The Roamler Crowd: Young and Old!

As you may already know, the Roamler crowd is very diverse. From young to old, from students to stay-at-home dads, from full-time workers to volunteers. To become a Roamler you do have to be at least 18 years old, but between the ages of 18 and 70, you can find a Roamler of every age! Of course we think this is wonderful! We want to give everybody the opportunity to earn something extra, irrespective of age.

Every Roamler is different, this is partly because of the difference between age groups. Often different age groups have different motivations, goals and motives. We love seeing how Roamler crosses generational boundaries!

From the age of 18, you have the possibility to become a Roamler and earn some extra money by completing tasks in the Roamler app. In theory, you could do this until you’re 100 years old! The only thing you need is a smartphone, and who doesn’t own a smartphone these days?

The Roamler Crowd is made up of teens, people in their twenties, thirties, forties, etc: there is no age group over 18 that you can’t find in the crowd. Our oldest Roamler is an impressive 71 years old!

And everybody has a different reason for using Roamler, while one person uses it to pay for groceries, another might be saving up for a relaxing holiday, or donating it to charity, or buying something nice for the grandchildren!

For the younger generations, Roamler is a flexible way to earn some extra pocket money. Because you decide how much, where and when you perform a task, it’s ideal to combine Roamler with an education or a part time job. For instance, if you haven’t got anything to do in a free period, that’s a good opportunity to earn something extra and to, for example, get yourself a treat for lunch. Or maybe you need a new backpack, a couple of tasks here and there and you will have saved up enough!

Performing a task is not only a handy way to earn some extra money, it can also just be a fun challenge for all ages! You have the possibility to perform lots of challenging tasks and you’ll experience all sorts during these tasks. Perhaps it isn’t a replacement for the gym, but you are certainly being active, and it’s a lot cheaper.
Christmas is also on the way, and for a lot of people this means spending time with family. And, who knows, maybe you have an aunt, niece or grandfather that could use Roamler! 😉

Spending your Roamler earnings!

What do you save your Roamler earnings for? Or do you spend it as soon as you cash out? Are you in level 5 (or higher)? Chances are that you have already completed the XP task “Roamler savings”!

Some Roamlers (9%) have not yet paid out their first Roamler earnings. But the majority of you (91%) have. Of all Roamlers who completed this task, 56% are still saving for something… read below the different savings goals of our Roamlers!


– “With my Roamler earnings I pay for my petrol, which I then use to complete other tasks!”

– “I buy fresh sausages for my dog!”

– “I am currently saving for new sailing boots. Otherwise I’ll have cold toes when sailing!”

– “Two beautiful, expensive suitcases bought from my Roamler earnings!”

– “A power bank, so I can keep my phone charged during a long Roamler day!”

– “From my Roamler earnings I have saved for many different things: subscriptions, airline tickets and hostels for a trip!”

– “Studio space, paint and other art supplies.”

– “Lunch boxes for my kids. Those expensive ones, with their name on it. Superfluous but nice. A treat.”

– “I saved the money for my iPhone 8+. To be able to take better photos for my tasks.”

– “This is somewhat random, but I recently bought a Christmas tree from a my Roamler money. I see my Roamler income as a bonus. It is true that I try to spend it on something special.”

– “The first $ 1,000 I earned with Roamler was deposited into my Kiva account through PayPal. As a result, I have now helped 101 small entrepreneurs with a micro-credit of $ 25.00 that gave the company a positive boost. Roamler is a hobby for me, that I can support a good cause with.”

– “Dyson vacuum cleaner and smaller things. The vacuum cleaner because I really wanted it, but I thought it was very expensive…”

– “The reason I have never had my Roamler earnings paid out is because I want to save a large sum of money here, and then get it deposited into my account in one go.”

– “Thanks to the earnings of Roamler, I’m heading to a sunny destination!”

– “The savings goal is to pay for my own education after this study.”

Roamler Diary of…

A Roamler Merchandiser!

Claire explains what one of her merchandising days looked like!

