And the Oscar goes to..

The topic for this blog is quite obvious! On February 28th the Oscars 2016 to award the best actors, actresses and movies of the year took place in Los Angeles, at the famous Dolby Theatre. Prior to it, we tried to understand how popular the Oscars were among the community and we asked you to make a prediction about the winners. Only 36% said they would have watched it, but the majority of us has certainly heard or read about it.

I don’t know if many of you follow the news about the Oscars, but it seemed to me that there has been lots spoken and read about the event. I think we all know why. 😉 Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for the Oscar for the 6th time and finally…he won! His performance in The Revenant was exceptional and he absolutely deserved this reward. Do you agree? J Certainly, most of you were sure he would have won. For the people who missed it for any reason, here’s the video of the speech. 😉
Important and meaningful words, don’t you think? It took him a long time to win the Oscar, but his speech couldn’t be better and more inspiring. Well done, Leo!

Results of the question “Who do you think will win “Best performance actor in a leading role?””


Quite unexpected was the victory of Brie Larson, for her interpretation in Room. I did not see that coming, honestly and frankly neither did most of you. Only 20% believed in her apparently. 😀 Are you happy she’s the golden statuette?

Immagine1What about the other categories? As most of you correctly guessed, The Revenant of Alejandro Iñárritu won Best Achievement in Directing (53%) and Best Picture (41%). The title of Best Animated Feature Movie was instead won by the movie Inside out, as 67% of you were thinking. It seems a simple and easy-to-watch movie, but in the end, it gives us the opportunity to see feelings and human life from a different perspective. Everything in a fun and light way, though. J

To conclude, some of the creative photos Roamlers sent in with this task. Can you guess to which movie they are connected?

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