The Beer checks: The best way to bar-hop

For the past few months. Roamlers have been doing tasks in bars across the United Kingdom. They have been checking Stella Artois, Corona, Bud Light, and Budweiser (currently with a £10 reward!). These checks return every month to the same bars and are therefore well worth getting to know. The best part of the checks is that they are simple to do, and that they unlock a beer bonus task with extra financial rewards of up to £20 or more! The Slug and Lettuce Corona check is also a great one for the beer lovers; who wouldn’t love getting paid to order a free Corona?

A Roamler in London enjoys a free Corona for the Slug and Lettuce task

How easy are the beer checks?

For the beer checks (excluding the Slug and Lettuce task), we are looking for the availability of certain beers, promotional material on the bar and tables, and the availability of the specified beer on draught (5 yes/no questions). We also ask you to ask the bar tender for a beer recommendation. Below you can see the photo steps of the beer checks. These photos were taken by a Roamler in  Rotherham for the Stella Artois check.


Mystery shopping?

Although we encourage you to try the beer checks as a mystery shopper, we know that it is very often impossible. That is why we have included an explanation letter and a short suggestion of how you can introduce yourself to the bar tender. if you cannot perform the task at the location for whatever reason, that’s no problem! You will still be paid £4 for your efforts.

Strange/Impossible locations?

For the beer checks, there can also be some strange locations in your list. If you would like to perform a beer check, but are not sure about the location, send a message to the team! It is important for us and the client to know if locations are a bit unusual, so we will provide you with some advice and make sure we come to a solution in which you receive the money you deserve.

Customized maps

For the beer checks, the team is willing to go above and beyond. That’s why we will assist you in every way possible, including the creation of a beer checks map, customized to your daily route and/or a route you are planning to take (if you are traveling across the country, for example). Want to know more? Send a message to the team in the app now!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the beer checks in the app now!

Eat like a Roamler: The Vegetarian edition

During the past few weeks Roamlers shared their favourite recipes with us. We received some absolutely mouth-watering submissions. Below we give you a selection of some of our vegetarian favourites for every meal of the day.


A sun fruit salad with homemade cashew cream and pumpkin seed sprinkles


By Lindsay N

In this recipe Lindsay shows us how to make a colourful, protein rich, vegan but creamy version of the classic fruit salad.

Ingredients: Apple, pear, mango, banana, lemon, pumpkin seeds and cashews.

Method: Cut up the pieces of fruit, blend the cashews with water to make a cream. Pour on fruit and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.


Ploughman cheese on toast


By Paul B.

Paul shares with us an easy, quick, but wholesome lunch with both fruity and savoury flavours and three cheeses!

Ingredients: Bread, red cheddar, onion, tomato, chutney, caramelised red onion, Brie, Wensleydale cheese, crisps, grapes.

Method: Toast the bread, place tomatoes and onion on the toast, put cheeses on top, grill for 6 minutes in gas mark 5. Spoon out chutney and caramelised onion on to a plate. Place toast on plate, serve with a cuppa tea and grapes


First Course

Tasty tower


By Louise W.

Louise shares with us a fun, light and indulgent starter.

Ingredients: Tomato, cheese, wild rocket, crackers, soft Italian cheese

Method: Slice the cheese and the tomato. Put a thin spread of the soft cheese on a cracker and then some wild rocket. Add a slice of cheese, then add a slice of tomato, then another slice of cheese and finally add another cracker on top.

Main course

Pea and Mint Croquettes with Avocado Relish and Sour Cream


By Lindsay N.

Lindsay shows us how to make another delicious raw meal that is packed with all of our favourite superfoods

Ingredients: Spinach, rocket, peas, tomatoes, chia, pine nuts, cashews, avocado, lemon, lime, nutritional yeast, mint, chives, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, salt, chilli flakes

Method: The pea croquettes are made in a food processor then dehydrated, then served with rocket salad, mashed avocado relish and cashew sour cream made in a blender.


Dark Chocolate Cake


By Blessing B

Blessing provides us with a simple version of a classic, rich, dark favourite!

