Golden Rules

As a Roamler, and especially as a Roamler Merchandiser, you represent us and our customers in the stores. You can imagine that therefore how representative you are, your attitude and the way in which you conduct a conversation is so important!
In this blog we will tell you the Golden Rules when it comes to visiting a location. This will help you to perform the tasks optimally!

As a Roamler (merchandiser) …

… you don’t wear caps or other head wear during the visit
… you don’t wear shorts during the visit
… you don’t chew gum during the visit
… you don’t eat or drink during the visit
… you never bring someone else (partner / family member / pet etc.) to a visit!
… you never bring visible branded items from the competitor with you to the location
… you always complete a task via your own account, not via someone else’s Roamler account

… you make sure you are always enthusiastic!
… you make sure you always have an active and helpful attitude

… you read the tasks carefully in advance, so you know what you have to do!
… you know how to explain Roamler in general
… you are always friendly to everyone during the conversation!
… you always introduce yourself (shake hands, give your name and you speak calmly and clearly) at the desk
… you tell the staff what you would like to do and (when it’s needed) show the explanation letter
… you always consult with the staff where to place any promotional materials
… you never argue with the staff!

By applying these tips, the chance that you get permission from the store to complete the task is much bigger! It’s possible that the store does not give permission for this, which is unfortunate of course, but as said before you never argue about this with staff!

Do you have any questions about this? You can always contact us via We are happy to help if you can use further tips to make your visit as professional as possible!

Why we do what we do

Maybe you are already aware of all the reasons why… But sometimes you might be wondering; why is the task that I’m performing important for the client? In this blog we will give you some insights into the reasons why we are performing jobs for clients.
Read on quickly if you want to learn more!

Why are we doing…..

…product checks?
The client gets insights about the availability of their products. With the pictures and answers you provide in your submissions, we give them immediate insights in their products on the shop floor all over the country (or even Europe). They can use this data to make top-level business decisions for future improvements.

…merchandising tasks?
With building promotional materials, replenishing shelves with products, or with improving the availability and visibility of products in-store, we help our clients provide customers with the best shopping experience at the right time. This will hopefully lead to the the client’s ultimate goal, namely, that the product will begin to sell itself.

…mystery visits?
During the mystery shopping tasks you behave like a real customer. You experience the customer experience and evaluate it afterwards.
With the results of a mystery shopping task, the client tries to improve the customer satisfaction and service qualities of the staff. There are a lot of different types of mystery visits, for example: checking product ranges and shelf layouts in the store, or checking the service at specific locations.
Mystery shopping provides this feedback and gives an objective insight into how a customers experience the staff, presentation and other specific service based performances.

Results that are often obtained by mystery shopping research are:
…optimisation tasks!
Our clients make agreements with the head offices of the retailers and pay a lot of money to promote a certain product (on promotion and on regular shelves).
Example of an agreement: In 80% of the stores, product X is on a promotional spot and the promotion is communicated on the regular shelf with product X.
Clients expect more revenue during such promotions. After all, they are present in two places in the store and the promotion is well communicated.
But it seems that agreements are not always (correctly) met. This way, not only the client, but also the stores miss out on a lot of turnover. You – as a Roamler – help them to ensure that these agreements are followed and executed according to plan.

Before – After

Meet the Team… our new Community Managers!

We are very happy to announce that two new Community Managers started last month. In Belgium Sasha and in Germany Ute started their own ‘Roamler Journey’ as part of the team. And of course: they would like to introduce themselves to you!

Ute speaking:
Roamlers are famous for having an eye for detail, therefore I’m sure you already recognised the messages you received from me. So, I think it’s about time to introduce myself!
I’m Ute, 37 years old and the new Community Manager for Roamler Germany since July. Munich is not only my hometown. it’s also the city I love most!
Before joining Roamler I worked for publication companies for the last 14 years. In my most recent role I worked as a Social Media Manager.

I’m super excited to be part of this big Roamler family, but also to be your partner in crime on all your very exciting Roamler journeys! The opportunity of joining an incredibly passionate team and the ability to actively drive the business immediately triggered my ambition to become part of Roamler, a company that supports “out of the box” thinking and offers a wide range of challenging tasks.