I started with Roamler for fun. When I started, I found it more fun and more valuable than I thought. I have my own company where I do a lot of thinking and sitting behind the computer, or I’m in conversation with people. Roaming is a nice change of work for me; being physically active, standing in the middle of daily life, researching and observing and contact with different kinds of people makes it fun. I therefore experience fun and funny things.

What does my average day look like when I do assignments? I check the assignments in the morning. And set a goal for myself how much money I want to earn. That is how I make it a small challenge. If there is enough to do in my own city, I plan my route by bike. Sometimes there are also smaller assignments to be done in a store – I will always complete those as well. I always say this: ”If you do nothing, you won’t have anything anyway”. My favourite merchandising assignment is the Red Bull Shelf Optimisation. The more I do it, the easier it gets. Especially if you do a branch for a second or third time. Even when I’m not roaming, and I find a Red Bull shelf, I have a tendency to tidy up the shelf.

Sometimes I travel through the Netherlands for my work. I recently got stuck in a traffic jam. I thought: If I wait in a traffic jam I might as well kill my time with a Roamler assignment. I took the exit to a village I had never been before, did two assignments and was able to drive home afterwards because the traffic jam was over. I love that about Roamler! Everything is possible in your own time, everywhere and whenever you want. By the way, building up a promotion for the first time is always a bit exciting.

The assignments require some concentration and sometimes improvisation. Sometimes I make a mistake, then I always go back. I learn from it and think: luckily I now know for the next assignment. Once stickers were placed incorrectly by the manufacturer. The promotion did not really work out that way. Together with the store employee we came up with a solution. Once it’s done, I’m always a little proud. It really gives satisfaction and then I think ”Let’s go! on to the next assignment”.

An interview with… One of the first Roamlers!

Roamler has been around for almost 8 years now. In mid-2011, the first Dutch Roamlers registered for the Roamler app. A lot has changed since; not only the look of the app and the number of countries that Roamler is active in has changed, we’ve gained many new Roamlers as well. Of course, there are still some people around that have been with us since the very beginning. Take Roamler Jeroen for example, a Roamler who has been with us since the start in 2011 and who still enjoys performing tasks! We love this and couldn’t wait to ask him some questions! Interested in his story? Then read on quickly.

Tell us; who are you, where are you from and what do you do?
I am Jeroen and I live in Apeldoorn, a city in the middle of the Netherlands. I’m originally not from this area though, I moved to Apeldoorn because it worked out better for my former employer. My roots are in Brabant, a southern province of the Netherlands. I work full-time at a large telecom provider and answer calls from technicians who run into problems during installations. I have been a Roamler since June 2011.

How did you learn about Roamler back in 2011 and why did you start?
After some online browsing I found the website ‘Tweakers’. On this website there was an article saying you could sign up for Roamler. The article explained what the new concept ‘Roamler’ was, and that there was room for only a limited number of people. Luckily, I applied within the first 500 registrations! I was very happy and immediately started performing tasks in Apeldoorn on my old iPhone 4.

How did you experience the first Roamler months after the launch?
Looking back and compared to now it was… super slow. I had an iPhone 4 back then, now I have an iPhone XR, so that has improved the speed and ease of use a lot. But, despite the older iPhone technology and less advanced Roamler app from back then, it worked out fine!

How often do you use Roamler these days and has your Roamler usage changed over the years?
I use the app as often as before, but it can happen that I don’t use it at all for a week. There are some Saturdays where the number of tasks I perform and the corresponding earnings are exceptionally high!

What is the best or funniest thing you have experienced during a Roamler task?
The most memorable thing I’ve experienced is that a store manager did not have time for me at first, but after I indicated that the Red Bull on the shelves was almost out of stock, and asked if there was any stock to refill it with, she ran back quickly to apologise with the message that the stock amount was not correct and new stock would be ordered as soon as possible.

Do you have a preference for certain types of tasks and has this preference changed over the years?
My preference has not changed that much. A real classic (in The Netherlands) is the Baby Formula Check. This task has been around for many years, so I know how to perform it quickly, and that makes it extra fun of course.

