World Turtle Day

Turtles are incredible animals. They live for hundreds of years, migrating in groups from one sea to another to find the best place to spawn. They have been rocking this earth’s seas for over 215 million years! Many species of turtles and tortoises are in peril, though. Their habitats are disappearing, due to the effects of climate change. Consequently, the association American Tortoise Rescue has sponsored the World Turtle Day since 2000, as an occasion to bring attention to these species, and increasing at the same time knowledge and respect for them.

Here at Roamler, we thought “What better way to spread the word about it than having a little quiz set up?” and a minute later we created a task for it. A good portion of you accepted the task and tested themselves about the topic. We asked you 3 true/false questions and here are the results.

“A turtle is cold-blooded animal, like every other reptile.”Matthew B.


This one was easy, right? Apparently, yes. 82% of you got it right! 😉


Jenna B.“The leather-back sea turtle is the largest turtle; it can weight up to 900 kg (2000lb)!”


Well, this one is very big, indeed…did you know that the largest leatherback ever found was an 8.5-ft-long (2.6-m-long) male weighing 2,020 lbs (916 kg)?? It washed up on the West coast of Wales in 1988. Almost all of you knew the answer (92%!!)…or was it a lucky guess? 🙂


Penny B.“An average turtle can stay under water for 12 hours in a row!”


This one was the trickiest, wasn’t it? I’ll probably never know what was going on with your minds in that moment, but 54% still selected “No”, meaning that average turtles can’t stay under water for a 12-hour period. In this case, the answer is correct! Indeed, a turtle is a reptile, and as such it has to swim up to the surface to breath. Sea turtles like Green Turtles can stay submerged for five hours; Leatherbacks for over an hour and Hawksbills for 45 minutes. Cool, isn’t it?

I hope that this task was useful in reminding you about the importance of respecting animals and the ecosystem we live in. Thanks for the many nice photos!



Roamlers’ stories – part 2

As promised, the second part of the anecdotes task results is here.

“I started the Purdey’s drink task and realised I needed to photograph the bottles on the shelf so I put it back. I took the photo, got strange looks from other shoppers and totally forgot to put it in my shopping basket so failed to actually buy the product. Too busy distracted by wine section.” Penny B.

When photographing my cousins damaged fence panel I was asked by the neighbour why I had allowed to wind to blow it down and was I going to take responsibility for the damage. I did try and explain I was just a visitor and the storm caused the damage, but she wasn’t going to listen and even suggested she should call the Police! A weird conversation and maybe her eccentricity was heightened that day! 🙂”. Clayton P.

I was very nervous as it was my first task and I wanted to get it right. Each time I focused my camera phone and thought I had a good view an employer who was stalking shelves would walk past and then after a few times asked me if I wanted help choosing bananas, I just smiled and said I wanted a picture of the bananas minus the model. He felt good I called him a model”. Faith K.

A security officer walks up to a woman beside me. Her young child was playing a kids programme on her phone. The guard interrupts her and says that her son cannot take pictures instore of the displays. It was clear that it was I completing the check. The mother of the child giggled and dismissed the security guard, offering me a high five for looking so young. That I looked like a 2-year-old kid.” David M.

I was taking a photo of the items on the shelf when someone asked me what I was doing. I said I was a ‘mystery shopper’. They must have misheard me, as they replied, “What’s a mystery stopper?” We both then giggled.” Fil T.

I once was in a hotel as a covert auditor when my phone was called by reception. They thought they had been put through to the kitchen staff and began saying that they thought I could be the auditor, so to be on guard and make all staff aware. They were rather surprised to hear me ask if they had the right number.”  Caroline C.

This beauty cosmetic store was very small and empty. When I (a big, hairy and scruffy looking chap) started taking photos of various products the lady approaches me. I had to pretend I was interested In These products for myself, and boy, could this lady talk! For over 45mins I was humouring this sweet woman, and I still walked out without buying anything. (Didn’t want my £3 reward to be spent in there!). Haven’t returned since.”  Jack S.

We entered the store and I located the bananas and I was with my daughter and she shouted ‘mummy why are you taking pictures of the bananas’ which resulted in people looking over thinking I was strange” Sophie M.

I was performing this Pepsi challenge. I approached the manager and explained that I was a representative of Britvic and would like to take a few pictures in the store. He said no problem, I turned around and found myself standing in front of my partner looking suspiciously at me. He said, “Are you hiding something from me? I thought you were working for XXX”. Of course, he knows about Roamler and was only joking. We had a good laugh.” Kirill M.