From the first moment on I was really impressed about the great atmosphere and the strong interpersonal skills everyone adds to the team. Maintaining this is a priority for me. During my first week the team already showed how passionate and open-minded they were. I’m really interested in learning more about you (the Roamlers), your creativity and what’s driving you.I’m sure we can learn a lot every single day, given the wide range of Roamler tasks. What I have learned from you already: there is always a way!
I’m keen to learn more: I love mystery shopping, food and besides that: laughing and unicorns!

My tip from me to you:
Get familiar with the wide range of uploading pictures and use the options to leave comments! 😊

Sasha speaking:
My name is Sasha Coppens, I’m 29 years old and I live in Turnhout (near Antwerp).
I have done a lot of different odd jobs in the past. So it’s fair to say I went to the university of life 😉 . After a while I started working for Auto1. This is a company that buys cars from customers and sells them to business partners. I’ve had three different functions within Auto1. I really enjoyed working there for three years but I was in need of a new challenge!

Whilst working for Auto1, I was also a member of the party committee. Here is where I learned – through feedback from my colleagues – I can be creative and am skilled in writing and coming up with creative solutions for small (and sometimes bigger) issues.
Like I said, I was looking for a new challenge in my professional life. This time I took my time to look for something I really liked doing. In being Community Manager for Roamler, I found it! I love the diversity, challenge and colleagues that come with this function.

I have to confess I didn’t know Roamler before I applied for the job, and I also have to confess that my favourite task until now is the Domino’s pizza check. (#foodislife 🍕)

A tip I can give all Roamlers is to place the application on the home screen of their smartphones. That way you remind yourself to regularly check the app and its tasks.

As I want to keep a close contact with the community you can always contact me! If you ever happen to find yourself in Belgium wanting to do a Roamler task, don’t hesitate for a second to contact me with questions, stories or simply to get to know each other. I’m already looking forward to meeting and working with you guys! #roamhardorgohome

A Roamler’s Journey

From a Roamler newbie to an experienced Roamler!
What does the growth of a Roamler look like? Where does it start? What advantages do you have in the higher levels?

One Roamler starts out of curiosity and does it for fun while the other thinks it is a challenge to do as many tasks as possible. Where one is saving for a new car or a holiday, the other does it for relaxation and tries to get to the highest possible level: it is all possible, because you decide for yourself.

After you have completed the level 1 training tasks you can start earning from level 2. There you go! Your first real paid Roamler task: you go to your nearest supermarket and count the shelves and meters. You have to get used to the ‘mystery feeling’ a bit at first, but quickly discover how nice and easy it can be. When you have returned home you receive a message from a reviewer saying “Your first paid job has been approved.” Well done! Your first earned money is added onto your account. You immediately decide to look at more paid tasks for more things to do in the area.

Because you are an enthusiastic Roamler and do different tasks on a daily basis which earns you both XP and money, you have now reached level 3! That goes well and it’s great to see that there are even more tasks to do now in your area. In the experience tasks you see that you can sign up for Roamler merchandising ‘What is Roamler merchandising exactly?’ we hear you thinking. Roamler merchandising is a separate community within the Roamler community that allows you to see even more tasks, more challenging tasks and more practical tasks, such as building displays or replenishing shelves. That’s nice: you take a look in the app and can immediately build a display at the store around the corner.

After a number of months (or years) you are a level 10 Roamler and you, the app and your phone are inseparable. Fortunately, there still are the trusty old checks from a few years ago, but you also have access to more challenging tasks. You have already learned a lot because you have received a lot of feedback from the Roamler team of reviewers. Mistakes are made less and less, so tasks get approved even more often! Where at the beginning you might have been a bit uncomfortable walking through the stores, you now know exactly how to handle it. It gets easier and easier for you.
On to the next level, because there are a lot more levels to come!

Roamler Diary of…

A Roamler Merchandiser!

Claire explains what one of her merchandising days looked like!

I started with Roamler for fun. When I started, I found it more fun and more valuable than I thought. I have my own company where I do a lot of thinking and sitting behind the computer, or I’m in conversation with people. Roaming is a nice change of work for me; being physically active, standing in the middle of daily life, researching and observing and contact with different kinds of people makes it fun. I therefore experience fun and funny things.