Ingredients: Flour, eggs, milk, cocoa, sugar,soda, vanilla extract

Method: Sift the flour and the cocoa powder with one cup of sugar. Mix vanilla eggs in a separate bowl and add a cup of water. Mix the 2 bowls together and beat on high until the ingredients is thoroughly mixed together.  Pour into a cake tray and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 45 minutes.

Happy eating everyone!

What do Roamlers do when they are not Roamlering? #myfirstsevenjobs

We asked Roamlers what their #firstsevenjobs were, and we learnt that Roamlers have been, and are, doing fascinating things! Among these are:

A crime scene examiner

A crime scene examiner

ambulance paramedic

An ambulance paramedic



An audiologist

cake designer

A cake designer



poker manager

A poker manager



royal navy aircraft engineer

A royal navy aircraft engineer



ships registrar

A ships registrar


self employed artist

Several artists



A few soldiers


cancer specialist

A cancer specialist

tennis umpire

A tennis umpire



Other interesting jobs that Roamlers have been doing, or are still doing, are being a money counter, train driver, zookeeper, prison officer, stable hand and trumpeter. Many Roamlers are in creative fields like art and theater. Others follow and have been following more conventional career paths like engineers, police officers, data officers and ecologists.

An interesting recurring theme in the submissions for this task was that so many Roamlers enjoy what they do, because they like helping people. One of the police officers, Lesley Ann K said for example “I love working with people and it’s nice to know you have helped someone or made a difference.” We have  some nurses, teachers, bus drivers, paramedics, and cashiers (among many others), who all say that they enjoy(ed) their jobs, because they really like helping  people.

More than one postman noted that the reason why they love their job is the exercise and fresh air that the job requires. The soldiers tend to enjoy the opportunities for travel that the job offers. Some Roamlers in business positions enjoy the wining and dining that accompany the job.

Some women indicated that being a mum is both the most challenging as well as rewarding jobs they’ve ever had. We also had a submission in which a man explained how fulfilling he finds the role of househusband to be, because he gets to spend so much time with his family.

It was great to see that many Roamlers love their current jobs more than any other job they’ve done before. This is often because they say that it is in line with their career objectives and that they are doing what they’ve always wanted to do. On the other hand, many Roamlers who are now doing the more long term jobs that they have been aspiring to, really miss certain aspects of their previous, more temporary, jobs. For example, one Roamler misses being a night porter, a job that allowed him to watch the  sunrise everyday. There is a Roamler who thinks back fondly of her days working at a cinema where she could watch movies for free every day and a Roamler who is missing working as a stable hand, because she enjoyed so much being outside with the horses.

night porter

Some Roamlers find their jobs thrilling and exciting on most days. While others find their jobs super boring:

bored at work

The only thing all of these persons have in common is that  they are all Roamlers! We are excited to have such an interesting and diverse Roamler workforce!




Pokemon Go and others ways of Roaming your city


‘Not all who wander are lost’ -JRR Tolkien

This month we asked Roamlers their opinion on the new craze that has taken over the world: Pokemon Go. As you know, this is a location-based augmented reality game in which players find, capture, battle and train Pokemons who appear on the screen of mobile phones as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. This app has become a global phenomenon and is regarded to be a new way to get people outside and moving, and to bring people of different walks of life together. However, it has also attracted a lot of criticism, because it is believed to contribute to accidents and to lead to public nuisance.

As always, Roamlers proved to have very diverse, but interesting perspectives on this phenomenon. So far 61% of Roamlers who completed this task said that they play Pokemon Go, while 39% don’t. 7% of Roamlers think that Pokemon Go is a good way to explore the city. 43% feel neutral about it. And 8% think it is bad!

Roamlers who do not play Pokemon Go told us how they prefer to explore their cities. The answers were interesting and often quite poetic.

