Release 1.6: Fromantiou

A new version of Roamler is available in the App Store from today: version 1.6, which we named after a somewhat unknown Dutch painter (with a French sounding last name): Hendrik de Fromantiou.

The new app has been tested by Mark S., Jamie G., Edwin, Jolande, Marcel B., Eric, Marcel C. and Jorran. Thank you for that! We also want to thank all Roamlers who provided us with feedback on ways to improve the app.

This new version has improved compatibility for the iPhone 5 and iOS6 an the overall performance of the app has been improved. This means loading tasks will go faster. In this 1.6 version the standard functions of the iOS camera returned, at least for most tasks.

Other, more visible changes of the 1.6 Fromantiou versie are:
– You can see, but not execute, tasks that you still need to unlock or that are available for higher levels only. This way you are able to see which tasks are available for you when you reach a higher level. The locked tasks can be recognised by a grey icon, as you can see on the left.
– Tasks can now be accepted by tapping on them on the map; even the ones that are not located nearby.
– The number of days that a task is available for has disappeared. With this we want to take away some confusion on the length and availablily of tasks the app.
– The number of friend requests is visible in your account.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these and other improvements of the app! Let us know in the comments, or send us a message through the app.

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