And the winners are…

When we are brainstorming the categories for the Photo a Week challenges we never know what sort of photos we are going to get. For some categories we feel like we can anticipate what some of the submissions will look like, but we never cease to be surprised. In this installment of the Photo a Week challenged we picked a combination of new and contrasting categories: fresh, night, spooky, nostalgic, and colour.

It is an understatement to say that the submissions we have received are amazing, creative, original, and beautiful. It look a long time to decide which submissions should win, and believe me when I say, there wasn’t a single category for which the decision was unanimous.

However we finally came to a decision, and we would like to congratulate Roamlers Helen, Eleanor, Lee, Ruth and Arunas!


Roamler Helen took this photo in June 2007 on the South Bank in Melbourne, Australia. She chose this photo because she loves the lights across the river. Can you believe that this photo is unedited? We were amazing to see how such bold, plain buildings could create such beautiful colours cascading across the water.



Roamler Eleanor took this photo in June 2013 in Wengen, Switzerland. She chose the photo because it shows the fresh, natural beauty of the mountain flowers. Not to mention the blue sky and clear water in the background. The photo wasn’t even edited, which goes to show how beautiful this landscape actually is. This photo makes you wants to run through the fields and jump in the water. It would nice to literally take in a breath of fresh air and jump into this landscape.


Roamler Lee got really creative with his spooky photo. He took this photo in a dark country lane and used Snapspeed, Artage & Camera Hoax to edit the photo. It may not look that spook at first, but take a good look at the left hand corner of his glasses and you will see what gave us a fright! It goes without saying why we chose this photo. You really surprised us Lee, fantastic effort.
















Roamler Ruth look a very literal interpretation of the category and shared her gallery of memories with us, including photos of herself, friends, and family. What we found the most striking about this photo was all of the different and colourful photo frames. The best part is that this montage of memories has obviously been a working process for a while, which means that Ruth’s creativity goes beyond just her Roamler submissions!


Roamler Arunas took this photo a few weeks prior to the Photo a Week competition in Seaford and edited it using Instagram. The simplicity of this photo is part of what makes it so great. We love the repeating houses in alternating colours and the bright blue sky in the background. This photo is perfect combination of natural and man-made colours complimenting each other.

What did you think of the categories for this instalment of the Photo a Week challenge? There is a new Photo a Week competition every six months, so comment below and give us your feedback. If you have a great idea for a category let us know and we might use it next time.


“Multilingualism forces the brain to resolve internal conflict, giving the mind a workout that strengthens its cognitive muscles” – Yudhijit Bhattacharjee.

Recently, there was a task in which Roamlers were asked about the number of languages they spoke, and at what levels. We discovered that on average Roamlers  can speak 2-3 languages. It was a pleasant surprise to see that just over 15% of Roamlers who completed the task, can speak 4 or more languages; that is both impressive and useful! This just goes to show that within the UK, the Roamler community is culturally diverse. The most frequently spoken languages among Roamlers (after English) are French, Spanish and German.

If you’ve taken languages courses at school, or done some travelling you are bound to have picked up bits and pieces of different languages, so we wanted to know how well Roamlers could speak the different languages.

It turns out that in addition to their native language, 71.15% of Roamlers who completed the task can speak another language at an intermediate level. Another 9.62% of Roamlers can speak two languages at an intermediate level. If that that isn’t enough, a shocking 28.84% of Roamlers who completed the task can speak multiple languages at an advanced/fluent level. That is amazing Roamlers!

How did they learn?
It is safe to say that there isn’t one particular way that languages should be learnt, because the Roamlers who completed this task learnt how to speak other languages in a variety of different ways. The most popular platform for learning a new language was either at school or through day to day interactions while living in another country.
The languages the Roamlers want to learn how to speak
For the Roamlers that couldn’t already speak another language, we asked them what language they would like to learn how to speak. Roamlers showed interest in learning many different languages, but Spanish was by far at the top of the list. Interestingly, another language that multiple Roamlers expressed interest in learning was Russian, largely due to the fact that it consists of different alphabets.

Multilingualism promotes global communications as well as it gives us a chance to live a culture with its true essence. Roamlers are without a doubt a very smart and exceptionally creative community.

Video Game Craze

Technology plays a more prominent part in society now, than it ever has before in human history. It has developed at a rapid rate, making phenomenal strides in the past 50 years.  It goes without saying that one of the greatest pleasures of technology is video games, but with the release of more than 70 different video game consoles, who’s to say which one is the best one?