My sister came along with me to buy a couple of things as she was waiting for me she was walking away looking at me another person and her walked straight into each other unfortunately she had a yoghurt in her hand the whole thing exploded all over her.” Rachel H.

Did you enjoy the reading? I hope you had fun like I did while selecting the best ones. The most part happened when going around for the very first Roamler paid task: the Banana check! Can you believe that? Apparently, supermarkets are good places for funny sketches. 😉

Roamlers’ stories

Here we are again dear Roamlers, this time to share with you funny (or sometimes embarrassing, :D) moments some of you have experienced.
Watch a staff member drop the entire box of bananas? Check!
Bump into another shelf trying to get a good angle? Check!
Hilarious things have happened to these Roamlers, who are the true main characters of this piece.  Their stories follow:

I was photographing the bananas in Tesco and a kid asked me if I was taking photos because I liked banana leaves so much. Alice S.

I was taking pictures as unobtrusively as possible but I was approached by staff members. I thought I’d have to explain myself but instead, they started chatting away, asking how I was doing, they hadn’t seen me for a long time, etc. I didn’t have a clue who they were and after contemplating trying to wing it, finally admitted I couldn’t remember them. Even after they explained we used to work together, I still couldn’t remember! I usually pride myself on remembering people so I was quite mortified and blamed it on age! Lindsay N.

I was in a relatively small shop, and the shop owner was watching me. He saw me take a photo, and came over and started shouting at me for taking photos in his store! As it was one of the first ones I did I was really nervous, so I abandoned the task and ran away! He came running out, probably thought I was a criminal!!Louise P.

I was taking a picture of the scratch card position and a sweet lady thought I was from Camelot and pronounced It could be you, pointing at me. When I looked at her she gave me a cheeky wink and walked off!! I didn’t imagine what she was referring to, lol. How bizarre it was. She had such a cheeky wink I dare guess what she meant but she was about 90, bless her lolAlan M.

A lady had parked her trolley in front of the bananas and I kindly asked her if I could possibly take a photo and if she would mind moving to the side, which she did. She then asked me what I was doing and I said I’m a banana enthusiast. She said… ohhhh, looking extremely confused hahahaha. Jodie G.

Barry and I tried to do the perfect packaging task, but Barry submitted a photo of his thumb, oh how I laughed 🙂 Helen T.

I had several funny looks from people walking by wondering why I was trying to take a photo of the bananas. I overheard someone say to his mate “He must be going bananas”. It made me laugh! Matthew B.

Many stories came through and it was difficult to choose just a few comments. That’s why this was just part 1 of the best comments of the task “What is your anecdote?”. Check the blog updates for the next round of good laughs. 🙂

And the Oscar goes to..

The topic for this blog is quite obvious! On February 28th the Oscars 2016 to award the best actors, actresses and movies of the year took place in Los Angeles, at the famous Dolby Theatre. Prior to it, we tried to understand how popular the Oscars were among the community and we asked you to make a prediction about the winners. Only 36% said they would have watched it, but the majority of us has certainly heard or read about it.

I don’t know if many of you follow the news about the Oscars, but it seemed to me that there has been lots spoken and read about the event. I think we all know why. 😉 Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for the Oscar for the 6th time and finally…he won! His performance in The Revenant was exceptional and he absolutely deserved this reward. Do you agree? J Certainly, most of you were sure he would have won. For the people who missed it for any reason, here’s the video of the speech. 😉
Important and meaningful words, don’t you think? It took him a long time to win the Oscar, but his speech couldn’t be better and more inspiring. Well done, Leo!

Results of the question “Who do you think will win “Best performance actor in a leading role?””


Quite unexpected was the victory of Brie Larson, for her interpretation in Room. I did not see that coming, honestly and frankly neither did most of you. Only 20% believed in her apparently. 😀 Are you happy she’s the golden statuette?

Immagine1What about the other categories? As most of you correctly guessed, The Revenant of Alejandro Iñárritu won Best Achievement in Directing (53%) and Best Picture (41%). The title of Best Animated Feature Movie was instead won by the movie Inside out, as 67% of you were thinking. It seems a simple and easy-to-watch movie, but in the end, it gives us the opportunity to see feelings and human life from a different perspective. Everything in a fun and light way, though. J

To conclude, some of the creative photos Roamlers sent in with this task. Can you guess to which movie they are connected?