You have experienced all of Roamler’s app & project developments, what do you think is the most noteworthy development?
Many tasks that I execute now are very different from the tasks I did in the beginning of Roamler. The most noteworthy for me is the start of Roamler Merchandising. After a Skype call, I was allowed to join the Roamler Merchandising crowd, with the result that I can now build displays and, for example, perform Red Bull tasks where I restock the shelves, so everything looks neat and tidy again. The latter is one of my favourite tasks to do. The people at the service desk are often excited that you have come to the store to help them out!

Do you have any tips for newly starting Roamlers?
A tip for new Roamlers is: treat and approach someone else as you would want to be treated or approached yourself. Explain why you have come to visit (when you’ve been approached by staff, or when you can introduce yourself for a task) and never start a long discussion. It’s better to notify the reviewers through a message in the app and the extra optional question in the questionnaire to explain why you’re not welcome and/or couldn’t perform the task.

Did you buy anything special with your Roamler money?
I do not use the money I earn with Roamler for specific things, I use it for anything and everything. By the way, I also like to invite others with my own invite codes; if these newly registered Roamlers perform tasks you get a small percentage as a reward for getting the new Roamlers in! A nice way to earn something extra on top of your own performed tasks.

The Best of 2018

Over the past weeks we’ve asked you for your favourites of 2018 in a few categories, and the results are in! Find out what Roamlers think was the best film released in 2018, what songs they played non-stop, what national and international news moments kept them on the edge of their seats, and of course: what their favourite Roamler task of the year was!

Best film
2018 was a good year for films, it seems. But there can be only one winner, and for most Roamlers that was Bohemian Rhapsody. As Roamler Chris E. says ‘The film is a great story and the portrayal of Freddie is incredible by Malek, he lives and breathes Freddie and his mannerisms and movements are just incredible. The reconstruction of the Live Aid show was amazing too. Can’t wait to get it on DVD’. Another musical favourite of the past year was A Star is Born. Many Roamlers were moved by this emotional story and its excellent soundtrack. The third place is for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. This long awaited blockbuster seems to have been worth the wait!

Best song
The winner for this category, by far, is the catchy Shotgun by George Ezra. ‘It became a really iconic ‘song of the summer’, says Roamler Carla G., and many of you agreed! It was the important message in the song This is America by Childish Gambino that made this song in second place a popular choice! The third place for this category has to be shared between no less than five songs: Havana (by Camila Cabello), No Tears Left to Cry (by Ariana Grande), One Kiss (by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa), Shallow (by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) and Thank u, next (by Ariana Grande).

Best Roamler Task
We have welcomed many new Roamlers this year. The first few tasks are always special, and nothing quite beats the excitement of the first paid task: the Tea Check. Many Roamlers have fond memories of this first task: the start of their Roamler journey! Roamler Gabriella L. says: ‘This was my first task and got me hooked!’ Another favourite was the recent Whitley Neill in Tesco task. ‘It was fairly easy & I found it fun to actually get a product on to a shelf!’, says Roamler Valerie M. The J2O Mystery Visit was also enjoyed by many. Perhaps the free drink and sunglasses had something to do with it?

Most important national news moment
Perhaps it is not very surprising that any news regarding the Brexit is considered the most important national news of 2018. More than half of you chose what some described as the ‘ongoing Brexit saga’ for this category, and mention its importance and the effect it will have. Another unforgettable moment of 2018 was the Royal Wedding, of course! The happy news moment was a welcome distraction for many. As Roamler Sarah H. says: ‘Beautiful broadcast of the wedding. A real feel good moment to be British!’ We didn’t have to wait long for more good news, as England’s performance in the World Cup was another occasion that brought the country together, according to many of you!