What does my average day look like when I do assignments? I check the assignments in the morning. And set a goal for myself how much money I want to earn. That is how I make it a small challenge. If there is enough to do in my own city, I plan my route by bike. Sometimes there are also smaller assignments to be done in a store – I will always complete those as well. I always say this: ”If you do nothing, you won’t have anything anyway”. My favourite merchandising assignment is the Red Bull Shelf Optimisation. The more I do it, the easier it gets. Especially if you do a branch for a second or third time. Even when I’m not roaming, and I find a Red Bull shelf, I have a tendency to tidy up the shelf.

Sometimes I travel through the Netherlands for my work. I recently got stuck in a traffic jam. I thought: If I wait in a traffic jam I might as well kill my time with a Roamler assignment. I took the exit to a village I had never been before, did two assignments and was able to drive home afterwards because the traffic jam was over. I love that about Roamler! Everything is possible in your own time, everywhere and whenever you want. By the way, building up a promotion for the first time is always a bit exciting.

The assignments require some concentration and sometimes improvisation. Sometimes I make a mistake, then I always go back. I learn from it and think: luckily I now know for the next assignment. Once stickers were placed incorrectly by the manufacturer. The promotion did not really work out that way. Together with the store employee we came up with a solution. Once it’s done, I’m always a little proud. It really gives satisfaction and then I think ”Let’s go! on to the next assignment”.

Behind the Scenes: our Community Managers!

Every month we interview people with a Roamler heart and this month we talk to Community Managers. Lieke, Community Manager from the UK and Isabelle, Community Manager from France answered the exact same questions about managing their respective Roamler crowds. Curious if there are any differences between the two? Then read on quickly!

Please, introduce yourself!
UK: My name is Lieke, I am 22 and I just moved to Birmingham. I started at Roamler in 2015, as an operations intern at the office in Amsterdam. I had an amazing time there, so after my internship ended, I stayed on as a reviewer for Roamler Netherlands. Until I started as a Community Manager for Roamler UK in January 2018.

France: I’m Isabelle, I’m 30 and I live in Bron (next to Lyon) in France, with my husband and 3 year old son. I started working at Roamler as a reviewer in august 2016 and evolved a lot. I’m now in charge of our location database and also manage international projects that go live in France. So now I can say I’m a community-, international project- and location database manager 😉.

What does the job ‘Community Manager’ mean within your Roamler country?

UK: As a Community Manager in the UK I deal with everything that has to do with the crowd. Some of the things I take care of include (push) messages, Facebook, creative- and training tasks, recruitment, the blog, newsletters and support queries. In short, I try to build the crowd, keep them engaged, and get them to the right places.

France: The Community Manager is the one who takes care of the Roamlers we have. Some of my daily tasks include: answering questions from Roamlers, keeping the community active, recruiting new Roamlers in certain areas. We often set up (recruitment) projects via the app, social media, or make phone calls. I also create the content for Facebook, Instagram or newsletters.

Describe a typical day at your Roamler office
UK: I always start the day with checking how all running projects are doing and decide which ones require action. Then I usually get myself a cup of coffee and check our Facebook page. After that, it really depends; every day is different. I usually have a few action points per day, and in the meantime I work on long term projects, such as recruiting Roamlers in the right areas.

France: When I arrive the morning, I start with answering messages from Roamlers in the app, emails, Facebook and Instagram. A nice thing we organise monthly is a “TGIF” (Thank God it’s Friday), we talk about the company, play a game and eat some food. It’s a really lovely. Sometimes, after work, we go for drinks and meet people who used to work with us. We are glad to see them again

What does your team look like? How do you work together?
UK: Our team is small, but is growing rapidly. At the moment we’re a team of five, but we’ve got some new people joining soon. We all have the ability to work from home, as well as from our new office in Birmingham. Our sales team is always on the go, while the rest of the team works from home or the office. That means we don’t always see each other, but we do keep in touch throughout the day. We try to get the entire team in once a week.

France: We have a great team to take care of the Roamlers. The person who’s in contact with Roamlers first is Kenza, our reviewer. She tries her best to keep the Roamlers happy. Charles-Antoine is our intern since January, he helps with reviews and messages. And Jonathan is responsible for the field. We all have our goals and try to work together to achieve them. There is a great atmosphere and I think we all have compatible characters.

