with the idea to create a Christmas map: Roamlers were able to locate and map out all the Christmas shops and markets in their country. Preferably we didn’t want to receive the same location more than once. That’s why, with this new functionality, a Roamler can’t add a Christmas market that has already been added to the map by another Roamler.

So, what does this example of a “Region Bound Explore” mean for the App? This means that you now only can perform an Explore Task at a certain location under the condition that another Roamler hasn’t completed it first. The range will be determined per Task, for example 100 meters. This way, we can use this new function to map out certain areas. We will always notify you of this kind of Task in the Task description. You can recognize a visited location by two things: firstly, by receiving a message when the location has already been visited or secondly, by noticing visited locations as a red circle on the map.


Another noticeable functionality upgrade is the progress bar. This will show you how long it takes to send in your Task. Furthermore, we have worked on getting the bugs out to reduce the amount of crashes.