When we asked Roamlers how many game consoles they have owned in their life, 67.06% of Roamlers who submitted the task said that they had owned 5 or more video game consoles! In fact,  only 4.55% said that they have owned 1 game consoles. With that said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as Roamlers are a tech savvy community.

The growing popularity of video games also means that people spend more time on average playing video games now, than they ever did before. It turns out, that just under half of the Roamlers who submitted the task spend 1-5 hours a week playing on their game console, and 17.05% of Roamlers who submitted the task spend less than 1 hour a week playing on their console. We would like to think that these Roamlers prefer to spend their time completing Roamler tasks 😉

Here are the top 3 most popular video game consoles that are currently owned by Roamler’s who submitted the task, and the most popular reason for why:

  1. Wii –everyone can play it, it gets people off the couch and it is a fun family activity
  2. Xbox360 –can play with other people online, and it has great graphics
  3. Playstation 3 –so many different games


When we asked Roamlers what their all-time favourite game console was, the top two were: Playstation 3 and Wii. Additionally, popular favourites included the Super Nintendo, the Nintendo 64, the Sega Mega Drive, the Xbox 360, the Game Cube, the Playstation 2, and the Nintendo NES.

Do you agree with the top favourite game consoles? Leave a comment on this blog and let us know what you think!

Keep it cool

Is it just us, or has the summer flown past? Last time we checked the summer was just beginning! There have been some incredibly hot days over the past few months, so a few weeks ago (in the Keep it Cool task) we asked everyone what their original tips and tricks were for keeping cool in the summer. Sometimes a cold shower and a fan just isn’t enough!

Although it comes and goes, the hot weather seems to be persisting, so we thought it was due time we share these tips and tricks with you. Roamlers had some very interesting ways of keeping cool; putting a handkerchief on their head, sticking their head in the freezer, wrapping a wet towel around their body, lying on cold tile floors, or even creating a wind tunnel in their house by opening the front and back doors.

Many Roamlers suggested drinking cold beverages, with the majority having a keen preference for cooled alcoholic beverages on a warm day. We do question how much alcoholic beverages will cool you down, but we certainly understand the appeal of them on a warm summers day. In contract, a few Roamlers said that the trick to keeping warm on hot days is to drink hot beverages (such as coffee of tea) which force the body to cool down naturally. You know how much we love coffee here at RoamlerHQ, so that is a trick we will certainly be giving a try!

One Roamler has taken to standing in front of an open fridge or freezer and holding a jacket over his back and head to create a ‘fridge tent’. Another Roamler sleeps with a pillow that stays cold through the night. Both tips sound heavenly!

Vitamin Victory

Most of us have busy, bordering on chaotic lives. Finding enough time in the day to sit down and eat healthy and nutritious meals can be a challenge. As a result, a vast majority of people fail to meet their daily vitamin requirements. While many people continue to stick to the traditional ways of getting (or trying to get) their daily intake of vitamins and minerals (through eating a balanced diet), lots of people have started relying on vitamin supplements in order to meet their daily requirements.

There are still debates amongst the scientific community regarding the usefulness and benefits of vitamin and mineral supplements. While some doctors and scientists swear by the benefits of supplements, saying that they make up for a lack of balance in your diet, others say that use of the supplements can lead to consuming too much of particular vitamins and minerals, which can subsequently have a detrimental effect on the body.

In the ‘Vitamin Victory’ task we wanted to know your views on vitamin and mineral supplements, and here is what you had to say.

It turns out that the majority of Roamlers do take vitamin and/or mineral supplements. 70.73 of Roamlers take vitamin and/or mineral supplements  compared to 29.27% that choose not to. 

Which vitamin and/or mineral supplements are most commonly taken by Roamlers?
– 43% take Multivitamins
– 16% take Iron
– 12%
take Omega 3 fish oil
– 10% take Cod liver
– 10% take Zinc


Why did Roamlers decide not to take vitamin and/or mineral supplements?
1. Felt it wasn’t necessary when you eat a balanced diet (more than 90% of Roamlers who didn’t take vitamin and/or mineral supplements, said they got their daily intake through a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables)
2. Too expensive
3. Vitamin and mineral supplements can cause problems when not taken properly (or too much taken)

When push comes to shove we all do what works best for us, and as long as we are healthy and happy that is all that matters. If you didn’t get a chance to complete the task and want to weigh in on what you do/think is better, let us know by commenting below! 