What are some of the coolest projects you have worked on?
UK: I really like the variety of the projects we work on, but I’m always extra excited about the ones where we don’t just observe, but actively change something in-store. Like tasks where we add stock, remove stock and especially where we build displays. It’s satisfying to see the before and after photos. It makes me proud; our crowd did that!

France: Last December, I created an advent calendar. We had 24 creatives tasks, 1 per day. And if the Roamlers were doing all 24 tasks, they could win a price. So, I had to create 24 posts on social media and needed to review the submissions very quickly every day. It was exciting and really Christmassy!

What do you like best about your job?
UK: That I get to work with so many great people. My colleagues at Roamler UK, the colleagues at the other Roamler offices and of course the Roamlers. It can really make my day when we receive a nice message from a Roamler. I also love hearing about great things Roamlers do with their earnings, or about experiences they’ve had because of Roamler.

France: What I like the most is the interaction with the Roamlers, as they all have a different personalities. I also like to create content for our social media. It’s sometimes tough to find inspiration but I like this creative side of the job. I like that my job is diverse; I see the customer’s AND the Roamlers’ perspective.

What do you like least about your job?
UK: Answering the messages of Roamlers whose submissions have been rejected. It’s always difficult to answer those, because I understand their disappointment after having put time and effort into performing the task. I always try to explain our point of view; how we can’t send incorrect or incomplete data to our clients, even if part of the task was correct. It’s an opportunity to learn, for both parties.

France: Customers have requirements and sometimes, it’s really hard to explain that behind a task, there is a client. For example, we have a task where you need to take photos of all the shelves with coffee. Sometimes, there are maybe 15 or 20 shelves so that makes 20 pictures to take. It’s really difficult to reject a task when there is just 1 shelf missing on 20 pictures. Roamlers do their best and it breaks our heart to reject, but we have to.

How is your bond / relationship with the Roamlers?
UK: Good, I hope! I really enjoy working with them every day. I hope they aren’t too annoyed with my push messages; I try to limit the number and mind the timing, so we don’t spam everyone’s phone. It’s great to see so many of the high level Roamlers in the app every day, I almost feel like I know them. It’s also nice to see messages or submissions from the newest Roamlers, as they get to know the app.

France: We try to create a trusting relationship with the Roamlers. This works both ways: they need to trust us because when they submit a task, they sent us pictures and information but do not receive a financial reward immediately (they have to wait for the review). But, we also need to trust them; they are the “eyes” in the field so we need to know we can count on them too. Of course, we are humans and sometimes mistake while reviewing. We are always willing to discuss the review when Roamlers do not fully agree with the outcome.

Do you have a nice tip for Roamlers? If yes; what kind?
UK: Don’t forget to check the experience tab in the app every now and then. We regularly have selection tasks for paid tasks there, which you might easily miss if you only check the paid tab.

France: Please, read the whole task carefully. The amount of rejected submissions because Roamlers did something that was not in the task, is quite high. Remember that even if tasks are recurring, the briefing might still change.

Got all excited about Community Management and want to make it your profession too? In Belgium they are looking for one! Please find the vacancy here and apply.

An interview with… One of the first Roamlers!

Roamler has been around for almost 8 years now. In mid-2011, the first Dutch Roamlers registered for the Roamler app. A lot has changed since; not only the look of the app and the number of countries that Roamler is active in has changed, we’ve gained many new Roamlers as well. Of course, there are still some people around that have been with us since the very beginning. Take Roamler Jeroen for example, a Roamler who has been with us since the start in 2011 and who still enjoys performing tasks! We love this and couldn’t wait to ask him some questions! Interested in his story? Then read on quickly.

Tell us; who are you, where are you from and what do you do?
I am Jeroen and I live in Apeldoorn, a city in the middle of the Netherlands. I’m originally not from this area though, I moved to Apeldoorn because it worked out better for my former employer. My roots are in Brabant, a southern province of the Netherlands. I work full-time at a large telecom provider and answer calls from technicians who run into problems during installations. I have been a Roamler since June 2011.

How did you learn about Roamler back in 2011 and why did you start?
After some online browsing I found the website ‘Tweakers’. On this website there was an article saying you could sign up for Roamler. The article explained what the new concept ‘Roamler’ was, and that there was room for only a limited number of people. Luckily, I applied within the first 500 registrations! I was very happy and immediately started performing tasks in Apeldoorn on my old iPhone 4.