Most important international news moment
In his second year as President of the United States, anything relating to Trump is still the most important international news moment of the year, according to many Roamlers. Another memorable moment was the Thai cave rescue, in June and July. Many Roamlers were impressed by the way the world got together to try and save the twelve boys and their coach. Roamler Daniel H. said: ‘The world rallied together to help the soccer team in Thailand that got stuck in a cave. It gives a glimmer of hope, humanity can still help each other.’ The third most mentioned international news moment is, again, Brexit, as it wasn’t just big news in the UK, but in many other countries as well.

Best photos
We have received many, many great photos, often with great stories behind them. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites to share with you all!

Flamingo – Roamler Jenny S.
Sunrise – Roamler Charlotte U.
Gingerbread village – Roamler Catherine A.
Dog – Roamler Carrie R.

“Roamler is a great invention for me! Not only to earn something quickly, but also to get to know a lot of nice people.”

In 2014 Kevin started his Roamler adventure. Since then he has been spending about 7 to 8 hours a week on Roamler tasks and has created his very own Roamler Facebook fan page. In this interview he shares tips on how to become a successful Roamler and will also address his “Roamler Fanpage and Invitescorner” Facebook page. Meet Belgian Roamler Kevin!

Introduce yourself!
My name is Kevin, I am 21 years old and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I have been a Roamler since I was 18 years old, so almost 4 years already!

How did you find out about Roamler and why did you start it?
I found out about Roamler through the Belgian TV program ‘Voor hetzelfde geld’ (translated: “for the same money”). It seemed like a fun way to earn something extra, so I was curious. After that, I immediately downloaded the app!

How much time do you spend on Roamler tasks on a weekly basis?
As much as possible! To say the average; I spend about 7 or 8 hours a week on executing Roamler tasks.

What are your favorite types of Roamler tasks and why?
The real mystery guest tasks, because these are super fun and you usually earn good money! For instance; last week I visited a cafe where I had to drink Trappist beer that was refunded by Roamler. What I had to do? Ask the waiter some questions, like: “Which blond beer would you recommend?”, “Would you recommend Tripel Karmeliet?” and pay attention to how my drink was served. After that, I had to take a picture of my drink and answer a few short questions – that’s all. With just sitting in a cafe for half an hour, I earned some easy, good money! Very enjoyable.

Introduce your ‘Roamler Fanpage & Invites Corner’ Facebook page! What kind of Facebook page is this exactly?
I started this group on my own initiative and the group is accessible to everyone. The goal of the group is to offer Roamlers a quick – Roamler to Roamler – help desk, but also to easily distribute invites. In the group, all Roamlers can share their experiences with each other!

How did you get the idea of starting this Facebook page?
I started this group to get to know more Roamlers and to communicate with them. Furthermore, I thought the group was a great idea because Roamlers can share their invites efficiently.

What is the purpose of this page and what type of content do you post?
The goal of my group is to acquire as many Roamlers as possible. I also think it’s important that Roamlers can share their experiences about certain tasks or about the app itself. As main administrator, I try to post something 3 times a week about information and/or newsflashes of new or upcoming tasks; this can be done by sharing content from the official Roamler Facebook pages, or by creating posts myself.

What kind of Roamlers are following your page?
The group is accessible for everyone and therefore many different nationalities are members of this group. Most members come from The Netherlands and Belgium, but the group also has members from the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

What do you like most about managing this Facebook page?
The communication with Roamlers about tasks is what I like the most. For example about how they execute tasks; this is how I learn new, smart and creative tips all the time. I also like to keep Roamlers informed about every new task.

Do you, as an experienced Roamler, have any tips for beginning Roamlers?
Yes! I have 3…

Tip 1: If you are planning to execute a task in a supermarket, make sure you have headphones on (or in), so the staff is less inclined to speak to you.

Tip 2: When opening the map in the app, you can easily determine a route with tasks you want to do. The more jobs, the more money…

Tip 3: Always be thoughtful. If someone from the store continues to stare at you and watches you every step of the way, know that an employee may come over to talk with you. Be prepared and have a story ready!

Bonus question: If you have any other fun things to add, go ahead!
Roamler is a great invention for me! Not only to earn something quickly, but also to get to know a lot of nice people.

