Tell me your pasta!

We asked Roamlers from the United Kingdom to weigh in on their favourite pasta dishes to cook at home – and this is what it boils down to!

Fusilli was the overwhelming fan favourite, attributing to 26,35% of the submissions, followed by Spaghetti at 18,92% and Penne at 14,86%. According to the BBC, spaghetti bolognese has been a staple of a traditional British upbringing since the 1960s. More recently, an Oxfam study named pasta to be the most popular dish in the world, trumping pizza, rice and meat.

There are over 600 types of pasta and some have over 1300 names. So what makes pasta so appealing? Experts attribute the popularity to a number of reasons, such as the simplicity of cooking it and it being relatively cheap to make (the average price for pasta in the UK is 89 pence). Pair that with a relatively low calorie intake and a delicious taste and you have a winning combination!

Fun fact: When pasta started its surge in popularity in the UK, the BBC had an April Fools’ Day spoof report about a new crop of spaghetti trees spreading throughout Great Britain. Many people began calling in to the news conglomerate to try to get their hands on one!

Although we don’t have any pasta trees to put on display, check out some of the fantastic pasta art that our Roamlers have been working on:
















16184109 (1)









Pastalavista, baby!

Here I am!

This month, we asked Roamlers to identify some internationally known iconic scenery from their own backyards in the “Here I Am” task. It was an extremely difficult task to identify all 5 photos correctly, so well done to the Roamlers who received a perfect score!

Curious to know what the images were off?

1. Blackpool Tower, Blackpool

pic1Located in Blackpool, Lancashire. The Blackpool Tower may seem faintly reminiscent of something. This is because the Blackpool Tower was actually inspired by the architecture of arguably the most famous structure in the world: the Eiffel Tower. Assembled in 1894, you may be surprised to learn that the tower is actually featured in numerous British pop-culture references and is a regular focal point in the popular soap opera, Coronation Street.





2. St. Paul’s Cathedral, London

pic2One of the most iconic buildings in London, St. Paul’s Cathedral is located within the City of London on Ludgate Hill, the City’s highest point. It is also one of the largest churches in the world: the dome itself is considered to be the second largest in the world at 366 feet high and is reached by climbing 259 steps. It is also a noteworthy landmark due to the events hosted there:

Winston Churchill’s funeral and the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, just to name a few.




3. Harrods, London

pic3More than one million square feet of floor space and spanning over five acres of land, it’s no wonder that Harrods has become one of London’s most in demand sights. Harrods’ motto is “Omnia Omnibus Ubique,” which means “All things for all people, everywhere.” The department store aims to provide everything the shopper could possibly want, and it’s evident once you walk through the aisles – Harrods is home to 330 departments!



4. Millenium Stadium , Cardiff

pic4Home of the Wales national rugby union team, the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff was initially built to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup. But, did you know that the Wembley Stadium scene in the movie 28 Weeks Later was actually filmed at the Millennium Stadium? The special effects team edited the inside of the stadium to look more like Wembley which is why the film looks so convincing!



5. Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

pic5What’s large, white and resembles a sail in the harbour of Portsmouth? The Spinnaker Tower offers a stunning skyline and view from the top. It has the largest glass floor in Europe, and is one of the tallest accessible towers outside of London.

Learn how to take great photos with Roamler Academy

Want to know how to take a perfect Roamler photo? Let this Roamler Academy video help you on your way to success!

Often at times, the Roamler team is asked why certain photos are approved while others are rejected. In order to maximise your success rate while your out completing tasks, we recommend that our Roamlers take a look at this video, filled with tips and tricks to make your photos stand out (in the best way possible!).

The video starts out with some of the basics: carefully reading your task before starting, making sure that other customers aren’t in the shot, ensuring that all products are visible, and so forth. However, it also shows Roamlers some tips to refocus their shots and to ensure that their photos aren’t too dark for submissions.

What are some of the tips that you would recommend for fellow Roamlers to get their perfect shot? We want to know how you prepare for your tasks!

Growing Word challenge

Last month, we asked Roamlers to partake in creating a “Growing Word Sentence”: A sentence that starts out with 1 letter, and with every word, increases the letter amount by another letter (eg. the second word has 2 letters, the third has 3 letters, etc.). An example of 5 word sentence is “I am not that small.”

We had some incredibly interesting submissions from our Roamlers. Some furry friends joined in on the fun, with the first photo supporting the sentence ‘I am not very happy around animals’.

Iamnotveryhappyaroundanimals Iamonewithlargefelinecuddles

While others channeled their inner foodie, some Roamlers opted for a more artistic expression:
iJoeatmanylargeyellowbananasannually iamthezanychieflikingroamler iamthebestwoman

And others used this opportunity to pay homage to the Roamler community:
otogetthatphotosimplyperfect iamtherealcrownprinceRoamler

Thanks for everyone for submitting their Growing Words! Which one is your favourite?