How did you experience the first Roamler months after the launch?
Looking back and compared to now it was… super slow. I had an iPhone 4 back then, now I have an iPhone XR, so that has improved the speed and ease of use a lot. But, despite the older iPhone technology and less advanced Roamler app from back then, it worked out fine!

How often do you use Roamler these days and has your Roamler usage changed over the years?
I use the app as often as before, but it can happen that I don’t use it at all for a week. There are some Saturdays where the number of tasks I perform and the corresponding earnings are exceptionally high!

What is the best or funniest thing you have experienced during a Roamler task?
The most memorable thing I’ve experienced is that a store manager did not have time for me at first, but after I indicated that the Red Bull on the shelves was almost out of stock, and asked if there was any stock to refill it with, she ran back quickly to apologise with the message that the stock amount was not correct and new stock would be ordered as soon as possible.

Do you have a preference for certain types of tasks and has this preference changed over the years?
My preference has not changed that much. A real classic (in The Netherlands) is the Baby Formula Check. This task has been around for many years, so I know how to perform it quickly, and that makes it extra fun of course.

You have experienced all of Roamler’s app & project developments, what do you think is the most noteworthy development?
Many tasks that I execute now are very different from the tasks I did in the beginning of Roamler. The most noteworthy for me is the start of Roamler Merchandising. After a Skype call, I was allowed to join the Roamler Merchandising crowd, with the result that I can now build displays and, for example, perform Red Bull tasks where I restock the shelves, so everything looks neat and tidy again. The latter is one of my favourite tasks to do. The people at the service desk are often excited that you have come to the store to help them out!

Do you have any tips for newly starting Roamlers?
A tip for new Roamlers is: treat and approach someone else as you would want to be treated or approached yourself. Explain why you have come to visit (when you’ve been approached by staff, or when you can introduce yourself for a task) and never start a long discussion. It’s better to notify the reviewers through a message in the app and the extra optional question in the questionnaire to explain why you’re not welcome and/or couldn’t perform the task.

Did you buy anything special with your Roamler money?
I do not use the money I earn with Roamler for specific things, I use it for anything and everything. By the way, I also like to invite others with my own invite codes; if these newly registered Roamlers perform tasks you get a small percentage as a reward for getting the new Roamlers in! A nice way to earn something extra on top of your own performed tasks.

The Best of 2018

Over the past weeks we’ve asked you for your favourites of 2018 in a few categories, and the results are in! Find out what Roamlers think was the best film released in 2018, what songs they played non-stop, what national and international news moments kept them on the edge of their seats, and of course: what their favourite Roamler task of the year was!

Best film
2018 was a good year for films, it seems. But there can be only one winner, and for most Roamlers that was Bohemian Rhapsody. As Roamler Chris E. says ‘The film is a great story and the portrayal of Freddie is incredible by Malek, he lives and breathes Freddie and his mannerisms and movements are just incredible. The reconstruction of the Live Aid show was amazing too. Can’t wait to get it on DVD’. Another musical favourite of the past year was A Star is Born. Many Roamlers were moved by this emotional story and its excellent soundtrack. The third place is for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. This long awaited blockbuster seems to have been worth the wait!

Best song
The winner for this category, by far, is the catchy Shotgun by George Ezra. ‘It became a really iconic ‘song of the summer’, says Roamler Carla G., and many of you agreed! It was the important message in the song This is America by Childish Gambino that made this song in second place a popular choice! The third place for this category has to be shared between no less than five songs: Havana (by Camila Cabello), No Tears Left to Cry (by Ariana Grande), One Kiss (by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa), Shallow (by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) and Thank u, next (by Ariana Grande).

Best Roamler Task
We have welcomed many new Roamlers this year. The first few tasks are always special, and nothing quite beats the excitement of the first paid task: the Tea Check. Many Roamlers have fond memories of this first task: the start of their Roamler journey! Roamler Gabriella L. says: ‘This was my first task and got me hooked!’ Another favourite was the recent Whitley Neill in Tesco task. ‘It was fairly easy & I found it fun to actually get a product on to a shelf!’, says Roamler Valerie M. The J2O Mystery Visit was also enjoyed by many. Perhaps the free drink and sunglasses had something to do with it?

