Like in the movies

A few weeks ago we asked Roamlers about their favorite movie. One can’t argue about tastes and a lot of different movies were listed. Most were only mentioned by one Roamler. We created an IMDb watch list from all the international tasks we received, although it wasn’t possible to add all movies mentioned.

One movie was mentioned most: Titanic (1998), the winner of 11 Oscars was recommended by 22 Roamlers. Roamlers from Italy, the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Chile all recommended this movie. No Swedish Roamlers recommended this movie, though. The Lord of the Ring movies as well as the Harry Potter movies were popular too.

Since the individual choices of Roamlers were so different, it is hard to compare the choices of different countries. Below is a short overview of the most recommended movies for each country. An overview all movies mentioned by Roamlers can be found in the Roamler IMDb Watch list.

Movie choiceIn this task we also asked you to depict your favourite movie scene. We selected 5 great photos taken by Roamlers and have put them in the app. Now it is up to you to guess which movies the Roamlers were trying to depict!

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