How should wealth be distributed in society?

We are Nils and Christopher, two PhD-students who are personally and academically interested in wealth inequality. Nils graduated in Social Psychology and works at the Free University of Amsterdam on topics relating to the social and moral psychology of corruption. Christopher works at the Institute of Communication Research in Münster. His research focuses on political communication and European solidarity.

In the Concept of Society tasks a few months ago, we asked Roamlers in different countries to imagine that the entire wealth (everything of monetary value) in your society is like a big cake. In the first part we asked you how you think this cake is currently split (in five pieces) in your society.

We find that people from all countries underestimate the inequality in the society!
Independent on whether the responses came all the way from Chile or from Germany, you think that the wealth is split more evenly than it actually is.

EqualdistributionThen we gave Roamlers a huge imaginary knife and let you distribute the wealth-cake in the way you would consider ideal. The interesting twist was, that you don’t know where you would end up in this society – How would you distribute wealth in a society if you don’t know whether you would be ‘eating from the biggest piece or from the smallest’? This method is called ’veil of ignorance’.

So what does the ideal society look like according to Roamlers? Is it like the example shown in the task? In the graph on the right wealth is distributed equally; each of the 5 groups has a fifth of the wealth.

People across the different countries agree to a large extent about their ideal distribution. 


There are of course some differences: Roamlers in Germany, Sweden, Italy and Chile want redistribute wealth, whereas UK and French Roamlers want to keep the existing wealth hierarchy, although reduce the differences drastically. Some interesting stuff…

Oh yeah, judging from the answers you seemed to have enjoyed the task as well 🙂 For example, this is what a Roamler from UK answered to the question on whether you liked the task: “Yes. I’d love to get involved in more like this. It’s important researchers have many avenues to different participant groups.”

Because of this enthusiasm, Nils, Christopher and the Roamler team decided to have another task ready for you, starting today. Check out the app and participate in this research. Nils and Christopher are interested in your answers!


Roamler Reply: Peter

Peter's girlfriend depicting Michael Jackson's 'Bad'

I first started using Roamler during the Olympics after helping my girlfriend set up props for a couple of tasks. I quickly realised how much fun it was and the turning point was probably when I helped her set up a picture to depict an album cover. I knew then that I would have to get the app because it looked like so much ridiculous fun! Now we both regularly go and perform Roamler tasks, sometimes as a team effort, sometimes scooping each other to complete a task at a certain location… It’s a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon.



Peter's entry for 'Photo a Week: Animals' with which he's won a prize

I sometimes see Roamler as a way of developing my photography. Setting up imaginative shots, or editing photos to post (like creating special shots by combining multiple photos) for the creative shots; I even bought a photo editing app just to create some images. It also gives inspiration to take pictures of things I wouldn’t normally look twice at – eggs in the supermarket? Glasses of water in the pubs – I got a bit of abuse form my friends when I took out my phone after ordering some drinks and a glass of water just to take a photo of
the water.

Filming Location for 'The Flying Scotsman' in Glasgow

I enjoy my films, and am very proud of my home city – Glasgow. One of my all time favourite tasks was one where we had to go around and take pictures of all the filming locations we could find, it made me appreciate how lucky we are to live in such a great city!




I was really surprised at how great the banter (as we say up in the grey north) in the personal responses is. Not only do they respond to your tasks, but will also discuss suggestions for different tasks. It gives a real personal touch to the whole Roamler experience, and makes me feel like I’m contributing. I have enjoyed receiving comments on all of the different tasks, from explaining granny’s recipes and dieting habits to sci-fi films and instructional videos on Youtube.

I’ve definitely started to view everything differently since starting to use Roamler, not just as potential photo opportunities; as a result of some of the social tasks, I’ve started to think more about what I can do to help people and how the built environment might seem to people who experience the world differently.

I’m already planning how I’m going to complete my next task, and looking forward to the response from the Roamler team.

Happy Roamling!

Roamler Reply: Ankur

Been in London for 7 years … and I’m finally starting to discover it – welcome to Roamler!

One of many 'Filming Locations' entries from Ankur: The Langham Hotel in London, used for the film Goldeneye.

I don’t think I have ever walked so much as I have in September, since I joined Roamler, finding the best routes to new neighbourhoods … finding if there is a hidden gem round the corner from my friend’s house, or a treasure chest round the corner from mine … My favourite task till date is the Movie Locations one – I think I did about 30 of them (1500XP – read it and weep :P) – but to find out that almost all of Love Actually and Notting Hill (2 of my fav films) were shot all around my vicinity was fascinating!!!

