Offering you flexibility on how to list the tasks

Version 3.3.0 is available both in the App– and Play Store and it gives you more flexibility on how tasks will appear in the app.

3 tabs

The job overview is no longer a list of all tasks, but it is divided into different tabs. There are currently 3 tabs; with paid tasks, tasks for experience points and tasks you accepted.

schermafbeelding-2016-11-08-om-15-37-15With the new update you have all accepted tasks in a separate part of the app. From there, you have all the tasks you accepted to perform conveniently placed under the accepted tab.  To indicate that new tasks are available for you, an orange dot will appear in the appropriate tab.

Sort tasks just the way you like it

That’s not all. Tasks in the paid and accepted tabs can be listed to your liking. You can choose to group tasks and have the tasks in a specific order.

You can group tasks on:

  1. Location – If there are multiple tasks available at one supermarket, they are grouped together.
  2. Job – The different task locations are grouped per Job.
  3. Or you can list all task locations in one list.

You can sort paid tasks based on distance with the locations nearest to you at the top, or you can sort them on payment with locations with the highest reward at the top.

new-tabs filter-and-sort

Unique Number Game

Roamler Rick thought of an interesting game for Roamlers. So together with you, we started a bit of an experiment with the Lowest Unique Number game in which you could choose a number.

The rules of the game are as follows; choose a number of which you believe you are the only Roamler mentioning it in this task. The Roamler with the lowest, unique number earns 500 XP plus the XP of the number you mention in the task.

An example: Imagine six Roamlers send in number 1; two Roamlers send in number 2; four Roamlers send in number 3; one Roamler sends in number 4; two Roamlers send in number 5 and one Roamler sends in number 6. The Roamler who mentioned 4, earns 504 XP at the end of the task.

Roamlers who mentioned number 1, sent in the lowest number, but they were not unique in their choice. The Roamler who mentioned number 6 was the only one choosing this number, but it wasn’t the lowest, unique number.

Who won?
Number9RoamlerRichardThe results are in (you can find the PDF file here) and the numbers and the number of times mentioned can be found in this list. So which Roamler submitted the lowest unique number and won 500 XP plus the number mentioned in the task? First of all, 204 Roamlers performed this task. The numbers 30 and lower are all mentioned at least once. Number 17 is mentioned most by Roamlers (10 times). Interestingly enough number 2017 was mentioned twice, what are the odds of that?

The lowest unique number is 9! It was submitted by Roamler Richard, so he earns 509 XP, congrats Richard! A task for 509 XP is available for you in the app.

Who predicted the Oscar winners best?

If you haven’t seen the 87th edition of the Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars), you might have read that ‘Birdman’ won the Award for Best Motion Picture of the Year.

In a recent Roamler task we asked you to predict the winners. We also asked Roamlers in other countries to predict the winners and here are the result. Below you’ll find an overview of the different predictions of Roamlers all over the world. The winner in each category is listed in blue, in red you can find the prediction that was mentioned most per country.

Best Motion Picture
Best Directing

So who was best in predicting the winners? Well, the winners are… Mexican Roamlers! Which might have something to do with the director of the movie ‘Birdman’; Alejandro González Iñárritu. Although there is nobody who predicted all winners correctly, there is  a small victory for UK Roamlers. Most of you predicted the correct winner for the Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. The Swedish Roamlers were best in predicting the Best Animated Feature Film.

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Animated Film

It’s #WorldNutellaDay!

Today all Nutella lovers unite for just one day. The whole day long, recipes and photos are shared on Twitter and Facebook and you’re allowed to eat tons and tons of Nutella (if you haven’t already done so).

Roamlers from 8 countries shared their favourite recipe with us. We received 246 submissions in total from Belgium, Chile, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Kingdom, including some very tasty inspiration!

Nutella sizeNutella cans can be purchased in all kinds of sizes; from a pocket version of 200 grams (convenient to take anywhere and afterwards used as a drinking glass) and the 1 kilograms can for the real fans. There are even enormous limited editions for the Nutella lovers. On the right you can see which size is most often purchased by Roamlers.

