Photo a Week – March 2016 – Winners

Over the last couple of weeks you have been voting for the best, most beautiful photos of this edition of the Photo a Week competition.  The categories were Food, Heart, Morning, Balance and Animal.

Many of you participated to each task and I have to say that it was very difficult to choose the finalists for each category.  Some of you have a real talent in taking photos and being creative. 🙂

Here are the names of the winners:


Congrats to Karen W. and her sweet dragon cake! So full of detail….I wonder how much time it took her to prepare it. You definitely have an artistic flair, Karen. Bravo!
Do you think it also tasted good? 🙂





This one belongs to Lidia S., who took it while on a trip to Poland. I think it is a very beautiful photo and 66% of the voters did think the same. Hopefully this one makes you smile and spreads some love around you. 🙂




Great photo Rebecca P.! It was taken from a boat at first light and its colours give it such a magical atmosphere…I find it so calming, don’t you?




What’s more important than having a good balance in your life? Laura E., you certainly do and 43% of the Roamler community thought this was great proof of your balance.




Awwww. Here I am, staring at this photo without finding any word to say. It just leaves me speechless, as if I’d start typing, I’ll wake up this cute, little puppy. Amazing job, Rebecca D.!



Winners, you have one week to complete the task that will grant you your reward! You will find it in your task list. Congrats to everyone and be prepared for the next Photo a Week edition!

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