Who predicted the Oscar winners best?

If you haven’t seen the 87th edition of the Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars), you might have read that ‘Birdman’ won the Award for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

In a recent Roamler task we asked you to predict the winners. We also asked Roamlers in other countries to predict the winners and here are the result. Below you’ll find an overview of the different predictions of Roamlers all over the world. The winner in each category is listed in blue, in red you can find the prediction that was mentioned most per country.

Best Motion Picture
Best Directing

So who was best in predicting the winners? Well, the winners are… Mexican Roamlers! Which might have something to do with the director of the movie ‘Birdman’; Alejandro González Iñárritu. Although there is nobody who predicted all winners correctly, there is  a small victory for UK Roamlers. Most of you predicted the correct winner for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. The Swedish Roamlers were best in predicting the Best Animated Feature Film.

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Animated Film

It’s #WorldNutellaDay!

Today all Nutella lovers unite for just one day. The whole day long, recipes and photos are shared on Twitter and Facebook and you’re allowed to eat tons and tons of Nutella (if you haven’t already done so).

Roamlers from 8 countries shared their favourite recipe with us. We received 246 submissions in total from Belgium, Chile, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Kingdom, including some very tasty inspiration!

Nutella sizeNutella cans can be purchased in all kinds of sizes; from a pocket version of 200 grams (convenient to take anywhere and afterwards used as a drinking glass) and the 1 kilograms can for the real fans. There are even enormous limited editions for the Nutella lovers. On the right you can see which size is most often purchased by Roamlers.

It turns out there’s a lot more you can do which Nutella than just putting it on your sandwich. Roamlers have shared their most favourite recipes with us. We got real hungry of all the delicious cakes, pies, croissants, truffles, pancakes (and many more) which passed our screen, though we managed to make a selection to give you some inspiration (and make you a bit hungry perhaps). Check it out here:


What delicacy will you prepare? Or is it too hard to choose? Take a look at the photos below of some delicious dishes which have been made out of Nutella.

Nutella collage



As we love celebrations, we asked  Roamlers which other products deserve their own celebration day. Apparently, there are many more products suited for such a special day. On the right you can find a selection of the suggestions which were made most often. So what’s next? World Pizza Day? Or World Coca-Cola day?

Anyway, for now it’s World Nutella Day! So let’s prepare, eat, enjoy and .. celebrate!



Photo a Week November: The Winners

In November we’ve asked you to submit creative photos in four different categories: Reflections, Textures, Sound and Lines. From all the amazing submissions, the Roamler team chose 4 photos for each category. You then had the opportunity to vote on your favourite photos. It’s now time to reveal the winners! Thank you for all the submissions and congratulations to the winners!


The winner of week 1, Reflections, is Penny S. The photo of her dog with her favourite ball was taken on Chesil Beach in Dorset.


The winner of week 2, Textures, is Lisa K. The photo was taken at Kings Cross in London, and Lisa thinks that the light on the beams is beautiful.


The winner of week 3, Sound, is Rachel L. The picture is from the Dreams of Christmas show in Disneyland Paris. According to Rachel, it shows the noise of the fireworks.


The winner of week 4, Lines, is Linda W. The photo was taken in Barbados. Linda said that the caterpillars were all over the plants at the Villa that they stayed at. ‘So many lines on them!!’

Blackout Poetry

Recently, we challenged you to send in your own ‘Blackout Poem’. This is a form of art created by the artist Austin Kleon. You transform a piece of text (from a newspaper, old book, magazine, etc.) by crossing words you don’t want to use, and form your own, new sentence. Here are five of the poems we liked the most out of all submissions, is yours there?! (Click on the photos to enlarge)



As you can see, real poems are hidden in ordinary texts. And of course, there’s also some humour hidden in between the lines 😉

If you got inspired by this task, you can try to make your own Blackout Poem and submit it to the website of Austin Kleon: http://austinkleon.com/

Have fun writing, ehm crossing!

Guess the cover

Recently, we challenged you to guess the Album and DVD covers that were depicted by other Roamlers in the ‘Cover it’ task. Most of you correctly guessed the first 3 covers. Some Roamlers were able to find the 4 covers depicted in the task, well done! The cover depicting ‘The Truman Show’ appeared to be the most difficult one. You can now find out which Album and DVD covers you guessed correctly.

Thank you all for your guesses; we hope you had fun completing this task!

Cover 1 – ‘Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon’ by Roamler Michael


Cover 2 – ‘OASIS – Definitely Maybe’ by Roamler Tim


Cover 3 – ‘The Velvet Underground and Nico – Andy Warhol’  by Roamler Danielle


Cover 4 – ‘The Truman Show’ by Roamler Jack



World Food Day

World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated every year on October 16th to commemorate the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The theme chosen for 2014 was Family Farming: “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”, to highlight the potential of family farmers to eradicate hunger and preserve natural resources.