Roamler is having a great effect on my health indirectly too – on the days I have to go out and perform tasks, I end up walking for a couple of hours … which is great!!! I live too much of my life indoors between office and work – so to have a couple of hours out and about a week – with the Flower Check task for example is great fun. Also ofcourse, coming up with the suite of excuses when people ask you why you are taking photos. I’ve now apparently been doing flower and plants research for my girl-friend / my mother / my aunt …. Love the excuses!

One of the many 'Flower check' entries that Ankur submits every week 🙂

Oh, and the absolute agony of a Rejected task … don’ think life prepares you for moments like this. It is clear the Roamler admin run a tight ship … where even Rank 3 and 4 folks are reprimanded for lapses in concentration and blurry photographs. But it does keep one sharp, and focussed at the task at hand. And FINALLY, I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from my Oyster travel-card … it’s my best friend these days :).

Lovely London with better weather than Holland!

All in all, thanks Roamler – you have shown me, and taught me, more about London than I ever knew … made me think about my unworn clothes (which I wore promptly), my grandparents’ wedding photos, and even how wheelchair accessible London is. I’m sure you’ll continue to astonish and intrigue me … Looking forward to it!!

Ankur – logging off! 🙂





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Roamler Reply: Hannah

After starting university last year I found myself with loads of free time, and ended up finding the wonder that is Roamler, through I actually study marketing at uni so I thought: “GREAT, this is perfect to help me understand a different type of market research.” Turns out that I didn’t use it with a marketing head on, instead I found it fun to participate in new tasks and eagerly anticipate the reply to see if they have been accepted! (I love the fact each reply is unique which makes me feel that my opinion actually matters!) It soon became part of my day, checking to see if there were any new tasks for me to do. Some days I would attempt five or more tasks, safe to say I got a little addicted! I soon made it on to the general leaderboard!

I am the type of person who likes to reach a goal, which Roamler provides perfectly! Seeing my experience points forever increasing and then leading to the next level gives me a sense of satisfaction. However it isn’t just the levels to motivate me, for some tasks you even get paid!! One task in particular asked for a photo of how Heineken is presented to you, this meant I HAD to go to the pub and get myself a drink and getting paid to do so, what a shame! 😉
A great thing I found is that you don’t have to go out of your way to complete tasks, once being notified of a task nearby it is usually where I am heading anyway! I was on my way to Tesco for the weekly shop when Roamler popped up on my phone, asking of I could take some photos of the egg display, to be perfectly honestly this reminded me I needed eggs! And there are also the home tasks which require very little effort, perfect for me!
The large variety of tasks means there is always something I will be interested in. If there is a football task, which is exactly my cup of tea, there will constantly be an alternative! The range of tasks go from ‘Getting to know you’ which is all about us the Roamlers, to ‘Granny knows best’ about helpful tips, which was great! I have even got my housemates involved in creating a giant post-it heart on our window for one task, which lead to a few of them downloading the app themselves!

One last little bit, on Facebook there are occasionally links to a blog post about a bunch of our entries all put together which I love to see what other Roamlers are saying 🙂 If you are simply thinking about becoming a Roamler I HIGHLY recommend it! It is something completely unique and you can even pocket a little money! 🙂

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Roamler Reply: Ben

I came to Roamler from what is probably quite an unusual route. I work in marketing as a brand strategy consultant and market research is a part of my job so my initial interest was based on professional curiosity.

I heard about Roamler through a trends and business spotting website called Springwise. I saw what they were trying to do, use the power of the crowd to understand what was happening in store and around the city so I signed up to give it a go!

After professional curiosity Roamler grew into a new little fun hobby that I do when I have some time! Now it fits into those things that you check absentmindedly: Facebook, Twitter, the news… Roamler!

To best illustrate what I like about Roamler and how I use it, I’d like to tell two stories that involve two conflicting interests of mine, food and cycling.



I was just getting ready to cook dinner and realized I had ran out of a few key ingredients. It was late and I contemplated just making do, but realized food for breakfast was also looking sparse so decided to head to my local mini supermarket.

On the way I checked out Roamler and realized there were two tasks I could complete in the same shop I was visiting! So a few pictures of bananas and eggs later, along with answering a few questions and I was done. The best part of this was spending £8 on food but earning £4.50 from completing tasks. Thanks for breakfast Roamler!

I’m a keen cyclist and it works really well with that hobby too. One day I wanted to go for a ride but wasn’t sure of a route. I ended up constructing one out of 2 different Roamler tasks that were quite a way apart. I managed to complete the first one that wasn’t too far away, taking pictures of flowers in Sainsbury’s and then set off on my next Roamler pitstop.

After about 45 minutes of fairly brisk cycling, although I am no Bradley Wiggins, I arrived at the location of the second Roamler task. Again it was flower based, but after riding up and down the road in the description the shop I was supposed to visit wasn’t there! I took a picture of the road sign I was on and the location the shop was supposed to be at and submitted my task informing the team I couldn’t find the shop thinking the task would be rejected. This was pretty annoying as I was looking forward to doing the task and I now wouldn’t get the money or experience points on offer!