If you are now wondering what I frequently post on this Facebook page, then certainly take a look! You are more than welcome. Click here or type in ‘Roamler Fanpage & Invites Corner’ on Facebook.

Kelly’s manual to becoming a top Roamler

We have never seen such a fast and enthusiastic response as when we asked Roamler Kelly to write about her Roamler experiences and how she became a top Roamler, performing a lot of paid tasks. Specially for you, she created a manual on how to become a top Roamler.

“The first thing you need to understand is that Roamler is for anyone! ABSOLUTELY ANYONE! As long as you can take a photo with your phone and become familiar with the app, it really is that simple.”

First things first: Grab a code
If you have no Roamler contacts start by looking on the internet. At times there are random codes you could try, that’s how I started. I found a code on a Twitter feed and it worked! Check out Roamler social media pages, ask around and you’re bound to get lucky!
To ensure Roamler receives good quality submissions, there are some unpaid tasks that need to be completed when you’re just starting out. Even though they are unpaid they are very beneficial as you are learning as you complete them. Staffs are on hand pretty much instantly when you submit them to offer feedback and encouragement. It is possible to get these done quickly, just take notice of the instructions and recommendations. It’s all there settling you up for success in your future paid tasks!

Let me tell you about my experience…
Personally, I am not a tech-savvy, but it was getting close to Christmas and I wanted to get a couple of special presents and some dreaded bills paid. I wanted the cash quickly and without any hassle.
I’d read a few things online about Roamler and I must admit I was skeptical. However, I was also intrigued. I didn’t have anything to lose so I thought I’ll give it a go. I found what I thought was a dormant code online but it worked!
I set it up via the app and started to power through the level 1 tasks. I was surprised I enjoyed completing them. What felt even better, was how fast I received feedback, encouragement and advice from really nice staff members. The initial training tasks are quick and simple. One of them even gives you the opportunity to provide Roamler feedback. These tasks took no time but I did them when I could over a couple of days.

Then came the paid tasks!
I have a son at nursery so my time is rather limited to during the day. However, I still managed some very impressive earnings! And it all adds up. I haven’t been performing Roamler tasks very long but the tasks I choose were mainly a combination of tasks in supermarkets, small stores and pubs.
In all honesty, I successfully completed 95%. The other 5% were rejected because I had not followed the instructions as I should have. A couple of times I announced myself as I should have and I was asked not to complete the task. As completely frustrating and annoying as this is my best advice is to say thanks anyway and move on. What’s important to take away from this when it happens, is that it most likely is more to do with them and not you! Roamler will also add a few pounds to your balance for this inconvenience.

Kelly successfully completed more than 100 tasks since the end of 2017. She has a few tips to share:

• When completing the tasks try and find an approach that works for you, but read the advice and instructions given by Roamler in the task.
• Think carefully about your ability to complete the task, once booked you can cancel it. However, you can’t immediately pick it back up if you choose to do it once more.
• I like to check the app first thing after dropping my son off and plan a logical route, that works for my time restraints.
• Set your goals and enjoy it!!!

As I said I went flat out before Christmas as I needed to pay for some extras fairly quickly. In January I took a break as my son was on holidays. After that, I started again as more bills came in as well as birthdays were coming up! All I can say is it helped tremendously and the staff are quick to respond and very nice, give it a go you have nothing to lose but cash to be gained!

Roamler as a confidence booster

“Roamler has been a great way of helping to boost my confidence again after a very low point and it has helped me financially too.”

This interview with Jennifer is packed with tips on how to make the best of performing tasks with Roamler.

Why did you join Roamler?
I have been running a photography business on the side for years. I photograph mainly weddings and properties for sale, and while these happen all year round, they are primarily seasonal, so there isn’t much going on in the winter months.
I got a new job, but it wasn’t what I was told it would be; instead of having twice as much income as I normally would, I was left with nothing. Looking for opportunities to earn money, I came across Roamler and it seemed like it would fit perfectly with my business. I had time and needed money, so I joined.