Some Roamlers, like Gregory C, explore by foot…



And some, like Chris C, by bike:



While Roamlers like MK R and Mary W like to plan their explorations properly…

planning books           planning map


Others, like Hilton W and Patricia C, enjoy wandering  aimlessly and exploring paths that lead to unknown places:

path 1          path 2

Many Roamlers, including Hannah W, Lindsey K and Joanne M  are accompanied by their four-legged friends in their explorations:

dog    dog 3   dog 2


And others, like Ozgun L, by their human loved ones:



Last, but not least, many Roamlers mention Roamler as an excellent way to explore their cities and towns!


UEFA Euro 2016 Quiz: Which Roamlers came out on top?

Every four years, Europe comes together to participate in an epic battle of sporting mastery, national pride, and unity. The UEFA championship empties the streets during game time and unites people across national boundaries. This year, Portugal came out on top, despite having their star player, Cristiano Ronaldo (who has now played in more UEFA matches than any other player), taken off the pitch in the first half of the match due to an injury. Of the total 108 goals scored in the UEFA championship this year, 9 were scored by Portugal.

During the course of the championship, we asked Roamlers who they thought would win. Almost 200 Roamlers in the United Kingdom (UK) participated, but only 7 of those guessed Portugal! The top choice was France, with 43 Roamlers opting for it, and Germany came in at a close second with 41 Roamlers selecting it. The Roamlers who guessed correctly are*:

Jonothan. A, Francois. N, Jidapa. R, April. P, Aurora. G, Hayley. G, and Ash. R.

We also asked the Roamlers to take photos which represented their country of choice (although, no flags!). Below are some examples.

Ash Riley France

Italy teddies

Congratulations to the Roamlers who chose Portugal! They have been awarded an invite for their great guess work.

We have some more really interesting creative tasks that will become available in the app in the next couple of weeks, including one involving little Lego men…what could it be? Watch this space!

*Usernames have been shortened

Waiting to crown this years champ…

For most of us, the month of December is all about the upcoming Christmas festivity. Everyone is focused on finding presents, organising dinners with colleagues, family and friends, buying all sort of delicacies to prove yourselves in the kitchen (or letting you mum/grandma do it ;D) and looking for the perfect outfit to flaunt on Christmas day and New year’s Eve. The bottom line is that you all have a lot of things to plan and to do, so why not write about something light and enjoyable? Indeed, this December is also about a very (mainstream) popular TV show that will see the Final airing on Sunday, December 13th. It’s a show followed by thousands of people in the UK. Many successful contemporary singers have been cranked out of this stage: Rebecca Ferguson, One Direction, Olly Murs, and Leona Leona Lewis, to name but a few. Do you already know which show I’m talking about? I bet many of you know (or guessed, if you don’t follow it) already: The X Factor!

Well, next week the final of the 12th edition is taking place and many people are thrilled about seeing what Cowell & co prepared for the remaining members of their categories (poor Simon, he’s left with no-one..). How many of you Roamlers follow the show?

This year finalists are very different from one another and all equally talented, but I’m sure you know already who’s side you’re going to be on. If you vote, who will you vote for? For those of you who missed the last couple of episodes (or the entire show, haha), here’s a brief description of the 3 finalists of the 2015 edition.

Reggie ‘n’ Bollie

The duo from  Ghana who want to be “on point” and who are making the country dance with their particular style &  sound (pretty nice the original song they brought  at the audition, huh?).
bollie n reggie

Louisa Johnson

A young (she is only 17!), soul singer with a warm voice and a great vocal extension that gets directly to your heart.

Ché Chesterman

The guy who gained a standing ovation at the auditions and who kept surprising the judges and the entire public.

All of them have their own peculiarities and they are ready to smash the stage, but only one will get the champions crown. Who do you think is going to be? Are you already on the side of one act? It’s going to be a tough night, but most of all a great show, with great guests such as Adele and Coldplay that should make you enjoy the night even more. Maybe a good reason to think about a task about this tv program..? 😉

So, if you are a fan of The X Factor or not, you may want to tune on ITV on Sunday and enjoy the evening by watching some great performances by great singers. I hope you will enjoy it. 😉

Growing Word challenge

Last month, we asked Roamlers to partake in creating a “Growing Word Sentence”: A sentence that starts out with 1 letter, and with every word, increases the letter amount by another letter (eg. the second word has 2 letters, the third has 3 letters, etc.). An example of 5 word sentence is “I am not that small.”