On the Roam!

As Roamlers we all perform tasks, answer the questions correctly and take clear photos. Of course that is not all that you, as a Roamler, have to take into account when performing tasks.

Even before being able to perform a task, you have to reach the location of the task. In this blogpost we are taking some time to appreciate this small, but very important part of being a Roamler.


A while ago there was a task, called On the Roam, in which we asked you to answer a couple of questions about being on the road to perform Roamler tasks. This task was available in different countries, namely the UK, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Chile.

As you can see in the chart below, the most popular means of transport is the car, followed by a huge walking crowd of Roamlers. The use of a bicycle is almost at the same level as the use of public transport, except in Chile, where the bicycle is a strong number three. This might be explained by it being summertime there at this moment.


What about UK?

On average, UK Roamlers travelled 21 kilometers for the farthest task they performed. The longest distance a UK Roamler has traveled for a task was 280 km! However, he did admit he was also on vacation at the time. A funny little fact is that, even when the tasks are nearby, half of the UK Roamlers walk and the other half takes the car.
The checks most mentioned in going the distance for is the banana check, but UK Roamlers also travel for creative explore checks, a lot of Roamlers mentioned to have traveled for the Street art task. Very dedicated UK Roamlers!



What a perfect day to write about love! Today many people probably exchanged gifts with their beloved one, or they went on a romantic night out. Many girls thrilled at the idea that their partner could surprise them with a rose or some (low-calorie) chocolate. All this in the name of love. What is love, after all?

The word “love” embodies so much power and significance that I spent the entire day trying to describe it without reaching my goal. There is just too much to say, but here it goes.

H. DuffyLove is in the way someone smiles at you or in the meal your mother prepares every night for you and your sibling. It is in the rose your lover gave to you tonight or in the kiss you are craving for. Love is the look of your pet asking for cuddles. Love is in everything that surrounds us, giving us life and energy.
Love is in the details.


Love is something that we have inside too and that brings us to have relationships with other people. This thing is Harry S.defined as a “strong feeling of affection”, in the Oxford Dictionary. It does not say we should love according to gender, religion, colour of the skin or whatsoever.  This definition is interpretable according to your own likes, but does not imply any restrictions. You can love whoever or whatever you want.
Love is universal.


Darren M.Many people may say they do not need love. They see themselves better off when on their own, always doing what they like and when they like it. Sounds cool. I tried it too for a while. Then love came. Whooa! This thing is hard to handle. It causes you effort, tears, a lot of patience and strength, but look at the bright side. You are happy. You have someone by your side who will influence your life forever. It does not matter if is going to be for life or not. This person will enrich you and you will discover new things about yourself. You’ll be closer to understanding what you need to be happy. 😉
Love is happiness.

S. Isaac

Love is something pure. People joke about love having no rules. Let’s face it though, some rules are needed. They are
needed when love becomes harmful for yourself and for other people.
Love is respect.



Shocking how such a short and simple word can be so powerful and influence even your will isn’t it?

Today was the designated day to celebrate love, but don’t let others decide to concentrate all the love in one day. Love every day. Love everyone. Love everywhere.

PS: in the article you will find a sneak-peek of the photos sent in by Roamlers for the “Photo a Week #2: Heart” task! You are still on time to send us yours 😉

Let’s be resolute!

A new year has begun and we are excited to see what its plans are for all of us. Someone may say that we are responsible for our destiny and that we have to focus on making our dreams come true. An important truth that unconsciously challenges us every morning to do better. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology though, the reality is a bit different: 92% of resolutions fail! Are we setting our targets too high? If yes, it is time to re-size our goals! The easiest way is to pick an achievable goal and do it with perseverance. Therefore, we asked Roamlers to think about a small, achievable goal to do every day and to hang up a calendar to make sure they do not break their “chain”.

Do you think is impossible to set a small, daily goal and to pursue it every day for the rest of the year? Well, if you are looking for inspiration, this is what a part of our community committed to and currently accomplishing. 😉


Healthy lifestyle!