It turns out there’s a lot more you can do which Nutella than just putting it on your sandwich. Roamlers have shared their most favourite recipes with us. We got real hungry of all the delicious cakes, pies, croissants, truffles, pancakes (and many more) which passed our screen, though we managed to make a selection to give you some inspiration (and make you a bit hungry perhaps). Check it out here:


What delicacy will you prepare? Or is it too hard to choose? Take a look at the photos below of some delicious dishes which have been made out of Nutella.

Nutella collage



As we love celebrations, we asked  Roamlers which other products deserve their own celebration day. Apparently, there are many more products suited for such a special day. On the right you can find a selection of the suggestions which were made most often. So what’s next? World Pizza Day? Or World Coca-Cola day?

Anyway, for now it’s World Nutella Day! So let’s prepare, eat, enjoy and .. celebrate!



Water consumption

One litre of fluid a day is theoretically enough to keep you alive. But depending on age, stress, weather and habits, some adults should drink up to 3 litres of water per day. We asked Roamlers in 6 different countries about the amount of water they drink on a daily basis and also about their preferred kinds of bottles and sorts of water. Below we share some of the interesting results.

Looking at the average amount of water drunk during the day, most Roamlers drink more than the required litre a day but don’t succeed in drinking more than 3 litres. Below you will find the average number of litres of water drunk in one day, per country.


Overall the most preferred package is plastic bottle, with 68,71%. In the UK this is number is equal to 57,01%.


You drink all kinds of water brands, ranging from Buxton, Deep River Rock, Evian to San Pelligrino and Volvic and the home brands found in the supermarkets. The photos below show the variety of brands found in supermarkets and at your homes.


Like in the movies

A few weeks ago we asked Roamlers about their favorite movie. One can’t argue about tastes and a lot of different movies were listed. Most were only mentioned by one Roamler. We created an IMDb watch list from all the international tasks we received, although it wasn’t possible to add all movies mentioned.

One movie was mentioned most: Titanic (1998), the winner of 11 Oscars was recommended by 22 Roamlers. Roamlers from Italy, the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Chile all recommended this movie. No Swedish Roamlers recommended this movie, though. The Lord of the Ring movies as well as the Harry Potter movies were popular too.

Since the individual choices of Roamlers were so different, it is hard to compare the choices of different countries. Below is a short overview of the most recommended movies for each country. An overview all movies mentioned by Roamlers can be found in the Roamler IMDb Watch list.

Movie choiceIn this task we also asked you to depict your favourite movie scene. We selected 5 great photos taken by Roamlers and have put them in the app. Now it is up to you to guess which movies the Roamlers were trying to depict!

World Cup predictions

The World Cup  in Brazil has started and the world is watching which team will return with the Cup. We asked Roamlers to share their predictions about the group phase, the number of goals, the top scorer and winning country. The task was available in different Roamler countries, so the predictions can be compared.

The Roamlers are all very confident that their country will win the finals. In the table below you will see that 35% of the Belgium Roamlers predicts that Belgium will win the cup compared to 0% or 1% of the Roamlers in other countries. On average Brazil is mostly tipped as the winner.

Predictions of..

The predictions for the group phase show less difference between the countries, although the faith in your own countries abilities is high. Take a look at the predictions of Chile and the Netherlands for group B, where there will be a lot of competition between (Roamler) countries Chile, Spain and the Netherlands.

For group D Italy is mostly predicted as the winner. However this is predicted by 47% of the Italian Roamlers. 65% of both the French and German Roamlers believe Italy will be the winner of this group. A high percentage of Roamlers believe France will be the winner of group E and most Roamlers expect Germany to be the winner of group G. Especially the Belgium Roamlers are very confident that Belgium will be the winner of group H.