Most important national news moment
Perhaps it is not very surprising that any news regarding the Brexit is considered the most important national news of 2018. More than half of you chose what some described as the ‘ongoing Brexit saga’ for this category, and mention its importance and the effect it will have. Another unforgettable moment of 2018 was the Royal Wedding, of course! The happy news moment was a welcome distraction for many. As Roamler Sarah H. says: ‘Beautiful broadcast of the wedding. A real feel good moment to be British!’ We didn’t have to wait long for more good news, as England’s performance in the World Cup was another occasion that brought the country together, according to many of you!

Most important international news moment
In his second year as President of the United States, anything relating to Trump is still the most important international news moment of the year, according to many Roamlers. Another memorable moment was the Thai cave rescue, in June and July. Many Roamlers were impressed by the way the world got together to try and save the twelve boys and their coach. Roamler Daniel H. said: ‘The world rallied together to help the soccer team in Thailand that got stuck in a cave. It gives a glimmer of hope, humanity can still help each other.’ The third most mentioned international news moment is, again, Brexit, as it wasn’t just big news in the UK, but in many other countries as well.

Best photos
We have received many, many great photos, often with great stories behind them. We’ve chosen a few of our favourites to share with you all!

Flamingo – Roamler Jenny S.
Sunrise – Roamler Charlotte U.
Gingerbread village – Roamler Catherine A.
Dog – Roamler Carrie R.

Dutch Project Manager Maud takes the ‘stage’!

Every month we interview someone with a ‘Roamler heart’ to get to know them a little better. Varying from inspiring Roamlers, to reviewers and other people within the Roamler team internationally. This time, Dutch Project Manager Maud takes the ‘stage’.
If you are curious what her job as a Roamler Project Manager entails, than read on quickly to learn more!

Tell us, who are you, when did you start at Roamler and what is your job at Roamler?
I’m Maud, 27 years old, live in Amsterdam together with my boyfriend and love travelling, going out with friends and discovering cities and restaurants. I started in 2016 as a Community Manager for Roamler Tech (a Dutch subsidiary of Roamler) and switched to Roamler Retail in 2017 to work as a Project Manager.

What does the job title ‘Project Manager’ mean within Roamler?
As a Project Manager we translate the question/case of the client into a questionnaire in the Roamler app. When we start the project (questionnaire is live) we manage to reach the target and to get the correct data in. After the project we analyse the data and send the client a report with our findings. We receive all kinds of questions/cases by different clients, so no project is the same and we have to reach very different goals for each project.

Describe a typical day at the Roamler office!
A typical day at Roamler starts with a good, strong coffee ;-). I answer my mail(s), check the admin (our system behind the app) for the projects I am responsible for, create new questionnaires for clients or make reports when all completes for a project are in. Sometimes I have meetings for internal projects or meetings with clients to discuss new projects, opportunities or just to explain what Roamler does in general and what we – together with our crowd of Roamlers – can do to support them.

How does a project come to life? From beginning to end.
A client has a specific case or question and we have to translate that into a questionnaire in the app. This sounds easy, but that’s not always the case. Before we create the actual questionnaire we need to discuss a lot with the client; we need to understand the exact goals of the project, their wishes and needs and what they want to do with the data. Besides that, we have to create questionnaires that are understandable for every single Roamler. For example – clients use a lot of jargon, we need to translate that into an understandable language for ourselves and Roamlers.

What are some of the coolest projects you have worked on?
I have worked on so many cool and different projects. I have set up the weekly Live Sport Checks and created a live and clickable online dashboard which is really useful for the client. Did price analysis, set up merchandising projects (placing displays, wobblers) and much more!

What do you like best about your job?
Not one day is the same! I love to work on different projects with different clients. I also like data and creating reports/dashboards. I really want to make the client enthusiastic about the report or dashboard we created to give them insights. Besides that, I really like the discussions and meetings with clients: how can we improve? What’s our next step?

What does your team look like? How do you work together?
Our team is really young, enthusiastic, different, ambitious, creative and we are not afraid of changes. We work in a fast moving company, where a lot is changing all the time, but where you, as an employee, can develop fast as well. Project Managers work closely with reviewers and we reinforce each other. They are the ones that see all the submissions and can therefore sometimes suggest little changes for questionnaires, because it would make more sense for the Roamlers. We are helping each other out and are critical towards each other too, so we can deliver the best results for the client. However, we really like to make fun together and I think that’s also really important.