Salad Recipes

Here at RoamlerHQ we love our food. It is not just any food that we love, but healthy food. A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand and since we only want to best for Roamlers we thought it was due time for another recipe blog. As per usual, the recipes came directly from Roamlers. There were plenty of great recipes, but we put our heads together and chose the 10 recipes that were (in our opinion) the most delicious. We also wanted the recipes to give you new and different ideas outside of what you normally make, so we made an effort to pick the recipes that were unique and different.

Top 10 salad recipes (from Roamlers):

Lettuce, rocket, cucumber, tomato, home grown radish and spring onion, with mayonnaise as a dressing.



Mixed lettuce leaves, red pepper, grilled halloumi cheese, tomatoes with mayonnaise as a dressing.



Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, cucumber, pasta tuna, onion and mayonnaise as a dressing.



Ham, cheese (cubed), mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, celery, cucumber, coleslaw, croutons, coriander, chives, basil, bacon bits, onion bits, hardboiled egg and red devil salad dressing.


Waldorf salad: celery, apples, grapes, walnuts, raisins, lettuce, lemon juice and mayonnaise.



Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, carrots, BBQ chicken breast, and mixed leaf salad.



Baby leaf salad, carrots, beet root, raisins, blueberries, mixed seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, mackerel and a balsamic vinegar hemp oil dressing.


Mixed crunchy salad, fillet of salmon and Chia seeds Dressing which consisists of juice from 1/2 lemon, teaspoon olive oil, teaspoon balsamic vinegar.


Tomatoes, whole cucumber, red pepper, green pepper, a can of sweetcorn, a pack of radish, a pack of spring onions,  1/2 pack of wild rocket,  1/4 of iceberg lettuce head, a pack of salad cheese (200g apetina cubes) and 1 table spoon of olive oil as dressing. Salt and herbs to taste.

Has to be straight from the fridge. Red onion, red lettuce, cucumber, green lettuce, tomatoes (all finely chopped) and a vinegarette dressing.


Do you have any ideas for improvments for these salads, or salad ideas of your own that you want to share with other Roamlers? Leave a comment!


For some people sunglasses only serve a practical purpose, whereas for others sunglasses are a big part of their style. We asked Roamlers about their sunglasses and here is what they had to say. First, we wanted to know how many pairs of sunglasses Roamlers had; 1 3, 10? It turns out that the majority only have 1 pair, but a select few had more than 10!  We were also curious what characteristics were most important in determining a good pair of sunglasses. UV protection and shape were by far the most important characteristics specified by Roamlers. The rest of the list of preferred characteristics was very long so we will only share the top ones.

Most common characteristics Roamlers looked for in a pair of sunglasses:
Black/Orange tint
Strong frame
Light frame
Block out glare from the sun
Suit face shape
Sturdy and long lasting

We also asked when Roamlers wear their sunglasses. The majority of Roamlers only wear them when it is sunny, but many Roamlers also say they are a necessity while driving, or after a night out.

Curious what kind of Sungasses out Roamlers are actually wearing? Check it out!


Children’s Parties


Throwing a children’s party can be both time consuming and expensive. To top it all off, kids these days spend more time watching telly and playing video games, then they do outside. This means that when you’re throwing a party for them you need to go that extra mile to keep them entertained.  Since many Roamlers are parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles,  we consulted the experts for great children’s parties theme ideas. In case that wasn’t enough, we also asked Roamlers to share their party money saving secrets  so everyone would be able to throw a fabulous children’s birthday bash!

Interesting Party ideas:
Inside – boys and girls
Cookie Monster party: cupcakes with cookie monster designs, and decorate your own cookie monster cookies. Cookies serve both as entertainment, and  take home edible party favours.
Pizza Party: fill the table with bowls of toppings and children can make their own pizza! Also a great way to sneak in a lesson on food education.
Party on a Train: (children accompanied by their parents) bring a picnic, drinks, and a small stereo for music.

Outside – boys and girls
Detective Challenge party: children split into groups and have to follow clues. The group that finds that last clue wins a prize!
Teddy Bear Picnic party: bring own teddies, and children can design t shirts for their teddies.

Girls only
Girls Make-over party: hand massage and manicure, foot massage and pedicure.

Boys only
Teenage mutant ninja turtles fancy dress party: boys dress up as ninja turtles.

