What do you eat for breakfast?

What do you eat for breakfast?

Every morning we wake up and start a brand new day. Whether it’s a workday, weekend or holiday everyone needs a boost to start on the right foot. As many doctors say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and as such, it should be filling, healthy and able to give you the right amount of nutrients, proteins and vitamins that you need after a night with an empty stomach.

Breakfast is very beneficial for your body too. Did you know that eating breakfast reduces chances to become obese by one third? And that you are half as likely to develop blood-sugar problems? Cool how we can avoid major diseases by just paying attention to what we eat, but also when we eat it.

In these past weeks, we asked the community what they do eat for breakfast and around 200 Roamlers sent their contributions, by showing us the ingredients they use and how they combine them. As expected, most prefer to start the day by having oats/porridge and a warm drink (mostly tea and coffee). In addition, more than half of you are eat fruit and yoghurt during breakfast and this is a very positive thing, as we get the good vitamins and sugars from them. Surprisingly, not many mentioned the classic English breakfast made of eggs, sausages and bacon, even if eggs are very much present in your answers. For sure, it is very filling and full of proteins and fats, so maybe it is a more of a treat. I

Other products mentioned quite often were Weetabix, different types of bread and cereals, Belvita biscuits and Kellogg’s products. Quite a wide variety, I’d say! A nice finding is that almost everyone wakes up a bit before having to rush out of the house, just to have breakfast. Well done, Roamlers!

For those that didn’t participate to the task, what do you eat for breakfast, if you have one? Is it looking like one of the below?


Photo a Week – March 2016 – Winners

Over the last couple of weeks you have been voting for the best, most beautiful photos of this edition of the Photo a Week competition.  The categories were Food, Heart, Morning, Balance and Animal.

Many of you participated to each task and I have to say that it was very difficult to choose the finalists for each category.  Some of you have a real talent in taking photos and being creative. 🙂

Here are the names of the winners:


Congrats to Karen W. and her sweet dragon cake! So full of detail….I wonder how much time it took her to prepare it. You definitely have an artistic flair, Karen. Bravo!
Do you think it also tasted good? 🙂





This one belongs to Lidia S., who took it while on a trip to Poland. I think it is a very beautiful photo and 66% of the voters did think the same. Hopefully this one makes you smile and spreads some love around you. 🙂




Great photo Rebecca P.! It was taken from a boat at first light and its colours give it such a magical atmosphere…I find it so calming, don’t you?




What’s more important than having a good balance in your life? Laura E., you certainly do and 43% of the Roamler community thought this was great proof of your balance.




Awwww. Here I am, staring at this photo without finding any word to say. It just leaves me speechless, as if I’d start typing, I’ll wake up this cute, little puppy. Amazing job, Rebecca D.!



Winners, you have one week to complete the task that will grant you your reward! You will find it in your task list. Congrats to everyone and be prepared for the next Photo a Week edition!

And the Oscar goes to..

The topic for this blog is quite obvious! On February 28th the Oscars 2016 to award the best actors, actresses and movies of the year took place in Los Angeles, at the famous Dolby Theatre. Prior to it, we tried to understand how popular the Oscars were among the community and we asked you to make a prediction about the winners. Only 36% said they would have watched it, but the majority of us has certainly heard or read about it.

I don’t know if many of you follow the news about the Oscars, but it seemed to me that there has been lots spoken and read about the event. I think we all know why. 😉 Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for the Oscar for the 6th time and finally…he won! His performance in The Revenant was exceptional and he absolutely deserved this reward. Do you agree? J Certainly, most of you were sure he would have won. For the people who missed it for any reason, here’s the video of the speech. 😉
Important and meaningful words, don’t you think? It took him a long time to win the Oscar, but his speech couldn’t be better and more inspiring. Well done, Leo!

Results of the question “Who do you think will win “Best performance actor in a leading role?””


