Roamlympic Games

RoamlympicGamesIn the last weeks the tasks in the app were related to the Olympics and we created our own ‘Roamlympic Games’. With every submission you could earn RG points and if you were the quickest Roamler or sent in a very creative task, you could earn even more points. So to refresh your mind, what were the tasks?

RG: Opening Ceremony
To start with the Roamlympic Games we asked you to take a picture of fire. Roamlers performing this task, could see the other Roamlympic tasks in the app.

RG: Alphine Skiiing
At alphine skiing it is all about the slalom and skiing between poles (gates) spaced close together. The slalom skier needs to take sharp turns and go through these gates. For the Roamler task it was all about finding an obstacle which would make you feel like a slalom skier.

RG: Luge
With this task we asked you do some alternative planking. In a safe manner (on a chair or on your couch) you could place yourself in luge position and earn some XP and RG points.

RG: Speed skating
This task was based on the experience of speed skater Olga Graf, who unzipped her outfit for the victory lap, but forgot she wasn’t wearing anything under this tight uniform. Oops! So we asked you if you ever had an embarrassing moment like this in front of a large group of people.

RG: Biathlon
For the Roamlympic Games Biathlon we asked you to take 5 pictures; a blue car, a black living animal, a traffic sign with the color red, a yellow post-it and green glass. Some of you were really quick in finding this objects! Great!

The last Roamlympic task is available tomorrow  and is about closing the Games. But before you go out and perform this task, we would like a great round of applause for the two UK Roamlers with the most RS points: Roamlers Louise and Connor. Congratulations!


PS. The Dutch Roamlympic Games were won by Roamler Erwin, the Belgium games we won by Roamler Jonas. Congrats you all!

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