How do you perform tasks?
Whenever I’ve got a photo shoot gig, I check the app for Roamler tasks in the area I can perform before or after the shoot. And when I have no photography gig, I check my phone from time to time in a day, for Roamler tasks I might be able to do. This keeps me occupied in my free time.

Before leaving the house, I make sure my phone is fully charged and keep my phone cable in the car, just in case. When carrying out several tasks, I work out a route first then accept as many tasks as I can before taking off. And as I complete and submit tasks, I accept new ones.

The last time I drove 250 miles to Cornwall, I made a list of clustered jobs that weren’t too far off my route and gave myself a couple of hours extra time to do them on my journey. Luckily, no one accepted any of those jobs before I was in the area, so I managed to complete them all and made almost enough money to cover my diesel costs for the whole drive.

Have you got tips for new Roamlers?
If you are going to do your first paid task, don’t worry. It is natural to be a little nervous the first time. I remember my first task, it was quite nerve racking! Am I going to do it right? Will it get accepted? Will I get challenged by staff about what I’m doing?

My advice would be to start with a quick, basic task that doesn’t require any staff interaction if that makes you feel more comfortable. It won’t be long before you feel more confident! Roamler has been a great way to boost my self-confidence after a very low point, and it has helped me financially too.

Another tip is checking your photos. It took me more time than I’d like to admit to realize, that by tapping the image you’ve taken in the task, you can zoom in on it to check sharpness. It is worth doing this, especially on photos of things like a whole bay in a supermarket, where it’s nearly impossible to tell critical sharpness from a small photo. If you think it might not be good enough, just try it again.

Any advice for Roamlers seeking to be a bit more active?

Supermarket tasks come up quite regularly, so I try and wait to do my supermarket shopping until a task comes up that I can go and do at the same time. This makes it much more worthwhile and viable financially.
If you’re going on a trip, take a look at the map to see what tasks are located on or near your route. I’ve found that doing tasks on the journey to other things and places, rather than only performing tasks near my house, has probably amounted to a third or more of the tasks I’ve undertaken! It’s also a real help in clawing back some of the expense of fuel for the car.

For any jobs in town, high streets consider potential parking costs if you plan on driving to get there. Many towns have no available on-street parking and car parks are costly, so you need to take this into consideration when a job pops up.
Sometimes it might not be viable to do one task, but if there were several jobs in town or the remuneration is higher, it might be!

My last bit of advice: at some point, you’ll probably come across a task that makes you want to scream and bash your head against the wall. I have had one task like that where I had about a 50% acceptance rate, compared to nearly 100% for everything else, and it seemed like each time I tried it again there was something else wrong. It was not worth the frustration, anger, time and fuel. Sometimes you need to know when to admit defeat and I’ve sworn never to do that task again if it reappears!

Lastly, I have some tips on how to avoid rejection:
Zoom in on your photos to check if they are sharp. If there’s anything you are unsure about, or anything unexpected, make sure you write this in the last additional question of the task. When you are unsure about something, ask for clarification in the messages in the app! They might not always get back to you in time, but it’s always worth trying.

Anxiety at the supermarket?

Has the thought of pulling our your phone to take a picture at the supermarket caused hesitation or stopped you entirely from performing paid tasks? In this article Roamler intern Jonathan will cover some techniques which may help you overcome the issues you may have at the supermarket.

In one occasion in my youth I remember pulling out my camera to take a picture of a comically large bottle of Heineken. I was unfamiliar with this particular size of bottle and wanted to show my friends that such a thing existed. After being relatively pleased with myself for getting a good shot, a security guard came up to me and stated that “You aren’t allowed to take pictures here.” This quick interaction caused my delicate ego to retreat back into my shell and took all the fun out of the experience.

Now, many years later I have this great opportunity to earn money in a quick and low commitment way but the trauma of this bad experience is causing me to hesitate.