Quite unexpected was the victory of Brie Larson, for her interpretation in Room. I did not see that coming, honestly and frankly neither did most of you. Only 20% believed in her apparently. 😀 Are you happy she’s the golden statuette?

Immagine1What about the other categories? As most of you correctly guessed, The Revenant of Alejandro Iñárritu won Best Achievement in Directing (53%) and Best Picture (41%). The title of Best Animated Feature Movie was instead won by the movie Inside out, as 67% of you were thinking. It seems a simple and easy-to-watch movie, but in the end, it gives us the opportunity to see feelings and human life from a different perspective. Everything in a fun and light way, though. J

To conclude, some of the creative photos Roamlers sent in with this task. Can you guess to which movie they are connected?

On the Roam!

As Roamlers we all perform tasks, answer the questions correctly and take clear photos. Of course that is not all that you, as a Roamler, have to take into account when performing tasks.

Even before being able to perform a task, you have to reach the location of the task. In this blogpost we are taking some time to appreciate this small, but very important part of being a Roamler.


A while ago there was a task, called On the Roam, in which we asked you to answer a couple of questions about being on the road to perform Roamler tasks. This task was available in different countries, namely the UK, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Chile.

As you can see in the chart below, the most popular means of transport is the car, followed by a huge walking crowd of Roamlers. The use of a bicycle is almost at the same level as the use of public transport, except in Chile, where the bicycle is a strong number three. This might be explained by it being summertime there at this moment.


What about UK?

On average, UK Roamlers travelled 21 kilometers for the farthest task they performed. The longest distance a UK Roamler has traveled for a task was 280 km! However, he did admit he was also on vacation at the time. A funny little fact is that, even when the tasks are nearby, half of the UK Roamlers walk and the other half takes the car.
The checks most mentioned in going the distance for is the banana check, but UK Roamlers also travel for creative explore checks, a lot of Roamlers mentioned to have traveled for the Street art task. Very dedicated UK Roamlers!



What a perfect day to write about love! Today many people probably exchanged gifts with their beloved one, or they went on a romantic night out. Many girls thrilled at the idea that their partner could surprise them with a rose or some (low-calorie) chocolate. All this in the name of love. What is love, after all?

The word “love” embodies so much power and significance that I spent the entire day trying to describe it without reaching my goal. There is just too much to say, but here it goes.

H. DuffyLove is in the way someone smiles at you or in the meal your mother prepares every night for you and your sibling. It is in the rose your lover gave to you tonight or in the kiss you are craving for. Love is the look of your pet asking for cuddles. Love is in everything that surrounds us, giving us life and energy.
Love is in the details.


Love is something that we have inside too and that brings us to have relationships with other people. This thing is Harry S.defined as a “strong feeling of affection”, in the Oxford Dictionary. It does not say we should love according to gender, religion, colour of the skin or whatsoever.  This definition is interpretable according to your own likes, but does not imply any restrictions. You can love whoever or whatever you want.
Love is universal.


Darren M.Many people may say they do not need love. They see themselves better off when on their own, always doing what they like and when they like it. Sounds cool. I tried it too for a while. Then love came. Whooa! This thing is hard to handle. It causes you effort, tears, a lot of patience and strength, but look at the bright side. You are happy. You have someone by your side who will influence your life forever. It does not matter if is going to be for life or not. This person will enrich you and you will discover new things about yourself. You’ll be closer to understanding what you need to be happy. 😉
Love is happiness.

S. Isaac

Love is something pure. People joke about love having no rules. Let’s face it though, some rules are needed. They are
needed when love becomes harmful for yourself and for other people.
Love is respect.



Shocking how such a short and simple word can be so powerful and influence even your will isn’t it?

Today was the designated day to celebrate love, but don’t let others decide to concentrate all the love in one day. Love every day. Love everyone. Love everywhere.

PS: in the article you will find a sneak-peek of the photos sent in by Roamlers for the “Photo a Week #2: Heart” task! You are still on time to send us yours 😉

Let’s be resolute!