The estimated number of goals scored in this tournament ranged from 3 goals (predicted by a UK Roamler) to 3562 goals (suggested by an Italian Roamler). The predictions of the top scorer varied per country. Again, the national players are higher ranked for each country, but overall Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo rank high in your predictions.

If you want to ‘dive’ more into the data: the results on these tasks are available in this Google Docs file.


Welcome Colombia and Mexico Roamlers!

In the last two months Roamler has started-up in Colombia and Mexico. To focus on these launches we created two tasks, celebrating your family life and all the colours in the world (or more accurately; your home) respectively.

15 Roamlers have had the pleasure of visiting Mexico. These Roamlers have drunk local tequila, Margaritas and eaten burritos, swum with dolphins or white sharks, visited the Mayan ruins and enjoyed the country’s beautiful beaches and nature. It is exactly what other Roamlers expect, who would like to experience carnival, eat the great food and meet nice Mexican people while visiting historical sites.

Another (perhaps less known) fact is that Mexico has very strong family ties. The divorce rate in Mexico is among the lowest in the world. That is why we asked you to take a photo and demonstrate your closeness to your family. You could have used a family photo, but it could also have been a photo of a family object or occasion you often spend together.

We received a lot of heart-warming photos from you and your families: from dinner parties, wedding photos, pictures of your children, photos from the past and recent pictures. We saw a lot of smiles in these pictures and you totally made our day with your submissions. Shared submissions for this task can be found at

Without Colombia less Roamlers in the UK would be able to start the week, because the most named association with Colombia is coffee! We have heard “The finest coffee”, “Great coffee”, “Rich dark indulgent coffee beans” and just “Coffee!”

Most of the other positive associations are captured in the following sentence from a Roamler: “When I think of Colombia, I think of bright colours, warmth, and fun – dancing and having a good time!” because Roamlers who have been there love the good weather, the colours, the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly people.

The beautiful scenery is mentioned often and some Roamlers think of singer Shakira, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian writer who recently passed away. According to this Roamler his books are well worth a read, because “The beautiful, evocative novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, (..) make me feel like I’ve been to Columbia because they’re so descriptive.”

Inspired by the colourful Chiva buses unique to Colombia, we asked you to take a picture of something colourful. Check out these colourful results, below, on  or on the Dutch or Chilian Roamler blog.


Roamlympic Games

RoamlympicGamesIn the last weeks the tasks in the app were related to the Olympics and we created our own ‘Roamlympic Games’. With every submission you could earn RG points and if you were the quickest Roamler or sent in a very creative task, you could earn even more points. So to refresh your mind, what were the tasks?

RG: Opening Ceremony
To start with the Roamlympic Games we asked you to take a picture of fire. Roamlers performing this task, could see the other Roamlympic tasks in the app.

RG: Alphine Skiiing
At alphine skiing it is all about the slalom and skiing between poles (gates) spaced close together. The slalom skier needs to take sharp turns and go through these gates. For the Roamler task it was all about finding an obstacle which would make you feel like a slalom skier.

RG: Luge
With this task we asked you do some alternative planking. In a safe manner (on a chair or on your couch) you could place yourself in luge position and earn some XP and RG points.

RG: Speed skating
This task was based on the experience of speed skater Olga Graf, who unzipped her outfit for the victory lap, but forgot she wasn’t wearing anything under this tight uniform. Oops! So we asked you if you ever had an embarrassing moment like this in front of a large group of people.

RG: Biathlon
For the Roamlympic Games Biathlon we asked you to take 5 pictures; a blue car, a black living animal, a traffic sign with the color red, a yellow post-it and green glass. Some of you were really quick in finding this objects! Great!

The last Roamlympic task is available tomorrow  and is about closing the Games. But before you go out and perform this task, we would like a great round of applause for the two UK Roamlers with the most RS points: Roamlers Louise and Connor. Congratulations!


PS. The Dutch Roamlympic Games were won by Roamler Erwin, the Belgium games we won by Roamler Jonas. Congrats you all!