Do you have a lot of contact with Roamlers?
It depends per project. Sometimes I have contact with Roamlers to answer questions about the content of the projects, especially for merchandising projects. But most of the time, the reviewers are the first point of contact for the Roamlers and they are really experienced to answer most questions easily!

Do you have a nice tip for Roamlers?
It’s been said a lot already, but still very important: if you see something in the store that is different than explained or you see something else that is out of the ordinary, please mention it in the comments of the specific task because this can be very useful for the reviewer, Project Manager or the client.

“Roamler is a great invention for me! Not only to earn something quickly, but also to get to know a lot of nice people.”

In 2014 Kevin started his Roamler adventure. Since then he has been spending about 7 to 8 hours a week on Roamler tasks and has created his very own Roamler Facebook fan page. In this interview he shares tips on how to become a successful Roamler and will also address his “Roamler Fanpage and Invitescorner” Facebook page. Meet Belgian Roamler Kevin!

Introduce yourself!
My name is Kevin, I am 21 years old and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I have been a Roamler since I was 18 years old, so almost 4 years already!

How did you find out about Roamler and why did you start it?
I found out about Roamler through the Belgian TV program ‘Voor hetzelfde geld’ (translated: “for the same money”). It seemed like a fun way to earn something extra, so I was curious. After that, I immediately downloaded the app!

How much time do you spend on Roamler tasks on a weekly basis?
As much as possible! To say the average; I spend about 7 or 8 hours a week on executing Roamler tasks.

What are your favorite types of Roamler tasks and why?
The real mystery guest tasks, because these are super fun and you usually earn good money! For instance; last week I visited a cafe where I had to drink Trappist beer that was refunded by Roamler. What I had to do? Ask the waiter some questions, like: “Which blond beer would you recommend?”, “Would you recommend Tripel Karmeliet?” and pay attention to how my drink was served. After that, I had to take a picture of my drink and answer a few short questions – that’s all. With just sitting in a cafe for half an hour, I earned some easy, good money! Very enjoyable.

Introduce your ‘Roamler Fanpage & Invites Corner’ Facebook page! What kind of Facebook page is this exactly?
I started this group on my own initiative and the group is accessible to everyone. The goal of the group is to offer Roamlers a quick – Roamler to Roamler – help desk, but also to easily distribute invites. In the group, all Roamlers can share their experiences with each other!

How did you get the idea of starting this Facebook page?
I started this group to get to know more Roamlers and to communicate with them. Furthermore, I thought the group was a great idea because Roamlers can share their invites efficiently.

What is the purpose of this page and what type of content do you post?
The goal of my group is to acquire as many Roamlers as possible. I also think it’s important that Roamlers can share their experiences about certain tasks or about the app itself. As main administrator, I try to post something 3 times a week about information and/or newsflashes of new or upcoming tasks; this can be done by sharing content from the official Roamler Facebook pages, or by creating posts myself.

What kind of Roamlers are following your page?
The group is accessible for everyone and therefore many different nationalities are members of this group. Most members come from The Netherlands and Belgium, but the group also has members from the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

What do you like most about managing this Facebook page?
The communication with Roamlers about tasks is what I like the most. For example about how they execute tasks; this is how I learn new, smart and creative tips all the time. I also like to keep Roamlers informed about every new task.

Do you, as an experienced Roamler, have any tips for beginning Roamlers?
Yes! I have 3…

Tip 1: If you are planning to execute a task in a supermarket, make sure you have headphones on (or in), so the staff is less inclined to speak to you.

Tip 2: When opening the map in the app, you can easily determine a route with tasks you want to do. The more jobs, the more money…

Tip 3: Always be thoughtful. If someone from the store continues to stare at you and watches you every step of the way, know that an employee may come over to talk with you. Be prepared and have a story ready!

Bonus question: If you have any other fun things to add, go ahead!
Roamler is a great invention for me! Not only to earn something quickly, but also to get to know a lot of nice people.

If you are now wondering what I frequently post on this Facebook page, then certainly take a look! You are more than welcome. Click here or type in ‘Roamler Fanpage & Invites Corner’ on Facebook.