A new year has begun and we are excited to see what its plans are for all of us. Someone may say that we are responsible for our destiny and that we have to focus on making our dreams come true. An important truth that unconsciously challenges us every morning to do better. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology though, the reality is a bit different: 92% of resolutions fail! Are we setting our targets too high? If yes, it is time to re-size our goals! The easiest way is to pick an achievable goal and do it with perseverance. Therefore, we asked Roamlers to think about a small, achievable goal to do every day and to hang up a calendar to make sure they do not break their “chain”.

Do you think is impossible to set a small, daily goal and to pursue it every day for the rest of the year? Well, if you are looking for inspiration, this is what a part of our community committed to and currently accomplishing. 😉


Healthy lifestyle!

Most of the answers fall in this category. Doing sport, going to the gym, eating healthy food and having a healthy lifestyle in general seem to be the latest social trends. In fact, more people realize now the benefits of eating functional products that serve your body’s functionalities best, as mentioned in the Nielsen’s 2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey. The majority of the Roamlers decided to commit to something that has their own health as an ultimate goal. So, you can choose to run on the spot for 5 minutes, do 30 pull-ups, drink less coffee, increase your daily intake of fruit, or even take on the Batman challenge! The important thing is be persistent in doing it every day. Your body will thank you. 😉

Among other goals that Roamlers committed to: start a book and read 1 page per day, meditate, hunt for a job for 30 minutes, arrive at work earlier, save a small amount of money through the 1-penny challenge. The ones that deserve a special mention (even if for different reasons) are
– appreciating your partner (something that we all should do to keep our relationship happy);
– doodle in your doodle book or on your notebook;
– pick up the kids from school yourself!

In the words cloud above you will find all the words/sentences listed by the community. Click on it to enlarge.
May it be of inspiration for you all!

Tasks in and out of the list: why is that?

Hi Roamlers!

During 2015 our community grew significantly and many of you sent us messages to know why tasks were appearing in the task list and then disappearing shortly after, and then came back again.

We thought therefore to dedicate the first blog article of 2016 to this matter in order to clear it up and to provide you with a document that you can always refer to. 🙂

The reasons why tasks appear and disappear are various. From a change in the client requests to a tech issue, the variables that influence what happens to tasks are numerous. Hereafter you can read a list of the most common reasons:

  • Number of completes needed reached.

When we make a commercial task live, we set an end date and a goal in terms of submissions received (e.g. 100 completes). The outcome can be twofold:
– If the target number is reached before the end date, the task will still be present in the app list. If you try to accept it though, you get an error message, saying “the number of completes has been reached”.
– If the target number is reached on the end date, the task will simply disappear from the list.

  • Specific task/store groups completed.

Most of the commercial tasks have task groups that work as sub-groups, created according to the different stores we ask you to visit. They have their own target (e.g. Morrison’s: 40 completes and Tesco: 60 completes) and it can happen that:
– one of the task groups’ target is reached before the others. In case all the Morrison’s have been visited, the Morrison’s locations disappear from the location list within the task, once all approved.
– the task disappears. In this case, it means that the total target for the task and the end date have been reached.

  • Various tasks require a certain number of completes per day/week.

The data we want to gather differs according to the kind of task and to the client’s requests. We have to collect data at specific times or during specific days of the week. In addition, there may be a target number of completes for the pre-defined times/days. Consequently, you can see them only in those periods.

  • Customers’ change requests.

Whenever a commercial task appears in the list, it means there is an ongoing project, made to provide data to a client.  We set up each task according to there requests and needs. Sometimes it happens that the client wants more/less/different data, so we have to pause the task and adjust the description and content in order to meet the client’s requests. This is why it may happen that a task disappears from the list temporarily and appears again after a few hours/days.

Important to note is also that a project may be spread over some time, meaning that there may be more than 1 “wave” of tasks.

These are the main reasons responsible for tasks appearing and disappearing from the list in the app.

