Frog legs and bulls balls

Grasshoppers, sheep brains, bulls balls, frog legs, kangaroo meat… All of these, in our eyes, strange things are very common foods in other cultures. We were curious and asked about your weirdest eating experience. Through this task, we found that you Roamlers are experts in the field of exotic dishes! As we could see on the photos and read from the stories, you were no strangers to unknown food.

Between the 68 completes, there were some rare, special, terrifying and delicious dishes. We were astonished at the amount of various meals you showed us. We made you a top 10 of the most special and shocking dishes.

For your own safety; don’t watch them too long, because these are tummy turners!


New colleagues!

Starting today, we’ll have to make three extra cups of coffee in the morning. Three new interns are starting at Roamler today. During their internship they will assist the Support and Operations teams with reviewing submissions, writing new tasks and helping Roamlers out (and so much more…). So, who are they? Robin, Rosa and Naomi introduce themselves:

Good day, my name is Robin, twenty years of age and residing in the picturesque Den Helder, the Netherlands. In the upcoming eight months I will be fulfilling the role as intern at Roamler. Just like my colleague-interns I am a third year Applied Psychology student at the University of Amsterdam. In my spare time I like to sport, spend my time on the road and relax at my computer. I look forward to replying to your submissions and getting a feel of what it’s like to work at Roamler, cheers!

My name is Rosa and from now on I am an intern at Roamler. I study the same as Naomi and Robin, Applied Psychology at university of Amsterdam. In my spare time I like to go to the gym and I practice yoga. I spend a lot of time with my friends and we like to go out in Amsterdam. This spring my sister expects a baby, so I become an aunthy. I’m really looking forward to it, as well as to my intership here at Roamler. Speak to you soon!

Hi everybody! My name is Naomi, I’m 21 years old and I live in a nice dormitory in Baarn, The Netherlands. I study Applied Psychology in Amsterdam and since now I work at Roamler as a trainee. Alongside the Roamler internship, I love to play piano and I like to sport. I enjoy being part of the Roamler team and look forward to the new experiences and things I’ll learn here. Have fun and keep Roamling!

New names

One of the promises we make towards the Roamlers is that, when a task is submitted between 8 AM and 9 PM, we’ll validate it within a maximum of 4 hours. The team is always busy reviewing your tasks: 7 days (which equals 91 hours!) a week. Because reviewing is a job done by real human beings (we once got asked ‘Are you a robot?’) it means that there’s someone from the team reviewing your submissions at almost every moment. It’s fun, really! But aside from reviewing, there are numerous other tasks to be done. And since Roamler continues to grow, the number of entries grows as well.

That’s why we asked help. From this week on, three new colleagues will help us with validating the submitted tasks. We would like to introduce you to Inger, Maartje and Desiree:

Hi Roamlers! My name is Inger, I graduated this summer in social psychology and I have a super cute son of two years old. I know Roamler from the beginning thanks to Paul (CTO) and I’m looking forward to work here! I love to sing, travel and spend my time with friends. And of course I love doing Roamler tasks as well. Talk to you soon!

Hi everyone! I’m Maartje Sloetjes, I’m 22 years old and I’m studying Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam. I like to visit concerts and festivals, cycling through the city of Amsterdam, going to the gym every now and then and I also like nature and traveling.
I’ve known Roamler from the start (thanks to Wiggert) and last summer I’ve been helping too with validating tasks. From now on I’ll be doing this every weekend and I’m really looking forward to it!

My name is Desiree Hubbard and I was born and raised in Dordrecht. Currently I’m studying theater design at the theaterschool in Rotterdam. Chris is a friend of mine, and that’s how I got to know Roamler. My hobbies are (amongst others): photography (especially lomography!), traveling (if I have some money), films, musea and cooking. Last but not least: I’m always up for something fun and ‘Burgundian coziness’. (Sorry English people, “gezelligheid” is a hard word to translate!)

Of course, this Monday we’ll hear from Desiree, Inger and Maartje how they think their first days went, but we would like to hear from you as well! If you have any feedback on the new reviewers, please email us at

Roamlympic Games: Half time

The Olympic Games are in full swing! Team GB has already won 22 gold medals and there’s a big chance that this will be even more soon. Your performances in our own version of the Games, the Roamlympic Games, are almost just as good. We cannot measure your strength but that you’re all well trained in speed, creativity and motivation has become crystal clear to us.

At the moment we’ve already passed the eightest Roamlympic Game. Some of the games that you’ve done were: Archery, Bicycle Racing and Trampoline. If you’ve done all the Roamlympic tasks so far you’ve collected 47 Roamlympic points. Additionally you could have also earned extra bonuspoints for creative input!

The most creative tasks we received came from the opening task. We asked Roamlers to portray/capture in some kind of way a Roamlympic flame in a photo. That way, we could officially open the Roamlympic Games. Many of you worked with candles, lighters and torches. In the collage above you can see some of the best entries.

Last week we started the Balance Beam on our Olympic program. We asked the Roamlers to test their balancing skills and to take it to the max. Roamlers needed to stack household items and build the highest possible tower. The three highest towers that were made can be seen in the photo above. Roamlers Peter and Carolyn both won the gold medal with a tower of 73 inches high, Roamler Emma won the silver medal with a tower with the height of 62 inches and Roamler Rian left the building with the bronze medal having a tower of 54 inches high. All three will receive 3 extra Roamlympic points!

This week another couple of Roamlympic Games are scheduled. Football, Basketball and  Relay Race will pass by!

Follow Friday

Roamlers that are active on Twitter (and we know many of you are!) have probably already heard of the Twitter phenomenon ‘#FollowFriday’. Every Friday, Twitter users share their favorite Twitter contacts with their own followers. This is to introduce their followers to interesting tweeps or to share contacts. Using the hashtag #FollowFriday, everybody can easily join the trend, which has been a ‘trending topic’ almost every Friday since it started. The popular tech-blog Mashable already wrote an interesting article about the trend back in 2009.

The Roamler Team is on Twitter as well. On our team page you can see the links to all our personal Twitter pages. The Roamler UK Team has a shared twitter account, from which we broadcast the latest updates about Roamler, tasks and new locations.


A little while ago we asked Roamlers to share their favorite Twitter user with us in the task called ‘Follow Friday’. Over 40 different Twitter accounts where sent in, which gave us a good insight in what Roamlers are into. The most suggested categories were celebrities: @rihanna@robbiewilliams and @Jessiej. These international celebs are worth following because, according to the Roamlers, they give a good insight into their daily lives. Roamlers also like tweeps that mainly tweet funny lines and jokes; if you’re into that, too, you should follow @Queen_UK or @ThePoke.

Do you miss any tweeps in this list? Want to share a user that is worth following? Let us know in the comments!