Several events take place all over the world to mark this day, and Roamler joined these celebrations. In line with the theme chosen for this year, we asked Roamlers if they have their own vegetable garden, and if they eat from those products on a regular basis. We were also interested in how often Roamlers buy food from a farm in their neighbourhood.

The results showed that around 83% of Roamlers didn’t know about World Food Day before reading the task, and 73% has a vegetable garden, some food plants or herbs in their house. From those, almost 70% eat from their vegetable garden or food plants on a monthly or weekly basis.  Additionally, almost 50% of the Roamlers that performed this task buy products from farms in their neighbourhood at least a few times a year.

Roamlers submitted several nice photos of their own vegetable garden, and showed that they take good care of the earth! Here are some of the photos submitted by Roamlers:

Word Food Day

Thank you all for sharing your own vegetable gardens!

Happy World Food Day!

Water consumption

One litre of fluid a day is theoretically enough to keep you alive. But depending on age, stress, weather and habits, some adults should drink up to 3 litres of water per day. We asked Roamlers in 6 different countries about the amount of water they drink on a daily basis and also about their preferred kinds of bottles and sorts of water. Below we share some of the interesting results.

Looking at the average amount of water drunk during the day, most Roamlers drink more than the required litre a day but don’t succeed in drinking more than 3 litres. Below you will find the average number of litres of water drunk in one day, per country.


Overall the most preferred package is plastic bottle, with 68,71%. In the UK this is number is equal to 57,01%.


You drink all kinds of water brands, ranging from Buxton, Deep River Rock, Evian to San Pelligrino and Volvic and the home brands found in the supermarkets. The photos below show the variety of brands found in supermarkets and at your homes.


Guess the movie scene

A few weeks ago, we challenged you to guess the movie scenes created by five creative Roamlers. We know that some photos were difficult to guess, but you all did a great job! Unfortunately no one guessed the five movies, but several Roamlers got 4 answers right. It is now time to announce the correct answers, and the authors of each movie scene:

The first three movies are Gravity, by Ruth; Thelma and Louise, by Erica and The Italian Job, by Andy.

movie1                 movie2                         movie3

The other movies that Roamlers had to guess are Spiderman 2, by Michelle and Rain Man, by Valerie

movie4                            movie5

The last photo (Rain Man) appeared to be the most difficult one, since only two people found out which movie was depicted there. On the other hand, most of you guessed correctly the second movie (Thelma and Louise).

Thank you for all your submissions, we hope you had fun guessing the movies!

Photo a Week: The Winners

The time has come to announce the winners of the ‘Photo a Week’ competition. In June, Roamlers were asked to submit creative photos in five different themes: Sky, Energy, Travel, Discovery and Smile. We received a lot of amazing submissions and the Roamler team had a hard time choosing their favourite photos for each week. Thank you for all your creative submissions!

The winner of week 1, Sky, is Jackie. The picture was taken in Qajjensa in Malta and is edited with a ‘punch’ filter to accentuate the contrast.


The winner of week 2, Energy, is Jennifer. The picture was taken in June after preparing a family brunch for Father’s Day. It is edited using the chrome and crop effect.


 The winner of week 3, Travel, is Clare. The picture is not edited and was taken in May while travelling in Fiji.


The winner of week 4, Discovery, is Anna. The picture was taken in Saltburn-by-the-Sea, a little seaside town. It was edited with Instagram.


The winner of week 5, Smile, is Shaun. The photo was taken during his best friend’s wedding and is not edited.




Like in the movies

A few weeks ago we asked Roamlers about their favorite movie. One can’t argue about tastes and a lot of different movies were listed. Most were only mentioned by one Roamler. We created an IMDb watch list from all the international tasks we received, although it wasn’t possible to add all movies mentioned.

One movie was mentioned most: Titanic (1998), the winner of 11 Oscars was recommended by 22 Roamlers. Roamlers from Italy, the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Chile all recommended this movie. No Swedish Roamlers recommended this movie, though. The Lord of the Ring movies as well as the Harry Potter movies were popular too.

Since the individual choices of Roamlers were so different, it is hard to compare the choices of different countries. Below is a short overview of the most recommended movies for each country. An overview all movies mentioned by Roamlers can be found in the Roamler IMDb Watch list.

Movie choiceIn this task we also asked you to depict your favourite movie scene. We selected 5 great photos taken by Roamlers and have put them in the app. Now it is up to you to guess which movies the Roamlers were trying to depict!