I hope it clarifies your doubts and answer to your questions! Comment below if you feel something is not clear. 😉

The Roamler UK Team

Hi Roamlers!

In all these years, you shared a lot of information about yourself by completing our tasks. In addition, you interact with us almost every day and we thought it was about time to share some details about our lives and ourselves too. So here we are! In the following paragraphs, you will read about each one of us and you will discover how we look like too.



“Kia ora koutou katoa (Hello, greetings to you all). My name is Ben Jagersma and I have traveled 18,533km from Wellington in New Zealand and recently arrived in Amsterdam to live and work in the Netherlands. Despite being based across the North Sea, I am a reviewer for Roamler UK. I am one of the team on the other end of your submissions accepting (or retrying) them before they are available to the customer.

Back home I am an Architect and am currently enjoying a break from the world of architecture. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, I dabble with photography (so make sure your photos are not blurry) and am currently training for the Barcelona Marathon. I look forward to reviewing your tasks soon! :)”.


Barbera kopie 2

“As member of the international team at Roamler, I support the family members in the Roamler countries in their work. Most of the time I help community managers with community insights, tasks and the use of the Roamler systems. I like to review tasks now and then to check if everything works, as it should and to check how Roamlers are doing.

In my spare time am always on the lookout for new creative tasks we can use in all Roamler countries. On a good day, I get a great task idea while taking my baby daughter to in the park. I love good food (eating it, not preparing), listing to music with trumpets and I am intrigued by toilet signs.”



“I’m part of the Roamler UK team as Community manager, but I sometimes help the International department with a couple of projects. Along with Neil and the other members of the team, I create content for the tasks and for social media, newsletter and blog. The most rewarding part is reviewing though as I like to interact with people (even if virtually) and helping them if I can. I’m passionate about what I do and I put usually a lot of enthusiasm whenever I face a new challenge.

In my free time, I like to walk in the city to discover new places, or if I can, I’ll travel with my boyfriend for a weekend to somewhere new. I come from Italy, which is probably the reason why I love food and everything about it so much. TripAdvisor is one of the apps I check most frequently and I totally go crazy for events like Expo 2015. ;)”



“Hi, my name is Kristina, and I am a Reviewer! It’s actually quite a challenging role because seeing each Roamler’s work, I have to balance between being objective, fair and fun. Hope the fun part is the most apparent 🙂

Currently I am busy with my Master studies that are related more to numbers than words or pictures, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying my time while reviewing and having a laugh from some of your fun submissions. Apart from all the work and studies, I am an art lover and leave hardly any exhibition unseen in town and around!”



“I am the Community Manager for Roamler UK since February 2015.  I have a very fulfilling and rewarding job keeping the Roamler community happy, with creative fun tasks as well as providing the community many varied paid tasks.  I enjoy reviewing the creative tasks, which always makes me smile.

Outside work, I enjoy watching all sports and play golf.  My wish list includes achieving that elusive hole in one.”



“As a project manager at Roamler UK I have a varied and enjoyable life in the UK office.  I receive all sorts of briefs from our customers; some simple, some more challenging, but I’m always looking for innovative ways of helping our customers achieve their aims in stores across the UK.  I like receiving task feedback from our Roamler community during a live task as they often provide real insights in store that I haven’t always considered!

In my life outside of Roamler I’m a bit of a gadget freak and try to keep up with the latest tech developments.  I play football & golf and also enjoy road cycling.”

Wei Ting

Wei Ting

“Within Roamler I’m part of the international team and responsible for international projects and the support of colleagues all over the world when it comes to project management. It’s always great to see the creative and funny submissions while reviewing and the time and effort people spend in performing tasks.

In my free time I enjoy going to concerts, taking photos and reading books.”