Money saving tips:
Make invitations yourself
Instead of buying readymade ordering in or getting a caterer, make cake and food yourself
Get decorations and contents of party bags from pound stores
Ask parents to bring an item of food
Make piñata out of paper mâché

Although the themes are geared specifically to children’s parties, the money saving tips are widely applicable for party throwing. DIY’s are a creative and easy solution for keeping money in the bank but still having a swell time. Happy partying!

Lunch tips

Following the ‘Breakfast tips’ task and blog, we decided to do another food oriented task (among the many) and ask Roamlers about their lunchtime meals. Similar to the breakfast tips task, we wanted to know what Roamlers were eating, if they were satisfied with their meal, and their tip for a healthy and satisfying lunch. Surprisingly, 97.56% of Roamlers were satisfied with the lunch they were eating, and almost everyone was eating a healthy and balanced lunch. Awesome job Roamlers!

Without further ado, here are top 7 favourite healthy lunches and corresponding tip for a nutritious lunch (listed in no particular order):

Lunch: Ham, onion and pepper omelette with lettuce, beetroot and roasted cherry tomatoes. Also a muller light vanilla yoghurt and a  Pepsi max to drink.
Satisfying because: Healthy, filling, and has lots of flavours.
TipLots of salad which is surprising filing and really good for you.

Lunch: 2 multigrain pittas stuffed with Low Fat Tuna, Beans, Chilli & Sweetcorn with Low Fat Cottage Cheese with Pineapple
Satisfying because:  filling, cheap, and easy to construct.
Tip:  Make sure it’s filling so you’re not tempted to snack on junk in the afternoon

Lunch:  ‘Healthy options’ chicken salad sandwich, a coke zero, grapes, and a fat free yoghurt.
Satisfying because: Healthy and quick
Tip:  Don’t eat processed food and include plenty of fruit and calcium.


Lunch:  Chicken salad wrap and chicken bites with sour cream.
Satisfying because:  It’s light, healthy, a nice picnic meal for in the warm weather AND it’s quick and easy.
Tip: Have some salad to count to your five a day and fill you up. Also eat whole grain wraps instead of white.

Lunch: Hot and spicy chicken with salad, a boiled egg, yoghurt and a glass of water.
Satisfying because: High protein, filling, and helps maintain weight loss.
Tips: High protein and low carb which will keep you fuller longer and encourage weight loss.

Lunch:  Chicken & bacon salad with lettuce, cucumber and light salad cream. One banana, one apple and an orange juice.
Satisfied because: Healthy balance of protein, salad, fruit and water. Light so you stay awake all afternoon.
Tip: Keep it light with a good amount of protein.


Lunch: Mouthwatering bowl of Shreddies with chopped pineapples and a cup of tea.
Satisfying because:  It’s healthier than a Big Mac with chips.
Tip: Fruit! Get that five a day going!

Try to remember…

Everyone is (to some extent) forgetful, and in the ‘Try to remember’ task we asked you to reveal to us the things you were most forgetful about. Although some of the items were expected, there were a few things that Roamlers forgot which we found much more surprising. For example, there were a number of Roamlers that forgot to feed their pets – oh dear!

Top 10 things/items most frequently forgotten by Roamlers (with the first item being the most frequently forgotten item):
Birthday of friends/family
Login details
Grocery list and groceries
Feed pet


Roamlers also had a number of great tips for reducing forgetfulness.  Below are some of the top tips (most of which were suggested by numerous Roamlers), divided into three categories.

Tip for remembering items (eg. keys, wallet, lunch):
Have a designated place for the items you forget to bring. Ideally, next to the front door. Before leaving the house, recite the list of things you need (and tend to forget): keys…purse…phone…lunch…keys…purse…phone…lunch!

Tip for remembering dates/log ins (inc. passwords)/appointments:
Write them down!! If written down, log in information should obviously be kept in a private place, but dates and appointments can be written down in an agenda that you use daily or in a calender that is up on the wall.

Tip for remember to feed your pet(s):
If your pet(s) isn’t reminding you, leave notes around the house (e.g. on your bathroom mirror or front door)  to remind yourself to feed them. Leaving the bag/can of food on the kitchen counter, accompanied by a reminder note should be enough!

Routine routine routine! The most frequently recited tip by Roamlers was to get into a routine to help minimize forgetting to do things and leaving things behind.

Did you find these tips helpful? Get involved and let us know on our blog, Facebook, or Twitter pages!