But very quickly the Roamler team got back to me saying I had been successful in completing the task and apologizing for the mix up. Result!

I hope these stories have given you a flavour of how I use Roamler, for me it’s something fun you can build into your day to day life whatever you find yourself getting up to. The team are great and the range of tasks will always keep you entertained, so I suggest giving it a try! (And no I haven’t been paid to say any of this! I just think it’s cool!)


Roamler Reply: David

I guess if you are reading this you are already a Roamler. If you are only thinking about it, please read my story!

Just over a week ago I joined Roamler after it was recommended to me by my Sister in law over dinner: “Its great”, Emma said , “you complete tasks to gain points and unlock new tasks and some tasks you get paid for completing.” As soon as I got home I checked the app store and installed the app. After 2 minutes the easy to create account was set up and I was ready to Go, Go, Go!
In the last seven days I’ve completed just over 20 tasks, sometimes the tasks are interlinked and you have to complete one task to unlock another. After starting I was in 43rd position and as you can see after 7 days I’m now top of the leaderboard with 1110 xp. I’m ADDICTED to Roamler it’s just a cool app with the added bonus. To be competitive AND a great way to earn a few extra pounds.
As you can see I’ve posted some screen shots so you can see for yourselves. I’ve earned £11.50 which I can cash out to my paypal account at anytime. I’ve earned some badges along the way too but most importantly, ALL the tasks are optional and not 100’s of miles away.
I hope this goes some way to helping make things clear, or as Roamler would say: “Describe it in more than 10 words”. Here it goes: exiting, creative, unique, rewarding, challenging, addictive, fun, different, easy, fresh, innovative!

See you soon Roamlings 🙂

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Roamler Reply: Catherine

I started using Roamler a few months ago, finding it by chance when looking for ways to earn a little extra money. Being a student with a serious shopping issue I leapt at the chance, but soon found that Roamler offered a great deal more than I thought it would!









I spent the first few days carrying out tasks around the house; drawing Roamler pictures of hot air balloons and sending pictures of out of date flour. The time came to get out in the big wide world and, I have to admit, I was a bit scared! One of the first Scout tasks I undertook was in a supermarket near my house. I looked really shady hanging around the soft drinks, and after a few minutes I lost my nerve and left. I composed myself and went back inside, and felt rather pleased with myself when the task was accepted! From then on, there was no stopping me!

My favourite tasks are always the ones where I get to be a bit creative; it’s something my degree doesn’t really require – so I love to think a bit laterally to complete a task! I even found myself completing a task during a lecture, a neat little pen drawing of how Roamler fits in to my day!

I find myself spending more time thinking about my surroundings too; trying to find the perfect opportunity to photograph a rainbow for the Mother Nature task (almost becoming a preoccupation) and searching for a slug, which in England at the moment is proving harder than it should be!

It has even made me go through old photographs, something which I never do – and I found myself the perfect unique number – 26, iced on a birthday cake lovingly crafted last year by my boyfriend. Let’s hope it’ll be lucky for me!

So, a few months on I’m still probably the rather awkward looking lady in Tesco trying to both take a photo and pretend to text (all whilst leaning on an opposite freezer to get a decent picture); but Roamler is fantastic fun and has honestly become part of my day to day life. I think I sometimes see other Roamlers around and about, taking pictures of random stuff. If I do then that’s great and hello to you all; if they’re not they should really get on board, they’re wasting a talent!

Nice work Roamler!

Roamler Reply: Matthew

“Have you heard of this new thing, Roamler?”

“No, what is it?”

“It’s this app where you take photos of things, answer questions and sometimes you get paid.”

I was sold. I downloaded the app at that very moment and from then on I’ve been hooked. Ever since I completed the “Welcome to Roamler!” task the app has become a huge part of my life. I find myself always checking for new tasks that allow me get out into my local surroundings or for tasks that I can easily complete at home.

Tasks such as, “Into the Unknown”, “Pollution” and “Mud, Pints & Rock ‘n Roll” allowed me to become an explorer, searching for the keys that unlock the chest to the XP that allows you to boost your profile and help you climb up that leaderboard.

One of Roamlers huge positives for me is that it takes a huge interest in its users. Tasks such as, “What do you do?” and “When I grow up” allowed me to tell HQ that I want to become a school teacher but that I once wanted to be a footballer. Their replies are fast but it’s not just a simple well done, pat on the back. They ask you questions, show their enthusiasm and seem generally interested in your entries, which I think is what makes Roamler such a fantastic, personal and interactive universe.