Do we meet your expectations? ;P

A trip around the World

Last month we decided to take a trip around the world, starting from one of the biggest continents of the world: the Americas. Land of pioneers, marked in history by a multitude of invasions from many conquistadores, the Americas are composed by 3 multi-faceted parts, each having its own peculiarities, both in geographical terms and from a cultural point of view.

At Roamler, we chose the most popular countries and decided to test your knowledge about some facts and curiosities. Here are the correct answers to the quizzes and some useful facts to broaden your country general knowledge!


Homeland of lakes and winter sports, Canada is full of magical natural landscapes and (almost) uncontaminated nature.  It has more than 30.000 lakes, if we consider only the biggest ones. In fact, their number exceeds 100.000, if the small ones are taken into account. 42% of you got this question right!

Canada hides some tricks about its capital and unless you have strong geographic skills or simply a good cultural knowledge, you may not know that Ottawa is the Canadian capital and almost all of you got it right, specifically 97.67%. So, great job Roamlers. 😉

We could not miss a food-related question, obviously. What is the most famous Canadain-produced product? Maple syrup, of course! Whether it comes warm or cold, on pancakes or waffles, it is delicious. 🙂 Canada produces the largest quantity worldwide, 80%, but many people still answered 70%. In fact, it was the trickiest question, but more than half still got it right!

Do you know?  Each year, there are around 247 car accidents that involve a moose.

Canada               Canada 1               Canada 2


The United States of America have many symbols that represent them, but one prevails over the other, that is the Statue of Liberty. Situated in the harbour of New York City, it has always been an emblem of freedom and guidance. However, where does it come from? In 1865 the Frenchman Edouard Laboulaye, a law professor and politician, great supporter of the American Civil War expressed the idea that any monument raised to American independence would have properly been a joint project of the French and American peoples. The young sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi was inspired by it and together with Gustave Eiffel, they designed and built the Statue of Liberty and gave it to the USA as a gift in 1886. Apparently, this story is well known by all of you, as 99.39% got it right. J

The USA is also well known for its numerous national parks, where some of the biggest and tallest trees in the world can be found. In addition, American national parks are home of unusual ecosystems and many animal species that risk extinction. Yellowstone was the first national park and now there are 59, as 88.48% of you correctly answered. These parks are spread over 27 states and they offer unique views to tourists and visitors.

Besides all the good things for which the USA is renowned, some negative episodes put it in a bad light to the rest of the world. One of the most recent one is definitely the crisis started in 2008, called the “sub-prime bubble”. Its effect was devastating all over the world, but the USA suffered from it the most, reaching a point where 48% of Americans are living in poverty. This was the trickiest question perhaps, as 43.03% of you guessed it right.

Do you know? 1 out of every 8 Americans have been employed by McDonald’s at some point.

USA                     USA 1                        USA 2


The vibrant Mexico is the country where some of the most erudite populations were born. The most famous of them is for sure the Aztec, which had the centre of its empire in the now called Mexico City. 79.82% of you guessed it correctly. Nicely done. 😉

This country is where many conquistadores (of different nationalities also!) landed in search for gold and treasures, but these were not the only great things Mexico had to offer. In fact, the country was the first to introduce the rest of the world to chocolate. Thanks Mexico for sharing, a life without chocolate would be awful! Most of the 78.9% of Roamlers who chose this answer were thinking the same. J

Despite the many years spent under the Spanish regency, in 1821 Mexico gained its independence and became a Republic. Now the Institutional Revolutionary Party is leading the government and Enrique Pena Nieto is in charge as Head of State. How many guessed it right? 89.91%. Very good!

Did you know México has 68 official languages!

