Water consumption

One litre of fluid a day is theoretically enough to keep you alive. But depending on age, stress, weather and habits, some adults should drink up to 3 litres of water per day. We asked Roamlers in 6 different countries about the amount of water they drink on a daily basis and also about their preferred kinds of bottles and sorts of water. Below we share some of the interesting results.

Looking at the average amount of water drunk during the day, most Roamlers drink more than the required litre a day but don’t succeed in drinking more than 3 litres. Below you will find the average number of litres of water drunk in one day, per country.


Overall the most preferred package is plastic bottle, with 68,71%. In the UK this is number is equal to 57,01%.


You drink all kinds of water brands, ranging from Buxton, Deep River Rock, Evian to San Pelligrino and Volvic and the home brands found in the supermarkets. The photos below show the variety of brands found in supermarkets and at your homes.


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