My favourite tasks to complete have been “Blackout Poetry”, “Rock around the clock” and “Place your bets”. I really enjoyed “Blackout Poetry” as I was extremely proud of what I had created. It’s a difficult task that included around half and hour leafing through a magazine trying to find a good starting point. Once I completed the task I was very happy with it. I enjoyed the tasks “Rock around the clock” and “Place your bets” as they allowed to me talk about things I was really interested in like music and football. Again the tasks were met with enthusiasm and interest from HQ showing that they want to make Roamler as personal a service as they can make it, which is excellent!

A big part of Roamler is the paid scouting tasks. These are definitely my favourite category of tasks as not only do they make you feel like a spy but also you get paid for it. Up to now I have checked Heineken, paint, Coca Cola and eggs to name a few. Roamler makes you a mystery shopper and there is a certain thrill that comes from helping a company and gaining money while doing it.
Tasks such as “What would you like to?” and “What’s in store” allowed myself and other Roamlers to voice their opinion on what paid tasks we would like to see in the future which again shows HQ that they are interested in what we have to say and showing that it is not only a service for them but a service for us by allowing everyone’s voice to be heard.

This rang well and true just a few days ago when I noticed the task, “Coffee check”. As I was reading the briefing I thought it sounded very similar to the task I suggested in “What’s in store”. Then suddenly I read, “Matthew G. came up with the idea of this task”. I feel extremely happy and proud to have my ideas and name associated with this task. It feels great to know that Roamlers are going out to complete MY task and I am very thankful that Roamler appreciated my ideas.

I cannot speak more highly of Roamler. It is a fantastic app that allows us to explore, think, reflect and predict on situations, events and products in our daily life while not only gaining valuable life skills, but a bit of dosh on the side. ROAMLER ROCKS!

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The unique number game: the results!

So, are you all as excited as we are? Here at Roamler HQ we had a lot of discussion about the task ‘The unique number game’!

For those who missed it: the Roamlers had to pick a number which they thought no other Roamler would pick AND which they thought would be the lowest number mentioned by any Roamler. The Roamler with the lowest, unique number would win 500 XP (plus the mentioned number in XP). And yes, we have a winner! There was one lucky Roamler who mentioned a number which was the lowest and which wasn’t mentioned by anyone else.

So, who’s the lucky one? The winner is……. David W. with the number 1! David wins 501 XP. This is how he had depicted the number he had chosen:


69 Roamlers completed the task. There were 37 unique numbers mentioned, of which the number 1186 was the highest mentioned unique number. The numbers 8, 11 and 37 were mentioned most: all of these were mentioned 4 times.

Some of you had whole theories about picking the right number. One Roamler used an application he worked on and that told him tho choose the number 38 based on a mathematical formula. Another Roamler picked a number while he was doing the task ‘The Coffee check’. “It jumped out at me!”, he said. And another Roamler was being followed by the curse of number 37. “The number 37 haunts me and anyone else I pass the curse onto. Your now cursed with the 37 curse, sorry, you will now see the number 37 everywhere :)”, he said.

The way the Roamlers had depicted their chosen number was most of the time very creative. You can see a selection of the photos below. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Is your photo included?


Thanks for joining in on the fun with this task, and better luck next time. David, you will see a task worth 501 XP in your task screen shortly!

Roamler Reply: Carolyn

I joined Roamler at the start of June and was hooked within about 2 minutes! I have been a big fan of apps like Instagram or Foursquare for a while, but Roamler is the very addictive combination of challenges and photos. I love the challenges because they fit so well into your day to day life – giving a stroll round town an extra dimension or making you think outside the box during an evening at home. I love the mix of more creative and reward tasks – I am always on the lookout for cool street art but I never thought I’d be standing in Tesco counting eggs and thinking it was fun!

It’s not just the challenges that have kept me Roamling, who can resist the chance to beat your friends and get more points? More than once I found myself hunting for street musicians or wishing I drank Heineken after a cheeky email from a friend saying they had more points than me! The new update has been great too – I love seeing how my friends complete tasks and the pictures they have taken.

There have been some great tasks, one of my favourites was the ‘Favourite App’ task showing just what a geek I am by combining Instagram and Roamler! And more recently I enjoyed the ‘What’s In Store’ task coming up with possible new tasks for other Roamlers is great fun and got me using my background in marketing.

One thing that makes Roamler really unique and even more engaging is the personal response from the team. Probably like most people I assumed there would be an automatic response, but the first message from Fleur was a pleasant surprise! It’s really cool to hear Fleur, Anne-Claire, Merel or one of the team’s reactions to the task and – as we say in Scotland – it’s great banter!

I’m now about two or three tasks away from Level 3 (and of course trying to race ahead of my friends!) and I have to say that checking the app for new tasks is now a regular occurrence! I love Roamling and have definitely been encouraging my friends and family to get involved – I’m sure this is one app that I’ll be hooked on for a while!