Most of the answers fall in this category. Doing sport, going to the gym, eating healthy food and having a healthy lifestyle in general seem to be the latest social trends. In fact, more people realize now the benefits of eating functional products that serve your body’s functionalities best, as mentioned in the Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey. The majority of the Roamlers decided to commit to something that has their own health as an ultimate goal. So, you can choose to run on the spot for 5 minutes, do 30 pull-ups, drink less coffee, increase your daily intake of fruit, or even take on the Batman challenge! The important thing is be persistent in doing it every day. Your body will thank you. 😉

Among other goals that Roamlers committed to: start a book and read 1 page per day, meditate, hunt for a job for 30 minutes, arrive at work earlier, save a small amount of money through the 1-penny challenge. The ones that deserve a special mention (even if for different reasons) are
– appreciating your partner (something that we all should do to keep our relationship happy);
– doodle in your doodle book or on your notebook;
– pick up the kids from school yourself!

In the words cloud above you will find all the words/sentences listed by the community. Click on it to enlarge.
May it be of inspiration for you all!

Tasks in and out of the list: why is that?

Hi Roamlers!

During 2015 our community grew significantly and many of you sent us messages to know why tasks were appearing in the task list and then disappearing shortly after, and then came back again.

We thought therefore to dedicate the first blog article of 2016 to this matter in order to clear it up and to provide you with a document that you can always refer to. 🙂

The reasons why tasks appear and disappear are various. From a change in the client requests to a tech issue, the variables that influence what happens to tasks are numerous. Hereafter you can read a list of the most common reasons:

  • Number of completes needed reached.

When we make a commercial task live, we set an end date and a goal in terms of submissions received (e.g. 100 completes). The outcome can be twofold:
– If the target number is reached before the end date, the task will still be present in the app list. If you try to accept it though, you get an error message, saying “the number of completes has been reached”.
– If the target number is reached on the end date, the task will simply disappear from the list.

  • Specific task/store groups completed.

Most of the commercial tasks have task groups that work as sub-groups, created according to the different stores we ask you to visit. They have their own target (e.g. Morrison’s: 40 completes and Tesco: 60 completes) and it can happen that:
– one of the task groups’ target is reached before the others. In case all the Morrison’s have been visited, the Morrison’s locations disappear from the location list within the task, once all approved.
– the task disappears. In this case, it means that the total target for the task and the end date have been reached.

  • Various tasks require a certain number of completes per day/week.

The data we want to gather differs according to the kind of task and to the client’s requests. We have to collect data at specific times or during specific days of the week. In addition, there may be a target number of completes for the pre-defined times/days. Consequently, you can see them only in those periods.

  • Customers’ change requests.

Whenever a commercial task appears in the list, it means there is an ongoing project, made to provide data to a client.  We set up each task according to there requests and needs. Sometimes it happens that the client wants more/less/different data, so we have to pause the task and adjust the description and content in order to meet the client’s requests. This is why it may happen that a task disappears from the list temporarily and appears again after a few hours/days.

Important to note is also that a project may be spread over some time, meaning that there may be more than 1 “wave” of tasks.

These are the main reasons responsible for tasks appearing and disappearing from the list in the app.

I hope it clarifies your doubts and answer to your questions! Comment below if you feel something is not clear. 😉

Waiting to crown this years champ…

For most of us, the month of December is all about the upcoming Christmas festivity. Everyone is focused on finding presents, organising dinners with colleagues, family and friends, buying all sort of delicacies to prove yourselves in the kitchen (or letting you mum/grandma do it ;D) and looking for the perfect outfit to flaunt on Christmas day and New year’s Eve. The bottom line is that you all have a lot of things to plan and to do, so why not write about something light and enjoyable? Indeed, this December is also about a very (mainstream) popular TV show that will see the Final airing on Sunday, December 13th. It’s a show followed by thousands of people in the UK. Many successful contemporary singers have been cranked out of this stage: Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction, Olly Murs, and Leona Leona Lewis, to name but a few. Do you already know which show I’m talking about? I bet many of you know (or guessed, if you don’t follow it) already: The X Factor!

Well, next week the final of the 12th edition is taking place and many people are thrilled about seeing what Cowell & co prepared for the remaining members of their categories (poor Simon, he’s left with no-one..). How many of you Roamlers follow the show?

This year finalists are very different from one another and all equally talented, but I’m sure you know already who’s side you’re going to be on. If you vote, who will you vote for? For those of you who missed the last couple of episodes (or the entire show, haha), here’s a brief description of the 3 finalists of the 2015 edition.

Reggie ‘n’ Bollie

The duo from  Ghana who want to be “on point” and who are making the country dance with their particular style &  sound (pretty nice the original song they brought  at the audition, huh?).
bollie n reggie

Louisa Johnson

A young (she is only 17!), soul singer with a warm voice and a great vocal extension that gets directly to your heart.