We had some incredibly interesting submissions from our Roamlers. Some furry friends joined in on the fun, with the first photo supporting the sentence ‘I am not very happy around animals’.

Iamnotveryhappyaroundanimals Iamonewithlargefelinecuddles

While others channeled their inner foodie, some Roamlers opted for a more artistic expression:
iJoeatmanylargeyellowbananasannually iamthezanychieflikingroamler iamthebestwoman

And others used this opportunity to pay homage to the Roamler community:
otogetthatphotosimplyperfect iamtherealcrownprinceRoamler

Thanks for everyone for submitting their Growing Words! Which one is your favourite?

How should wealth be distributed in society?

We are Nils and Christopher, two PhD-students who are personally and academically interested in wealth inequality. Nils graduated in Social Psychology and works at the Free University of Amsterdam on topics relating to the social and moral psychology of corruption. Christopher works at the Institute of Communication Research in Münster. His research focuses on political communication and European solidarity.

In the Concept of Society tasks a few months ago, we asked Roamlers in different countries to imagine that the entire wealth (everything of monetary value) in your society is like a big cake. In the first part we asked you how you think this cake is currently split (in five pieces) in your society.

We find that people from all countries underestimate the inequality in the society!
Independent on whether the responses came all the way from Chile or from Germany, you think that the wealth is split more evenly than it actually is.

EqualdistributionThen we gave Roamlers a huge imaginary knife and let you distribute the wealth-cake in the way you would consider ideal. The interesting twist was, that you don’t know where you would end up in this society – How would you distribute wealth in a society if you don’t know whether you would be ‘eating from the biggest piece or from the smallest’? This method is called ’veil of ignorance’.

So what does the ideal society look like according to Roamlers? Is it like the example shown in the task? In the graph on the right wealth is distributed equally; each of the 5 groups has a fifth of the wealth.

People across the different countries agree to a large extent about their ideal distribution. 


There are of course some differences: Roamlers in Germany, Sweden, Italy and Chile want redistribute wealth, whereas UK and French Roamlers want to keep the existing wealth hierarchy, although reduce the differences drastically. Some interesting stuff…

Oh yeah, judging from the answers you seemed to have enjoyed the task as well 🙂 For example, this is what a Roamler from UK answered to the question on whether you liked the task: “Yes. I’d love to get involved in more like this. It’s important researchers have many avenues to different participant groups.”

Because of this enthusiasm, Nils, Christopher and the Roamler team decided to have another task ready for you, starting today. Check out the app and participate in this research. Nils and Christopher are interested in your answers!


Unique Number Game

Roamler Rick thought of an interesting game for Roamlers. So together with you, we started a bit of an experiment with the Lowest Unique Number game in which you could choose a number.

The rules of the game are as follows; choose a number of which you believe you are the only Roamler mentioning it in this task. The Roamler with the lowest, unique number earns 500 XP plus the XP of the number you mention in the task.

An example: Imagine six Roamlers send in number 1; two Roamlers send in number 2; four Roamlers send in number 3; one Roamler sends in number 4; two Roamlers send in number 5 and one Roamler sends in number 6. The Roamler who mentioned 4, earns 504 XP at the end of the task.

Roamlers who mentioned number 1, sent in the lowest number, but they were not unique in their choice. The Roamler who mentioned number 6 was the only one choosing this number, but it wasn’t the lowest, unique number.

Who won?
Number9RoamlerRichardThe results are in (you can find the PDF file here) and the numbers and the number of times mentioned can be found in this list. So which Roamler submitted the lowest unique number and won 500 XP plus the number mentioned in the task? First of all, 204 Roamlers performed this task. The numbers 30 and lower are all mentioned at least once. Number 17 is mentioned most by Roamlers (10 times). Interestingly enough number 2017 was mentioned twice, what are the odds of that?

The lowest unique number is 9! It was submitted by Roamler Richard, so he earns 509 XP, congrats Richard! A task for 509 XP is available for you in the app.