Prepare in advance
It’s better if you solidify what you are about to do at the task location before you go there as UK Roamler Paul explains in his tips. This entails reading the app description and being aware of what you have to do beforehand. You could prepare materials in advance as well, such as printing a statement which explains to anyone with questions what you are doing. Start with a charged phone and bring an extra charger if plan a big route with lots of tasks. Being prepared frees up much mental space which you could use to perform the task in a more relaxed manner.

Reduce anxiety
If anxiety becomes too much in the moment, the first thing you should do is to clear your mind and take a few deep breaths. Ample time is given to perform tasks so you should consider running out of time as a stressor in this situation.
Some long term actions to reduce anxiety could help you perform better with tasks. Such as meditating, getting enough sleep, organizing your personal space, etc.

Be respectful and receive respect
You should also note that employees have to represent their companies in a respectful and appropriate manner so feel free to engage with them since are required to treat you well.
Each trip to the supermarket will be different, sometimes you may get asked what you are doing, other times your presence will go unnoticed. In the end it is always best to respect the boundaries that others set and withdraw from the store if you are not allowed to continue. In that case the best thing to do is submit what you could complete and describe as detailed as possible what difficulties occurred.

Roamler Vince: Investing with Roamler earnings

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I am Vince, 22 years old and I live in Groningen, in the northern Netherlands. I have been an active Roamler for about 1 year now. I study International Relations at the University of Groningen and I am supervisor at a market research agency.  With Roamler I earn some extra money.

“I noticed it is not a bad thing to be noticed by an employee”

How was it to do your first paid job in a store?
“Well, that was pretty exciting. I was especially nervous because I did not know what to say if I would be addressed. In the beginning I did my best not to be recognized. Now I am more confident and I have noticed that it is not a bad thing if you are noticed by an employee sometimes.”

How often do you do perform Roamler tasks?
“That differs every day. It mainly depends on the available tasks. Sometimes I perform 5 tasks in 1 day and at some points I do not perform any tasks for 3 days in a row.”

Do you have a saving target for your Roamler earnings?
“Yes, I started investing a while ago and I deposit all my Roamler earnings on my investment account. So with the Roamler earnings I have mainly bought bonds and shares.”

What are concrete tips for Roamlers who want to perform their first paid task?
“My biggest tip is related to your nerves; just go and do it! Once. Try it. It is not the end of the world to be approached by an employee. In the worst case you cannot perform the task, but I have rarely experienced that. In addition, make sure that you take sharp pictures and read the task description well. Roamler can be quite strict.”

What are your concrete tips for Roamlers who want to do more tasks?
“Take the bus or train to another city once. Next to Groningen, I regularly perform tasks in Assen. For me that is 15 minutes by train, but there are often a lot of tasks available there.”

Do you have an example of a mistake you made at Roamler, so your assignment was rejected and that you could give as a tip to other Roamlers?
“Unfortunately, my tasks are sometimes rejected.  Recently I had to take photos of a Pampers promotion and I mistakenly took a photo of the wrong type of diapers.  Always read the instructions carefully and double check everything. If you do not agree with how your task is reviewed, you can explain why you performed the task the way you did.  If they made a mistake, your task will be accepted.”

“Explain well and clearly what your goal is when performing Roamler merchandising tasks.”

Which tasks do you prefer and why?
“There are quite a few tasks that I like to do, but I do have 2 favourites; both merchandising tasks. The first task I liked is the Red Bull Check, the second is the ‘Stoomboot/open haard’ tasks during Sinterklaas. The Red Bull Check is often listed in the app; are easy to perform and have a nice reward. The Sinterklaas task only happens once a year, but the reward was high; 40 euro! I liked to assemble a whole boat.

Is there a difference between Roamler merchandising and other Roamler tasks?
“There certainly is a big difference between Roamler merchandising and other Roamler tasks.  For the Roamler merchandising tasks you always introduce yourself and you can always perform the task.  These tasks also have a better reward compared to the other tasks. Make sure to have your ID card with you, print out the introduction letter, bring the business cards and explain WELL and CLEARLY what your goal is. Often the employee is not aware of your arrival, even if you have permission from the head office.