Ché Chesterman

The guy who gained a standing ovation at the auditions and who kept surprising the judges and the entire public.

All of them have their own peculiarities and they are ready to smash the stage, but only one will get the champions crown. Who do you think is going to be? Are you already on the side of one act? It’s going to be a tough night, but most of all a great show, with great guests such as Adele and Coldplay that should make you enjoy the night even more. Maybe a good reason to think about a task about this tv program..? 😉

So, if you are a fan of The X Factor or not, you may want to tune on ITV on Sunday and enjoy the evening by watching some great performances by great singers. I hope you will enjoy it. 😉

The Roamler UK Team

Hi Roamlers!

In all these years, you shared a lot of information about yourself by completing our tasks. In addition, you interact with us almost every day and we thought it was about time to share some details about our lives and ourselves too. So here we are! In the following paragraphs, you will read about each one of us and you will discover how we look like too.



“Kia ora koutou katoa (Hello, greetings to you all). My name is Ben Jagersma and I have traveled 18,533km from Wellington in New Zealand and recently arrived in Amsterdam to live and work in the Netherlands. Despite being based across the North Sea, I am a reviewer for Roamler UK. I am one of the team on the other end of your submissions accepting (or retrying) them before they are available to the customer.

Back home I am an Architect and am currently enjoying a break from the world of architecture. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, I dabble with photography (so make sure your photos are not blurry) and am currently training for the Barcelona Marathon. I look forward to reviewing your tasks soon! :)”.


Barbera kopie 2

“As member of the international team at Roamler, I support the family members in the Roamler countries in their work. Most of the time I help community managers with community insights, tasks and the use of the Roamler systems. I like to review tasks now and then to check if everything works, as it should and to check how Roamlers are doing.

In my spare time am always on the lookout for new creative tasks we can use in all Roamler countries. On a good day, I get a great task idea while taking my baby daughter to in the park. I love good food (eating it, not preparing), listing to music with trumpets and I am intrigued by toilet signs.”



“I’m part of the Roamler UK team as Community manager, but I sometimes help the International department with a couple of projects. Along with Neil and the other members of the team, I create content for the tasks and for social media, newsletter and blog. The most rewarding part is reviewing though as I like to interact with people (even if virtually) and helping them if I can. I’m passionate about what I do and I put usually a lot of enthusiasm whenever I face a new challenge.

In my free time, I like to walk in the city to discover new places, or if I can, I’ll travel with my boyfriend for a weekend to somewhere new. I come from Italy, which is probably the reason why I love food and everything about it so much. TripAdvisor is one of the apps I check most frequently and I totally go crazy for events like Expo 2015. ;)”



“Hi, my name is Kristina, and I am a Reviewer! It’s actually quite a challenging role because seeing each Roamler’s work, I have to balance between being objective, fair and fun. Hope the fun part is the most apparent 🙂

Currently I am busy with my Master studies that are related more to numbers than words or pictures, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my time while reviewing and having a laugh from some of your fun submissions. Apart from all the work and studies, I am an art lover and leave hardly any exhibition unseen in town and around!”



“I am the Community Manager for Roamler UK since February 2015.  I have a very fulfilling and rewarding job keeping the Roamler community happy, with creative fun tasks as well as providing the community many varied paid tasks.  I enjoy reviewing the creative tasks, which always makes me smile.

Outside work, I enjoy watching all sports and play golf.  My wish list includes achieving that elusive hole in one.”



“As a project manager at Roamler UK I have a varied and enjoyable life in the UK office.  I receive all sorts of briefs from our customers; some simple, some more challenging, but I’m always looking for innovative ways of helping our customers achieve their aims in stores across the UK.  I like receiving task feedback from our Roamler community during a live task as they often provide real insights in store that I haven’t always considered!

In my life outside of Roamler I’m a bit of a gadget freak and try to keep up with the latest tech developments.  I play football & golf and also enjoy road cycling.”

Wei Ting

Wei Ting

“Within Roamler I’m part of the international team and responsible for international projects and the support of colleagues all over the world when it comes to project management. It’s always great to see the creative and funny submissions while reviewing and the time and effort people spend in performing tasks.

In my free time I enjoy going to concerts, taking photos and reading books.”

Do we meet your expectations? ;P