Bienvenido to Spain!

We have more countries joining the Roamler community; this time we’re saying Bienvenido to our new friends in Spain! We were interested in your own personal connections to Spain; have you ever visited Spain and what is your best memory of this country?

We have gotten lots of answers and most of you – if not all of you- adore this beautiful country under the blazing sun. Spain holds meaningful memories for some of you, such as going on holiday with family and friends or celebrating your 40th birthday, or even getting proposed to! Thank you for sharing these. ☺

Slide1Most of you say spending time in Spain is always fascinating. You can go to Barcelona to visit FC Barcelona’s Nou Camp or experience the grandeur of the Sagrada Familia; you can go to Madrid to see the infamous bullring; you can leisurely enjoy the sun in the Canary Islands or live it up in Ibiza! Your craving for good food will be satisfied by mouth-watering Paella or authentic Tapas, washed-down with a glass of Sangria.

We are pleased to hear your personal stories about Spain and once again, Bienvenido a Roamler España!!



Bienvenue & Welkom Belgium!

Another country has just joined the Roamler community in our exciting adventure; Belgium is all on board this month! To welcome them, we were curious about what comes to mind when you think of Belgium, and here are your answers:

Belgian Choco & Waffles 2Smurfs & Poirot 2Belgian Food 2 Belgian Beer2


Ah yes, Belgian CHOCOLATE! Who could resist ? I for one, could not 😀


Whether it’s Cherry Beer, Blonde, Criek Bier, Kwak or Stella Artois, everybody seems to have his or her favourite beer from our newest member’s land.


There always seems to be something for the tummy in your thoughts of Belgium; those crunchy Belgian frites or tasty mussels. Well now, you’ve got my mouth watering just looking at your photos!


There are also lots of places in Belgium that seem to captivate you. To name a few: the beautiful Bruges, the canals of Ghent, and, of course, the Manneken Pis and Atomium in the capital.