Mexico                    Mexico 1                             Mexico 2


Colombia is a country with many old traditions, which are still very vivid and present today. One of them is the traditional sport, not football, as many people may think but Tejo (pronounced teh-ho), that consists in throwing a metal puck/disc (the tejo itself) across an alley at a distance of approximately 20 metres, to a one metre by one metre board covered with clay and set at a forty-five degree angle. Nowadays, this sport is still played in Mexico and in other countries of South America. The beer companies have exploited this sport and now the connection between the Tejo and the consumption of beer is almost automatic. J

South America is famous for the mountain chains that cross its entire surface. The most famous one is definitely the Cordillera delle Ande, but it takes on different names according to the country and the part of the continent it crosses. In Colombia it is called Cordillera Central and 83.18% of you chose the correct answer. 😉

Colombia is also the country of origin of many celebrities (who thought about Shakira? :D) and important people, for example the famous writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the sculptor Fernando Botero. The question asked you to spot who was not from Colombia though and I guess most of you are well informed as 87.85% picked the right answer: Lupita N’yongo. The young actress comes indeed from Mexico.

Do you know? Colombia is the happiest country in the world according to the 2013 and the 2014 Barometer of Happiness and Hope.

Columbia                   Columbia 1                          Columbia 2


As many of you already know, Chile is a country covered by mountains for the 80% of its surface, but its long shape and the fact that it has a coastal part make it a country with many different climates.

Chile is also a country where the soil is full of minerals and indeed, it is the first producer of copper! Maybe the coin you have in your hands right now comes actually from Chile. Nice, isn’t it? J

The South American country also was a place where ancient populations lived and flourished. The most famous one is the Mapuche, who gave first the name to the country, calling it Chile. Curious about what is the meaning? 61% identified the correct answer that is “Place where the Earth ends”.

Do you know? The most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the world was in Chile, in the city of Valdivia in 1960 (with a consequent tsunami). It reached a magnitude of 9.5 on the Richter scale.

Chile                                 Chile 1                                       Chile 2

7 Deadly Sins and retail products: what do British people choose?

The Seven Deadly Sins have been around since biblical times, manifesting itself in various forms of media and pop culture, from everything from fashion to television shows to movies and beyond. We asked Roamlers what products they associated with each of the Seven Deadly Sins and here’s what they came up with!

Gluttony can be described as excessive greed or eating, which is perfect when relating this task to everyday products. 34.07% of Roamlers associated gluttony with confectionery, with the most popular answer being Cadbury. This over-indulgent behaviour isn’t just about the fact that we like the taste of sugar; it actually comes down to a science. Our brains are hard-wired to seek out high-calorie, fatty foods, and often, sugar is seen as the quick fix even though it’s only a short term metabolic solution, which is thus linked to overeating – and gluttonous behaviour!


Wrath is most commonly associated with anger or outrage, making this task  particularly interesting when it comes to deciding which products fill you with wrath. The most popular answer for this sin was Soft/Energy Drinks with 26.53% of the vote.  Many Roamlers citing the caffeine jolt and high sugar content as a means to get through their days, despite how it made them feel afterwards (physically and mentally).


Greed was probably the most straightforward sin that Roamlers could submit answers for. Although Confectionery was the most popular answer, what was particularly interesting is the second most popular answer being Wine & Champagne. Champagne is historically linked to decadence, often being a trademark of a lavish lifestyle.


Sloth is linked to laziness and products of convenience, which we as western consumers can strongly relate to. Not surprisingly, Roamlers choose Ready Made Meals as the most popular answer. Ready made meals, or TV dinners, were introduced in the 1960’s, coinciding with second-wave feminism. Women, the traditional homemakers of the family, were setting off into careers leaving less time for elaborate meals to be made during the week. Food manufacturers took notice, and ready made meals were introduced to families across the globe.


Although there isn’t a clear category that emerged as favourite for Pride, it was clear that Roamlers were proud about certain types of products: either home-grown, typically British brands, or products that made them feel good about themselves, such as dieting or healthy products.


Lust is correlated with desire and the most popular category to lust over was desserts. Although lust is more commonly linked with sexual yearning, sweets and cakes are a good substitution!


Last but not least, Envy was the last sin-related task for Roamlers to complete. Many Roamlers answered in a traditionally Shakespearean way, by associating envy with a green product.